Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just hanging out....

The last two days we have just been kind of hanging out with no big plans.

Tuesday morning I let the girls play hooky from school and we drove over to International Mall so Chloé could do a little shopping. (You know my two girls had to get something too LOL)

She bought some nice presents for her family (hint hint Valerie LOL )

When we got home the girls just didn't want to go to school like originally planned so they took the rest of the day off. We had lunch and then they chilled out and watched TV and played "Just Dance" on the Wii. The pictures above were taken with my cell phone and the girls were moving so the quality is a little blurry.

That evening Natalie had a softball game so Chloé and McKenlee played catch with Chloé's new softball glove in between watching the game. She says that softball is "not the sport for me" but she was pretty good at catching and throwing the ball. (smile)

Yesterday, Wednesday the girls went to school and then last night McKenlee had a softball game and Natalie had batting practice. The game was over pretty quickly so we headed home and Chloé and I watched "Survivor" one of my favorite shows. Chloé says they have a similar show in France.

Today the girls are heading to school and then this evening we are heading back down to the beach to shop along the boardwalk and catch the sunset again. (if it doesn't rain, it is suppose to rain :( ) We will at least get the shopping in if not the sunset. You know PRIORITIES lol.

Tomorrow the plan is to let the girls miss school again and hang out by the pool since it is Chloé's last day with us. Then tomorrow evening we will be heading to a baseball game to watch The Tampa Bay Rays.

I can't believe that Chloé will be leaving us on Saturday morning. The time has just flown by. We have so enjoyed having her. It has been a wonderful experience for Natalie and all of us.

I have even learned a little French...

C'est bon, C'est bon!!!

(Valerie you will have to ask Chloé about this, it is so funny)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Just some more pictures

Our day at Busch Gardens

What a wonderful day we had today at Busch Gardens. Dave was able to take the day off, we only wish Sydnee would of been able to come but she was just to exhausted from camping and working all weekend.

Both of the girl's softball games ended up being cancelled so we got to stay for the day. (although we did end up leaving about an hour before closing due to a huge rain storm)

The girl's rode a roller coaster (gwazi). Natalie and Dave rode Shriekra while Chloé and McKenlee rode the flume.

We rode the congo river rapids and I was the only one who managed to get completly soaking wet. (That always happens to me I really know how to pick a seat LOL)

We rode the bumper cars, and Rhino Rally. We saw an adorable animal show and completly fell in love with the parks newest baby cheetah.

We rode the train and saw lots of animals up close. Chloé was so close to a Zebra at one point I thought she might be able to reach out and touch it.

It was just a perfect day. (Valerie, I have so many more pictures of today and pictures since Chloé has gotten here. I will load them to FB so you can see copies of them all on Chloé's Facebook)

We all came home exhausted so we ordered pizza for dinner and watched a little TV.

Tomorrow, I will be letting the girl's go into school late so I can take them to the mall. Chloé wants to go to Abercrombie and Fitch and we are running out of time before she goes home :(

It's hard to believe she has been here over a week already the time has just flown. I have really enjoyed having 4 daughters this week. LOL

Good night, I know I will be sleeping like a rock.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

What a wonderful Easter we had today. The weather was again gorgeous although we had a short thunderstorm at the end of the day.

I have come to the conclusion that Chloé is a fish which pleased McKenlee because she finally found someone who wanted to stay in the pool as long as she does.

Dinner was delicious (thanks Mom) and I thought it was great because Chloé wanted to try everything. My girl's tend to be picky eaters so it was nice to see her try some family traditions like our "Butter Bean salad" and Uncle Butch's "Famous Fruit Salad."

When we got home the girls decided to have a night of pampering where they were using their "beauty masks" (that's what's on their face in the last picture)that they got in their Easter Baskets and painting their toe nails while having a "Twilight" marathon.

I just hope they get some good sleep tonight as we are heading to Busch Gardens bright and early tomorrow. Unfortunately, we can't stay until closing because both the girl's have softball games but if the lines are not to long we should fit everything in.

