Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back at it.....

We are back from Mrytle Beach and a fun time was had by all. The weather most certainly could of been better. We picked the one week that SC had a cold front come through, go figure. The high on Monday was 46. Can someone say Brr. So we did not enjoy the beach like we had planned. We walked on it and had a couple dinners viewing it but we did not lounge on it. LOL Nor did we relax by the resort pools with frozen drinks. Instead we sat on the balcony over looking a man made pond with our Bailey's and Coffee. This was our very first family vacation without Sydnee. She had to stay behind and work because her lifeguarding job had started and she couldn't get the time off. That was kind of tough for me, because in my heart I know this is probably the first of many vacations that she will not be going on with us as she goes off to college in the fall and adulthood. (wipe away tear) She stayed home and took care of our small zoo. Of course we drove her crazy because we called her constantly, as did my Mother.

Two highlights of SC were the:

Carolina Jeep Safari where we learned so much about the history of SC and saw a ton of sights.


The Preservation Station where we got to hold a Liger cub (he was more of a teenager it took three of us to hold him on our laps) and also a baby Tiger cub. (He really was a baby about the size of a house cat).

The other great part of the trip was one of my good friends who moved to Raleigh, NC about 10 years ago drove down with her husband and son and stayed with us a couple days. It was so great to spend time with them. They taught us a really fun game called "Kill Dr. Lucky" that was a blast. So now I am on a mission to find one as it is not carried in many stores.

We had a lot of fun at "Broadway at the Beach which was a very tourist kind of place with shops and lots to do. We also slept in and ate way to much food. Weight Watchers I will be there Saturday morning as I try desperatly this week to lose what I had gained last week. Of course I don't kow how much that is because I'm to scared to get on the scale yet!!! LOL

So now that we are back in warm sunny Florida we are "back at it" back to work, back to school, back to softball, and back to counting the days until we get to meet our French exchange student.

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