Saturday, September 14, 2013

What we've been up to...

Hello September it is nice to see you!!!

On the first Mckenlee had a birthday.  She is the big one, four now.  She is loving high school and swim team but hating the 5:30 in the morning alarm.  Her first high school boyfriend came and went (sweet, sweet, boy they are still friends) and her first homecoming week is coming up soon.  For whatever reason the girls have decided not to attend the dance this year.  But  the school  plans a lot of fun activities that week so the girls are looking forward to it.

Yesterday, Natalie celebrated her sweet sixteen.  It was a very low key day for her (we didn't do a party or anything because her trip to France was her present and party combined)  she went to the beach with friends and then last night we had a couple of her friends over plus my Mom and Aunt for some turkey burgers, fries and ice cream cake.  This year she asked for a dairy queen ice cream cake, we have never had one before it was very yummy.  At this moment she is with her Dad at the Driver's License office getting her official license.  Watch out Pinellas County my girl is on the road by herself. We are on the hunt for a car.

Tomorrow, we are heading to Orlando to visit Sydnee for the day.  Now that she has a job she is not coming home as often as she used to so we really miss her.  My Mom has never seen her apt or the campus so we will be giving her a tour and then going to Syd's restaurant for dinner, I'm so excited to have her wait on us and see her in action.

Today is my 22nd wedding anniversary.  Hard to believe I have been with Dave for 24 years.  Man, we are old. LOL  We are taking a cruise in a few days.  It is a 4 night deal ($169 a piece with an ocean view) to the Bahamas.  In fact, it is the same cruise that I took with McKenlee and my niece back in the spring.  Dave hasn't gotten to go anywhere this year because one of his weeks he used when his parents were here and the other to remodel our bathroom so he really wanted to go away.  With me starting my new job I had only two vacation days accumulated but managed to make it work by working the Saturday after the cruise and going in a little late one day.  I love how my boss is so flexible with me. (Sure helps to work for your close friend) (smile)

Well here are a few recent pictures, hope your September is treating you well...
This was taken last month when Sydnee's boyfriend treated her for her B-day to the beluga whale swim/interaction experience at Sea World something she had wanted to do forever.

Happy Anniversary my love!!! (Taken Labor day when we were invited to spend the weekend with our best friends in the panhandle to help celebrate their 20 years, Congratulations Tricia and Mark) 

Happy Sweet 16 Natalie.  (This picture with their swim "mascot" was taken last Sat at a swim event)

McKenlee and her boyfriend now friend Tristan on her Birthday dinner night.

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The Carters said...

You all have had a lot going on! Happy anniversary :) I hope you have a wonderful cruise!!