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A beautiful Beach Day

What a gorgeous day we had at the beach. The weather was perfect. It was sunny with a beautiful breeze so we didn't get to hot. The water was refreshing but not cold.

The girls were in the water almost the whole time we were there. The only thing is that they all got a little sun burnt. (this is always so frustrating to me because I feel like I am the sunscreen police as I am constantly having them reapply) But apparently we did not reaaply enough because the girls did get a little red. Bless their hearts I was creaming them up last night before (with aloe and Lanacane) we went to dinner.

I was good though I have learned to stay under that umbrella as much as possible.

After our beautiful day we came home showered and headed to dinner at our neighborhood Applebee's.

After dinner we asked Chloé if she wanted to go bowling or to check out our Walmart to do a little shopping. (My nieces love Walmart when they come over from England so I thought Chloé might like it too) Of course, just like my girl's would have she opted for shopping.

The pictures above were obviously taken at the beach. LOL The one of Dave and the girl's was taken in the parking lot before dinner.

Tomorrow we head to my Mom's for an Easter picnic.

I will be keeping those girls under umbrellas and out of the sun as much as possible. LOL

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dinner after the sunset...

Chloé loves Italian food which makes Natalie and I very happy as we are the only one's in the family who like Spaghetti. Because of this I only make spaghetti about 4 times a year.

But guess what this week we're having


Friday Night Sunset

Enjoying the Beach

What a beautiful sunset we saw tonight. What we didn't see were any other French Students. We tried to find the group but no one answered their phones and no one was at Caddy's. LOL So the girl's and I set up our towels and chairs and they enjoyed the beach together.

They played in the waves and did a little snorkeling minus the snorkels that I accidentally forgot. We walked on the beach and they wrote their names in the sand.

I took a ton of pictures of the sunset for you Valerie because Chloé's camera died so I will send them to you in an email.

After the sunset we packed up and had our evening meal at 9 P.M again. At a
little family restaurant. Poor girl I don't think she has had a single evening meal prior to 8pm all week.

Tomorrow it's back to the beach to do some sunbathing. Chloé is determined to go home with a tan. :)

Sunday we will have a big Easter picnic at my Mom's by the pool and Monday we are headed to Busch Gardens.

A busy weekend ahead of us...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wow, is it Thursday already??

I can't believe that tomorrow is Friday, the week has just flown by. The girl's had another busy day. It started early as they wanted to get to school early for a French Club meeting.

It was an opportunity for the French Students to get together
and talk about their week so far and an opportunity for the American students to practice their French some more. LOL

After school Natalie found out that her softball game was cancelled and she was thrilled because she had a project that she had to finish up plus it opened up the evening for the girl's to go swimming at my Mom's house again.

We all got home for dinner at about 8pm. We eat dinner so late some evenings I hope Chloé (I'm so excited I figured out how to make the é on my keyboard) doesn't mind. She said that her family eats kind of late sometimes too. I hope she isn't just saying that to be nice. LOL

The girls then headed to Natalie's room to relax a bit before bed. Sydnee was sharing her favorite music with Chloé "Jack Johnson." My girls love the CD's of the French music Chloé brought over. We have all learned some of the words and find ourselves singing in French in the car even though we don't know what we are saying.

Chloé also showed Natalie how to take pictures loaded to the computer and make neat digital murals with them.

Tomorrow after school we are joining some of the other host families for dinner at one of our local beach bar/restaurants. (Caddy's for all you locals if you want to join us, Chloé would love to meet you) We are going to stay and watch the sunset.

We also plan on heading to the beach for the day on Saturday. It was cute I asked Chloé if she minded going to the beach two days in a row. She said "Oh no that would be just fine" I guess it's safe to say she likes the beach...

Well I am sure tomorrow night I will have some beautiful pictures of our Sunset.

Until then......

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My little sale shoppers....

