Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thanksgiving weekend post in December...

Well Hello there remember me blog world. I have all these post hanging around in my head and I just can't seem to get them down.

 My awesome husband even bought me my Christmas present early so I could have the Holidays well documented with a beautiful new camera that I love. (and will love more once I figure out how to use it) I have been great about snapping photos, just not so great about getting them down here on this little ol blog.

 I have several more things I want to share for the month of December but I really wanted to get this one on here first since it technically took place in November.

 Thanksgiving weekend we headed to Orlando to spend time with Sydnee and attend the UCF/USF football game. It was so much fun. My best friend and her family came with us and it was just like I always envisioned a college football game should be, you know, COLD!!

 If you remember my first college football game here , I swore I would never do that again.

  This time around it was perfect.  It was a night game, it was cold, we wore sweatshirts. (UCF of course) After the game we went to the bookstore and got Starbucks hot cocoa.  Perfect I tell ya.

  Plus, UCF had all their Christmas decorations and lights up around campus and they were having their winter carnival, complete with makeshift ice rink and all.

 To top it all off UCF won the game!!!

Here ya go courtesy of my new camera:

Dave and I with our best friends Tricia and Mark

You can't really really tell in this picture but they set these photo areas up around the stadium with themes.  This one had crowns and royal robes you could wear.

Don't my girls look so serious in this picture.  Must of been a very important play. LOL

My brown eyed girls...

M and M   McKenlee and Marissa.

My family, loved this picture we used it on our Christmas card.

Poor Carson always surrounded by girls and always getting snuggled.

He is one loved little boy.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

November catch up...

November is flying by and here I am again with no posts. Here is a quick run down.

 Natalie bought a car and is loving the independence and thrill of having her "own" vehicle. It is a 2000 Volkswagen Jetta. It's cute. The passenger side window doesn't work. (Dave will be fixing that) Her trunk only latches after about ten tries. The radio didn't work. (we already replaced that) and about a million other things need to be fixed. But it has a sunroof and so far seems to be running great so she is THRILLED. Thanks to Nanny and Grandad in England for sending the girls money to buy their first cars!!

 Swim season ended and soccer is in full swing. Natalie is on the varsity squad and McKenlee is on JV which means that I am at some high school soccer field every night of the week. McKenlee's season ended last night though so I might get to make and serve dinner before 9pm real soon.

 Thanksgiving weekend is upon us and because of my new job this is the first year I will not have the long weekend off. (sad face) I am however only working until noon both Thanksgiving and black Friday so it shouldn't be to bad. We are headed to Orlando on black Friday for the UCF-USF football game. I said I would never watch a UCF football game in Sept in the middle of the day again so I am looking forward to a November evening (the game is at 8pm) cooler game. We bought new UCF sweatshirts that I am hoping we get a chance to wear. Wish us luck.

 Two weekends ago we had our first cooler night. You know what that means in Fl. It was below 70 degrees. (It was 69 lol) so we had a fire I made a big pot of Chili and the girls has some friends over for dinner and smores. Please excuse the quality of the photos they were taken with my I-phone. A new camera is on my Christmas list.

 Just in case I don't get another post in Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!
Natalie will never smile in a picture.  Here we are in the bleachers watching McKenlee's soccer game.

After the game.  McKenlee with her friend Samantha and Sam's dog Morris.  The girls were so excited they won their last game.  Their only win for the season (JV is a much shorter season)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gorgeous Fall leaves and 40 degrees...

Last weekend I traveled to Michigan, It was a very quick trip I went up Friday morning and flew home Sunday morning. I went to see my Grandmother who is suffering from Pancreatic cancer, diagnosed shortly after her 80th Birthday party that we had for her last April. It was wonderful to see her. She is in the hospital right now but we have hope of getting her back home once they get her stronger. Having lived in Florida since I was nine I got really excited over the fall leaves and weather. Man they are beautiful. I know my northern friends probably don't even notice, just how we don't really notice when we are driving along the beach roads. You kind of just take it for granted when you see it all the time. Saturday morning I took my Grandmother's little Papillon for a walk and snapped some pictures. I wore my boots and scarf and loved every minute of it. (Yeah, boots and scarfs are about a once a year thing here) I flew back to 78 degrees and sunny skies. At least we got to open the windows on Saturday and Sunday. It was short lived though my air conditioner is back on. :)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A kick in the grass...

Last night Dave and I had a triple date with our two younger daughters.  (Yeah, tell me that wasn't a little weird lol.)
We got some free tickets to a Rowdies Soccer Game from a friend of Dave's.  We asked the girls if their boyfriends (well Natalie and Chris are not official yet but he's been around almost a month now so that's what we call him. ) wanted to join us and we'd all go.  I was pleasantly surprised they said yes.  It was a perfect night, not to hot and just a quick sprinkle that only lasted about 5 minutes.  The Rowdies won, always a plus but I must admit my favorite part is people watching and all the little one's in their soccer uniforms screaming their little lungs out.  Always reminds me of my girls when they were little and we would go watch the Mutiny play.  After the game we really wanted Yogurtland for frozen yogurt but they were closed and so was the Dairy Queen so we settled for McDonalds.  It was a good night hanging with our girls and their guys...
Natalie,Chris, Tristan and McKenlee

Dave and I

Dave and Tristan doing a little male bonding and enjoying their milkshakes.

