Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ok, maybe I like Florida a little....

Sometimes, I have to admit that I do like Florida a little. I know I complain about it A LOT. But even I have to admit that sometimes it is nice. Take this weekend for instance. Our weather was beautiful, highs in the mid seventies and lows in the mid fifties sunny and breezy. Saturday we got some home improvements taken care of. We can finally take a shower and flush the toilet at the same time in the girls bathroom without a back up. Whoot whoot!!! (We had a slow drain in there forever and Dave finally snaked it yesterday) It was also a bonus that we didn't have to call a plumber out. Dave also cleaned out the garage, I sware we clean the garage out like four times a year I don't know how we end up with so much stuff in there.

We had a little BBQ with family yesterday early because we were all heading to "Movies in the Park" I've blogged about this before and if I could remember how to link previous blog posts with current one's I would but I can't remember.

It's a city event where they put up a big movie screen on a big grassy area we have near city hall. It's where they hold lots of city events. Our town has movie night once a month but this was only the third time we have made it there. The movie was "Dolphin Tale" one we looked forward to seeing because it was filmed here locally. It was fun to recognize so many landmarks in the movie. Plus, it was just a great movie and because I am a big baby it made me cry. We packed our blankets and chairs and some snacks and had a great evening with family and friends. We were able to do this because we live in Florida and it wasn't snowing or freezing cold.

Today, Natalie and I headed to the beach to go for a walk. The weather was perfect I actually wore a tank top, capris's and worked up a sweat. I couldn't believe how many people were there and were actually getting in the water. (they must have been tourists) We saw a pod of Dolphins playing in the water and Natalie said one of them actually jumped right out of the water like they do at Sea World. I missed that unfortunately but I have witnessed it before on my Aunt's sailboat and it's really something to see in the wild.

As we were driving home I thought to myself how nice it was to be outside enjoying gorgeous weather and not shoveling snow or being trapped inside because it is freezing cold. Yeah, maybe I like Florida a little.

I know this will be short lived though, come May I will be complaining non-stop about the heat and how much I HATE FLORIDA!!!!

I know, I know, there is just no pleasing some people.... :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

2:30 A.M Water Softener Observations......

Dave and I had a water softener installed on Tuesday. We were very excited. We have wanted one for so long. Anyone who lives in our area can attest to the fact that we have very hard water. It was just one of those things that we never got around to doing and probably because I always had in the back of my mind "it's another monthly bill."

I think it became more of a priority recently when we had to replace several appliances within a three month period. None of these appliances were over 5 years old and one of them was only 18 months. Yes, when we bought the new ones we made sure to purchase the "extended warranty." It is a proven fact that softened water is easier on your dishwasher, water heater, and washing machine. With a family of 5 or I guess 4 1/2 now that Sydnee is at college most of the year it's safe to say ours get A LOT of use. Needless to say we were eager to get it installed.

Last night however I was awakened at 2:30 am by what sounded like water running by the softener. We had our windows open because our weather has been cool but not cold at night. In Florida it is a treat to have your windows open because most of the year the A/C is on. So when the noise woke me up I listened for about ten minutes waiting for it to shut off. When it didn't shut off I got up in my pajamas and went out back to take a look. This is the part that makes me laugh, I don't know what I thought I was going to do I had no idea what a water softener was or was not suppose to be doing. So I took a quick look around and then went back inside and promptly woke Dave up. He listened for about ten minutes and then he went out back to take a look. He also knows nothing about water softeners but none the less there we were at 2:30 A.M in our Pajamas staring at our new water softener. Because we were concerned that there was a malfunction and the softener was leaking water which would result in a super high water bill we turned it off. This was the one thing that I did know how to do because it was the only thing the installer did make sure to show me. Feeling better we headed back to bed.

First thing this morning I called the water softener company. They had an installer return my call who explained that the unit was just regenerating it self and that it is set up to do this in the middle of the night.

Well, it sure would of been nice if someone would of told us that!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Matching Shirts....

Before Christmas my sister and I went on a shopping trip together something we don't do often enough. I think it amounts to about once a year. (Julie, we need to fix that) Anyway, this year for my nieces B-day I wanted to take her to Build a Bear and let her build the bear of her choice. I got such a kick out of it because she chose an alligator (who would of thought) but that's a whole other post.

The last time we had gone shopping together we were in Old Navy and she picked up this really cute tank top. I said, "wow, I really like that do they have it in any other colors?" Unfortunatly, they did not so my sister said "well just buy the same one." "No, No" I said "I couldn't do that" and I didn't. But alas, every time Julie wore that tank top I was jealous. On this shopping trip we went into American Eagle and Julie picked out this adorable pink T-shirt. Once again I loved it.

side note: Julie has excellent taste and is very stylish and always knows what's in fashion. I of course DO NOT.

So this time when she said "well just buy the same one." I smartened up and said "are you sure you wouldn't mind?" So there we were cashing out with our matching tops just like when we were little and our Mom would dress us up the same. On the evening that we decorated our gingerbread houses we happened to be wearing the same top so of course we took a picture.

The little girl with her eyes closed is Hannah my sister's daughter. The now proud Mommy to Ally Girl the Alligator from Build a BEAR. Who Knew!!!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to school College Girl.....