Tonight we went to the mall to do a little shopping. I had to laugh we were hardly through the door when I was given the dismissal wave.

Of course, I was summoned by my girls about an hour later when they found $12.00 bathing suits and needed Mom's money.

So I don't get yelled at by my girl's (they did have most of the cost covered they just needed Mom for a little overage.)

Chloe made me smile and I realized we were kindred spirits when she said "I already have three bathing suits, but $12.00 is really cheap" Yes it is darling, we are buying you that bathing suit. LOL

Chloe has an admirer...

The handsome little man in this picture with Chloe is Dominic.

Dominic is 3 1/2.


He wants to be every where she is and gets very, very upset when Natalie won't let him in her room.

Every morning he has to sit by her at the breakfast table.

I say to him "Dominic where do you want to sit honey" and he always says " I want to sit in the chair right next to Chloe."

So if you see this cutie backpacking around France when he is a teenager,

You'll know why..... :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hangin by the pool....

Here are few photos of the girl's by my Mom's pool.

I love the one where Natalie is getting help on form from Chloe after showing her a little of what she remembers from when she took Gymnastics a few years ago. (Natalie is dying to take Gymnastics again, I just don't know how she will ever fit it into her schedule)

Chloe found out today that her Rhythmic Gymnastics team qualified for the French National Championships.

How exciting!!! Go Chloe!!!!

School Days....

Here is a photo of Natalie and Chloe after school today. I took it with my phone when I picked them up so the quality isn't that great. I think the girl's are really enjoying going to school together. Chloe says the school is much bigger than hers back home and the halls are very crowded in between classes. Natalie teases that she is afraid of losing Chloe in the mass of kids because everyone is coming over to say Hello to her. Natalie is also enjoying her increased popularity status. She says everyone crowds around their lunch table to spend some time talking with Chloe. She jokes that as soon as someone gets up someone else is instantly in that space.

The girls are at my Mom's swimming this afternoon although you wouldn't think it was warm enough from what they are wearing in the picture. Our weather is actually very warm and sunny but apparently they keep the air conditioning very cold in the school so my girl's are always wearing sweatshirts over their t-shirts and Chloe always has her Cardigan on. A cardigan I might add Natalie loves and is determined to find one just like when we go to the mall shopping soon.

Another softball game tonight for McKenlee but Natalie and Chloe have decided to stay home from this one and hang out at the house.

Maybe they will play the Wii, I wonder if Chloe has a wii in France???

Monday, April 18, 2011

Take me out to the Ballgame...

Dinner after the game at McDonalds
Kenlee and Chloe watching the game
Natalie, Chloe and Jaymi before the game.
Natalie and Chloe doing homework.

Off to school

Here are the girl's and Megan (our next door neighbor) waiting for my Mom to pick them up and take them to school. For the first time in ages they were ready to go ahead of time. I'm anxious to see how long this will last. Usually, they are running out the door late with their shoes in their hand to finish putting on in the car. I hope Chloe has a great day at school. All of Natalie's friends are very excited to meet her.

Good Morning Monday

Here are the girls (and Dominic and Sophia two of the three little one's that I babysit) at breakfast this morning. I loved how my two didn't argue once with Chloe here. They loved how I made a big breakfast this morning with eggs and bacon, toast and fresh fruit.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bonjour Chloe....

Chloe our French exchange student is here. She is adorable and we are really looking forward to the next two weeks. Natalie is helping her unpack and get settled into their room. The poor thing has been traveling for almost 24 hours so I am sure they will be getting into bed shortly. We figured out that if we put a mattress on the floor for Natalie it would allow for them to have more room when their not sleeping because we can put it up on it's side. I think that Chloe is so very brave to come and live with a strange family for 2 weeks at the tender age of thirteen. I sure am glad that she did because I think it is going to be a fantastic experience for Natalie and for all of us. I'm going to try to post everyday with photos for Chloe's Mom so she can see what the girl's are doing everyday in addition to school.