Selfie of McKenlee and I 

Chris teasing Natalie

Monday, October 7, 2013

Once a month posts have got to go....

I really have to get better about this posting thing. We have just been so busy and my camera stopped working so combine the two and it doesn't make for good posting accountability. But I do have a new camera on my Christmas list and I am pretty good about taking pictures with my Iphone so no more excuses.  October will be better.  Homecoming was fun for the girls they went with each other. (Yes, this made my Momma's heart proud.)  They both ended the night out to dinner with boys.  Natalie with a new one she has been talking to and McKenlee with Tristan.  I am happy to say they are back together again.  Dave and I love him and were very happy to hear they reconnected at Homecoming.
My pretty girls in borrowed dresses. (Score!! we love borrowed dresses)

Oh, I forgot to mention we finally planted some shrubs out front. (Well, truth be told Dave's parents and Aunt and Uncle did it for us when they were here.)

Dave and I participated in a Golf Scramble tournament on Sunday.  We were invited by our good friends the Jackson's and we had a blast.  My first attempt at golfing a couple years ago in Saphire Valley, NC was not very successful I was never able to connect with the ball.  This time was much better.  I connected with the ball, managed to hit it fairly (mostly) straight and managed to hit further than Dave on the 17th hole.  He keeps mentioning when I brag about this that the hole was only a par 3 but who cares I hit further than him. Whoo Hoo!!!!!!
We came in 2nd place for mixed teams and won the prize of $60 a couple.

Dave and I 
Krista and I 

Krista, Mark and Dave.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

What we've been up to...

Hello September it is nice to see you!!!

On the first Mckenlee had a birthday.  She is the big one, four now.  She is loving high school and swim team but hating the 5:30 in the morning alarm.  Her first high school boyfriend came and went (sweet, sweet, boy they are still friends) and her first homecoming week is coming up soon.  For whatever reason the girls have decided not to attend the dance this year.  But  the school  plans a lot of fun activities that week so the girls are looking forward to it.

Yesterday, Natalie celebrated her sweet sixteen.  It was a very low key day for her (we didn't do a party or anything because her trip to France was her present and party combined)  she went to the beach with friends and then last night we had a couple of her friends over plus my Mom and Aunt for some turkey burgers, fries and ice cream cake.  This year she asked for a dairy queen ice cream cake, we have never had one before it was very yummy.  At this moment she is with her Dad at the Driver's License office getting her official license.  Watch out Pinellas County my girl is on the road by herself. We are on the hunt for a car.

Tomorrow, we are heading to Orlando to visit Sydnee for the day.  Now that she has a job she is not coming home as often as she used to so we really miss her.  My Mom has never seen her apt or the campus so we will be giving her a tour and then going to Syd's restaurant for dinner, I'm so excited to have her wait on us and see her in action.

Today is my 22nd wedding anniversary.  Hard to believe I have been with Dave for 24 years.  Man, we are old. LOL  We are taking a cruise in a few days.  It is a 4 night deal ($169 a piece with an ocean view) to the Bahamas.  In fact, it is the same cruise that I took with McKenlee and my niece back in the spring.  Dave hasn't gotten to go anywhere this year because one of his weeks he used when his parents were here and the other to remodel our bathroom so he really wanted to go away.  With me starting my new job I had only two vacation days accumulated but managed to make it work by working the Saturday after the cruise and going in a little late one day.  I love how my boss is so flexible with me. (Sure helps to work for your close friend) (smile)

Well here are a few recent pictures, hope your September is treating you well...
This was taken last month when Sydnee's boyfriend treated her for her B-day to the beluga whale swim/interaction experience at Sea World something she had wanted to do forever.

Happy Anniversary my love!!! (Taken Labor day when we were invited to spend the weekend with our best friends in the panhandle to help celebrate their 20 years, Congratulations Tricia and Mark) 

Happy Sweet 16 Natalie.  (This picture with their swim "mascot" was taken last Sat at a swim event)

McKenlee and her boyfriend now friend Tristan on her Birthday dinner night.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Two Prince Patriots...