Sydnee left yesterday to go back to school. It was so much fun having her home. I didn't realize how much I missed her until she was back. It was so nice to have her here. I know they probably won't admit it but I know her sister's loved having her home too. She really enjoyed her cruise with my niece who is here right now from England they had a blast. My niece also did her hair and put extensions in it. They look great I couldn't get over how easy they were to put in and how natural they look. Makes me wonder how many other women with beautiful hair I have admired in the past were really wearing extensions. She of course loves them because she has never been able to have long hair. Poor Sydnee her hair for whatever reason has never grown longer than her shoulders. She even tried taking hair vitamins when she was younger to help it along and it just never worked. But my girl has hair now....

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year's Eve "Oh what a night"

I will always look back on New Years Eve 2011 with a smile.

Here is a brief run down of the evening's events...

5:00 P.M Our best friends arrive Mark and Tricia and their children Marissa and Carson. They plan to stay the night for New years Eve. They live about an hour away so we thought it safer to have them just stay. We start preparing food and making snacks...

6:00 P.M It begins to get dark and Mark notices that our front porch light is out, I explain that it has been out for over a month now and Dave just can't seem to get around to it. So Mark makes Dave feel guilty and together they change out the light bulb. This brings back hysterical memories of changing out a light bulb at their house several years before with Dave on the top of a ladder (they have cathedral ceilings)and Mark telling Dave that he "really could reach it, he just needed someone to hold the ladder" to which Tricia responds "oh so the three beers you just drank made you taller huh Mark?"

7:30 P.M During dinner we get a phone call from my Aunt saying that her house alarm is going off and could Dave please drive over and check it out. Dave at this point has had a few beers so he can't drive and I am not about to go by myself where there might be a big scary burglar. Mark not wanting to be left out in case there is any action decides he wants to come too. So myself and my entourage of strong manly men head over to my Aunt's while Tricia holds down the fort with the kids. Luckily, everything was secure and we came to the conclusion that the vibrations from all the fireworks must of set off the alarm.

8:00 P.M We head outside because Mark and Tricia have brought over Fireworks to let off. Of course, McKenlee (the only one of my three girls who is home because her sisters are living it up on their Christmas trips) is thrilled because I am not a big fan of fireworks. I think they are dangerous and expensive. (Like I really want to pay to get myself burned and or a possible E.R visit.) Don't get me wrong, it was fun to watch them as long as somebody else's husband was lighting them off. (thanks Mark) Anyway, at some point the dog (who is a total basket case on New Years Eve and the 4Th because fireworks and thunderstorms COMPLETELY FREAK HER OUT) has gotten out and is almost running right into the fireworks a total accident waiting to happen so we are all yelling at her to get back in the house which is freaking her out even more. She finally runs back in the house and we finish our fireworks.

9:00 P.M The fireworks are done so we tell the girls to go into the house to get a garbage bag to put all the wrappers in. As they are walking into the porch they call loudly in a panic to us that there is blood all over the floor. We all go running into the house and there is blood all over the place. We find the dog hiding out behind the couch and she is so panicked she won't come out but we know that she has got to be injured so we are trying every form of bribery to get her out. In the end I have to pull the couch (which is a big leather sectional) away from the wall and I hear a pop (the couch not the dog) and it comes apart where it is not suppose to come apart. We do however discover that Jesse has ripped her entire toenail off and it is bleeding like you would not believe. So we bandage her up and then lock her in the bathroom to try to calm her nerves. I then try to figure out what is wrong with the couch. Dave wants nothing to do with it right then "it's New Years Eve for heaven sakes Suz, can't it wait till tomorrow?" But I know him and he hates fixing things especially by himself so I shoot Mark a desperate look and he talks Dave into fixing it and so begins several trips to the garage to find the right tools and nuts and bolts to repair the couch. I'm happy to say they fixed it and the recliner is working even better than before.

10:30 For the next hour the kids play football out front with all the neighbor kids while we sit out on my back porch and have a marriage counseling session. Which really means Tricia and I team up and Mark and Dave team up and talk about all the things that drive us crazy about our spouses. Which isn't as bad as it sounds. In fact, it always ends up in tons of laughs and the conclusion that WIVES ARE ALWAYS RIGHT.

11:45 We head inside to get ready to watch the ball drop. I open a bottle of champagne that has been in my cupboard for at least a year if not more, it smells terrible. Tricia informs me that she will just take "sprite in her glass thank you very much" I decide that I will just have one sip of the nasty smelling stuff to toast in the New Year but later change my mind and dump it all down the sink. We wish each other a Happy New Year and work towards our goal of cleaning up and being in bed by 12:30 Oh yes, we are party animals!!!!

12:25 I head into my bathroom to get ready to go to bed when I discover what looks like a murder scene. My dog has chewed off her bandage and in her panic over the fireworks has scratched all over the door, the wall, the floor, the shower stall, the cabinets, you name it and there is blood on it. I am now starting to panic a little that I may be taking my dog to a Emergency Vet office on New Years Eve. In hopes of averting just that, I begin by soaking her foot in a bowl of water while Mark and Tricia look up how to stop the bleeding of a paw with a ripped out toenail. In case you ever need to know make a paste of Flour and water and generously apply to foot and don't allow the dog to move until it dries then re-bandage. Of course, after all this is done I still have to clean and disinfect the crime scene. Our 12:30 in bed plans were shot.

I finally did get to bed and then the next morning my wonderful husband made one of his famous breakfasts which we enjoyed with our awesome friends as we discussed

OH, WHAT A NIGHT.........