Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hangin by the pool....

Here are few photos of the girl's by my Mom's pool.

I love the one where Natalie is getting help on form from Chloe after showing her a little of what she remembers from when she took Gymnastics a few years ago. (Natalie is dying to take Gymnastics again, I just don't know how she will ever fit it into her schedule)

Chloe found out today that her Rhythmic Gymnastics team qualified for the French National Championships.

How exciting!!! Go Chloe!!!!

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delphine.belloc said...

We are all very proud of our "american french qualified championship niece!

Titouan (Chloé's 9 year old cousin) is more interesting in second plan pictures than in Chloé herself :-(
He loves american school buses and noticed that the Mc Donald wasn't that crowed...
It's funny to see Chloé moving around the swimming pool just like the way she does nearby every swimming pool : doing cartwheel (not sure about this word)