Tuesday, April 19, 2011

School Days....

Here is a photo of Natalie and Chloe after school today. I took it with my phone when I picked them up so the quality isn't that great. I think the girl's are really enjoying going to school together. Chloe says the school is much bigger than hers back home and the halls are very crowded in between classes. Natalie teases that she is afraid of losing Chloe in the mass of kids because everyone is coming over to say Hello to her. Natalie is also enjoying her increased popularity status. She says everyone crowds around their lunch table to spend some time talking with Chloe. She jokes that as soon as someone gets up someone else is instantly in that space.

The girls are at my Mom's swimming this afternoon although you wouldn't think it was warm enough from what they are wearing in the picture. Our weather is actually very warm and sunny but apparently they keep the air conditioning very cold in the school so my girl's are always wearing sweatshirts over their t-shirts and Chloe always has her Cardigan on. A cardigan I might add Natalie loves and is determined to find one just like when we go to the mall shopping soon.

Another softball game tonight for McKenlee but Natalie and Chloe have decided to stay home from this one and hang out at the house.

Maybe they will play the Wii, I wonder if Chloe has a wii in France???

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Valerie, Chloe's mom said...

If you can't find a cardigan for Natalie, you will come to France to buy one ....lol
It will be a great pleasure to welcome you and Natalie.