Sunday, July 20, 2014

Surprise Sydnee...

We surprised Sydnee today and drove to Orlando to have lunch at her new Restaurant. Since it's been so long since I blogged I probably didn't share the story of Sydnee quitting her job at the Tilted Kilt.

It went like this:
Her GM called her into his office and told her what a fantastic job she was doing and how lucky they were to have her. He then proceeded to ask her if she would mind training the new waitresses starting  because she was so good at what she did.
My girl very flattered told him that would be no problem as she enjoyed getting to know the new girls.
 He then dropped the bomb and told her that there was one more thing.
If she gained any more weight they would have to cut her shifts. She was no longer fitting into the uniform appropriately.
Holding back tears my girl excused herself and went out to her car. She called me at work crying her eyes out.
She was hysterical and I was furious!!! I begged her to let me call them and give them a piece of my mind. She told me no way, she was an adult and she would handle this herself.
So she went home called her store manager and promptly gave her notice.
She also shared with him that she had NOT GAINED even a single pound since she had started the job back in August.
Her store manager was flabbergasted and and told her that what the GM said to her was completely ridiculous.  It didn't matter though, it was to late. What that inconsiderate imbecile had done was just too much for my girl. Her confidence was shattered and there was no way she was staying at the Kilt.
She had made plans to come home for that weekend and I was so glad she did.
I say this because my poor girl cried all weekend. At one point on Saturday night she came into our room at 2 AM crying she said that she just couldn't sleep, she couldn't stop thinking about it.
My anger just escalated. I will NEVER set foot in a Tilted Kilt restaurant again nor will anyone else who knows and loves my daughter.
I am posting a picture of Sydnee and two of the young girls that she works with. This photo was taken about a week before her GM had that conversation with her. You tell me, is my girl "too big" for the uniform???

Right before she left for the Dominican Republic she was hired at The East Coast Bar and Grill.
    They were opening a new location in a very busy part of town. Getting the news that she got another job was a great way to start off her medical mission trip. The restaurant has been open two weeks now and my girl has been making great money. (The Tilted Kilt had not been doing well the last few weeks she had been there. I wonder if it had anything to do with their FANTASTIC General Manager.) 

 We decided we would drive over to Orlando to visit her today and have lunch in her restaurant. We decided to surprise her and I think she was shocked when she saw us walking toward her section.

 It was SOOO good to see her. We loved the new restaurant. It had a great menu with a ton of variety. After she got off work we went next door and had frozen yogurt. This visit worked out really well because she is moving into a new apartment at the end of this week and she needed her Dad's truck. She thought we were going to meet her half way next weekend but now she gets the truck early and can begin moving in sooner. It was a win, win!! I am also so thrilled that she is now working at a restaurant that appreciates her for her work ethic and customer service skills instead of how she looks in a very skimpy uniform.   

Just in case you were wondering.  Natalie was babysitting today and couldn't join us.  :(

Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Softball Girl...

McKenlee had a really great softball season this spring. While they didn't win a whole lot of games. (The beginning of the season was awful but then at the end they had huge improvements and won several games.) McKenlee was the primary pitcher for her team and she did really well. Dave and I were very proud of her. The best part of this season by far though were the great group of girls she played with. They really bonded and enjoyed playing together. I hope she wants to play next year too.