High School swim season started tonight. This is the first time I have had two girls on the team. Since Sydnee and Natalie are four years apart they were never on the team together. I love having two swimmers on the team. I love that they both love the sport, I love that it is something they can do together,  and I especially love that I am not sitting for two hours with my kid only in two events that are over in less than two minutes. lol   With two daughters I get to see one of them in FOUR different events Woo Hoo!! Yes, I get eight minutes out of two hours. (smile)

 Both my girls are Butterflyers but right now Natalie is a tiny bit faster than McKenlee (McKenlee is determined to change that so there is a little competition in our house) so she got the individual event plus a relay on the A team. McKenlee got to swim Fly for the B relay team and Freestyle for the 200 relay, again for the B team. I would love to see my girls on a relay team together.  Because McKenlee is a Freshman she will probably always swim the B team but time will tell.  Both the girls did a great job and I am happy to say the Patriots won the meet!!!

 Go Patriots!!!!
Go Patriots!!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Finally, some pictures from France...

Yes, I am finally posting some pictures of Natalie's trip. I'm not going to lie though my girl took over 347 pictures and I'm posting just a few.  It is just so much work to try and load more than just a few, so I picked my favorites.

 The first one is taken at a water fall at the base of the Pyrenees Mountains.

 The others were all taken in Paris.

 Of course, I couldn't resist the Eiffel Tower. I have to tell you that the day she visited the Eiffel Tower she Face Timed us.  It was about 6 am our time and noon Paris time. I heard the buzzing of the I-pad in the family room, Dave said "you better go and get that because you know it is probably Natalie." So half awake I stumbled to the I-pad and answered.  She said "Mom, I want to show you something." I expected it to be some little trinket she bought or some delicious dessert. She loved sharing pictures of those.

 I was not prepared to see the Eiffel Tower and it took my breath away.

 I know that sounds corny because I wasn't there or anything, but I have to tell you it was amazing just seeing it live on my I-pad.  I remember I just said to Natalie over and over again "wow, that is really cool."

  I also love the pictures of the lock the girls put on the bridge.  Tradition goes that if you hang a lock on the bridge going over the river Seine that your love will last forever.  Of course, it is not limited to romantic love but also friendship. So the girls bought a lock and put both their names on it then together they locked it on the bridge.   As tradition requires ,they threw the keys into the river Seine.  Now Chloe and Natalie's friendship will last forever.  :)

I definitely want to do this one day.  I think it is one of neatest ideas.  I guess there are places all around the world where they do this lock tradition on bridges.

Enjoy the pictures, I will be posting soon with a catch up.  There is a lot going on in these here parts.

Until then:

One of my favorites of the 347. LOL

Eiffel Tower lit up at night.

Luck, lucky girl..

Nat and Chlo's lock.

Can you spot it in there among-st all the others

Posing in front of their spot on the bridge pointing to their lock.

Those keys are now forever at the bottom of the Seine.

Picture of the bridge with all the locks.

Friday, August 16, 2013

A quote...

"Time is too slow for those who wait,

 too swift for those who fear,

 too long for those who grieve,

 too short for those who rejoice,

 but for those who love, time is eternity."

Henry VanDyke

I love this quote a friend posted on Facebook yesterday.

My girl is coming home tomorrow and I love that even more!!!!!

Friday, August 9, 2013


So my girl is in France and having a blast.  She has been there a week today.  I was so worried about the flight and her getting nervous but everything went very smoothly.  Of course, I will be more nervous this time next week when she will be flying back by herself.  She has shared some pictures on FB but I am waiting until she gets back to share the pictures on the blog because I want to be able to share the one's taken with my camera.

She spent the first few days in Lille (I hope I am spelling that right) at Chloe's house and then headed to the south of France to Charlotte's house. Tomorrow they are heading to Chloe's Aunt Delphine's house and then back to Paris to stay with Chloe's grandparents.

 They have been having a ton of adventures. Ziplining, canoeing, biking, boat rides in caves, shopping. (my girl's favorite bit no doubt)

Can I just say that I love technology.  It's been so nice to be able to talk to and see her everyday on FaceTime.  (I really loved being able to take virtual tours of the French homes, Gorgeous!!)  Also free text messages on Viber.  I love feeling so connected even so far away, especially because I am such a worry wart.

Let me just close this post with Happy Friday I am so looking forward to the weekend!!!  Enjoy!!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bowling night...

The week has flown by once again. Here's what they have been up too. Airheads a trampoline jumpy place. A day at my Mom 's pool. Yogurtland once again, the girls love this place. Adventure island on Wednesday. Acrylic nails and Pedicures on Thursday and bowling last night. The girl's are heading over to Busch Gardens today and then out to the beach condo tonight for the last leg of their trip. The girls and Natalie head out to France on Thursday. (OMG, my girl is going to France did I just type that?) I'm super excited and super nervous all at the same time.

 Here some pictures from last night.
Dave teasing McKenlee over the weight of the ball she picked.

Dave setting it up for us.

Um yeah, never let Dave do the set up or your name will be spelled wrong. 

And of course what's a bowling night without beer, soda, and fries, and onion, rings.

Finding the perfect bowling balls.

He's such a goof sometimes.

Selfie with Natalie.

Charlotte bowled the first strike.

McKenlee just wouldn't let me take her picture.