Friday, January 20, 2012

2:30 A.M Water Softener Observations......

Dave and I had a water softener installed on Tuesday. We were very excited. We have wanted one for so long. Anyone who lives in our area can attest to the fact that we have very hard water. It was just one of those things that we never got around to doing and probably because I always had in the back of my mind "it's another monthly bill."

I think it became more of a priority recently when we had to replace several appliances within a three month period. None of these appliances were over 5 years old and one of them was only 18 months. Yes, when we bought the new ones we made sure to purchase the "extended warranty." It is a proven fact that softened water is easier on your dishwasher, water heater, and washing machine. With a family of 5 or I guess 4 1/2 now that Sydnee is at college most of the year it's safe to say ours get A LOT of use. Needless to say we were eager to get it installed.

Last night however I was awakened at 2:30 am by what sounded like water running by the softener. We had our windows open because our weather has been cool but not cold at night. In Florida it is a treat to have your windows open because most of the year the A/C is on. So when the noise woke me up I listened for about ten minutes waiting for it to shut off. When it didn't shut off I got up in my pajamas and went out back to take a look. This is the part that makes me laugh, I don't know what I thought I was going to do I had no idea what a water softener was or was not suppose to be doing. So I took a quick look around and then went back inside and promptly woke Dave up. He listened for about ten minutes and then he went out back to take a look. He also knows nothing about water softeners but none the less there we were at 2:30 A.M in our Pajamas staring at our new water softener. Because we were concerned that there was a malfunction and the softener was leaking water which would result in a super high water bill we turned it off. This was the one thing that I did know how to do because it was the only thing the installer did make sure to show me. Feeling better we headed back to bed.

First thing this morning I called the water softener company. They had an installer return my call who explained that the unit was just regenerating it self and that it is set up to do this in the middle of the night.

Well, it sure would of been nice if someone would of told us that!!!!!!

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