Monday, September 29, 2008

Dinnertime Conversations

Since the Englishman is still on Holiday we had another "girl's only" dinner tonight. Lots of times our dinners are very rushed. Scarfed down between pratices or one or two of us missing from the table. But the last two nights the four of us have sat down together. Tonight was fun because I was just listening to my girls talk to each other. Normally, I find that they are competing for the floor and mine or Englishman's attention. Excited to share stories from their day with us. Tonight was different. Mighty Mouth was asking Miss Priss about middle school and how it was different from her school and about changing classes and things. Miss Priss loved telling her sister about her new school. (Miss Priss loves middle school, I think the whole changing classes and seven different teachers makes her feel very grown up) I was so proud of Soccer girl too because instead of throwing her two cents in and talking about her long lost middle school days she just let her sister talk. I felt like I had a little peek into the future of how my girls might be when they are older and have busy lives and catch up over lunch. Of course, I really hope when they are older and having lunch at a nice restuarant Miss Priss does not have a huge wad of gum stuck on her hand saving it for after she's done...(Yes, she really did that tonight ) I know , I know. GROSS......

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Soccergirl's Homecoming was a lot of fun. For her and the younger girl's and I. Her boyfriend's Mom invited us over to take pictures and have "munchies".
Miss Priss and Mighty Mouth adore Boyfriend's sister. So they were thrilled to be hanging out with her for the evening. The pictures turned out beautiful.(Boyfriend's parents have a beautiful yard and pool area) I think the kids look great. I have to say though the one thing that stands out in these pictures to me is their smiles. I think they both have gorgeous smiles. It makes me so glad we spent a fortune on those braces!!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Englishman on Holiday

Well, the Englishman left for his vacation this afternoon. He is off to play golf, shoot paint balls, and enjoy cool weather. I could care less about Golf and Paint ball but man I am jealous over that cooler weather. As he was packing Jeans and sweatshirts I looked down at my tank top and shorts and cried. Speaking of packing, oh my gosh you would think this man was going to be gone for a year. Not just one short week. Not to mention the fact that my Aunt and Uncle do have a washing machine in their gorgeous new home that I am so envious that he is seeing before me. He actually had to remove a few things before he left because he was over the fifty pound limit. Can someone say"metrosexual". I was teasing him and said we were going to call him "Nanny". Nanny is my Mom who takes a minimum of five bags when she vacations with us. In her defense she is usually packing extra things for the girls that she has picked up. In Englishman's suitcase it was all for HIM. Have fun Englishman we will miss you. Not that the girls will have much time for that. Once again we have a very busy weekend. The big thing being Soccergirls first Homecoming. I will post pictures and details on Sunday after I sleep till noon. Yippee!!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Ok, no laughing obviously I haven't figured out the script with 2 pictures yet. I was just so excited to be able to figure out loading 2 pictures. Hope it's not to hard to decipher the first to sentences of that post.......

MIghty Mouth's first Soccer Practice

My Mom sent me some photos of Mighty Mouth's first soccer practice.
I love the pink socks. What a fashion statement. We had gorgeous weather this morning it was like 69 with a breeze. Of course the high is still 86 but who cares at least you can walk to your car and not be drenched with sweat from the humidity. Come on fall I've been waiting for you since July.......

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Activities Night Champions

Here is Soccer Girl with some of her team from Activities night. They were so proud of that trophy.....Okay, I confess in case you haven't figured it out I just figured out how to add photos....I promise this many posts in one day will not be the norm....

Happy Birthday Carla

My niece celebrated her Birthday yesterday and I didn't call to wish her a Happy Birthday. Sorry Carla please know that I thought about you all day and just never took a minute to call. Shame on me. (I will blame it on the 5 hour time difference thank you very I hope you had a wonderful day. I love this picture of you and Miss Priss. We miss you and can't wait for your next visit.

Actvities Night Champions

Activities night was a lot of fun. Miss Priss and I went because Mighty Mouth had her first soccer practice (more on that in a bit). Anyway, Soccer Girl's team came in first yes you heard me FIRST out of like 20 something teams. They were so surprised (as was I) especially because the team was comprised of all Sophomores and one Junior. It was really cute and it brought back a lot of memories of my high school days. The one thing that really bothered me though were the foul mouths on these teenagers. I was completly blown away at their language. Now don't get me wrong I am sure down on the field where the Teachers and Sponsers were they were on their best behavior but up in the stands where the kids outnumbered the adults it was insane. I am not talking about the occasional "shit" or "damn" which I am not so sensitive to. (probably beccause I have a tendency to use those words myself on occasion) But "F" and "MF" peppered every sentence. In fact, I think those two words WERE the sentences the majority of the time. It made no difference that I was sitting there or that my eleven year old daughter was sitting there. You would think they would at least try not to use that language when there was no doubt I would hear it. Of course my mind went to "I bet your parents would be mortified to hear you right now" (You know your a Mom when.....) So after much congratulations and pictures I had the to remind my daughter again that "if I ever catch you talking like that or hear that you were using that type of language from another parent you will not leave the house until you are 25" followed by "never ever forget just how many people know me around here" Of course, I really in my heart of hearts don't think that I have anything to worry about but then again I bet those kids parents think the same thing.....

Mighty Mouth had a great first soccer practice from what my Mom said. She said the coach was really nice and so were the other little girls on the team. I had to laugh though because as soon as she got home all I heard about was how her cleats were killing her toes. Now mind you on Sunday I told her to find all of her soccer gear cleats, shin guards, socks and make sure that the cleats fit ok. She tried it all on and told me they felt fine. Funny how your feet can grow in 2 days.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Well, I lost my first post

Okay that really sucked. I wrote out this whole post and then lost it. I have read of this happening to other bloggers but darn it was my first official post. So anyway, I will recap. First I decided I cannot call my husband "Prince Daddy" it makes him sound like a rapper or a pimp. So I will call him "The Englishman" he's called that a lot anyway being from England. I noticed a lot of Bloggers change the names of their spouses and children I am assuming for safety on the internet. Not a bad idea so for the purpose of this Blog daughter number one will be known as "Soccer Girl" daughter number two "Miss Priss" and daughter number three "Mighty Mouth" all of you who know her know a more perfect nickname could not be found. If you read the blog please leave a comment so I know who's reading. Gotta Run Soccer Girl has activities night for Homecoming week tonight and Mighty Mouth has her first soccer practice of the season. Back to the Van I go.........

I have officially emailed everyone

Trying Out the Blog thing.....

I have spent enough time reading them I thought I might like to give this a shot. Especially, for Prince Daddy's family living overseas. I think they will really enjoy keeping up with the Prince Girls on this blog. Let's see if this works.....