Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ok, maybe I like Florida a little....

Sometimes, I have to admit that I do like Florida a little. I know I complain about it A LOT. But even I have to admit that sometimes it is nice. Take this weekend for instance. Our weather was beautiful, highs in the mid seventies and lows in the mid fifties sunny and breezy. Saturday we got some home improvements taken care of. We can finally take a shower and flush the toilet at the same time in the girls bathroom without a back up. Whoot whoot!!! (We had a slow drain in there forever and Dave finally snaked it yesterday) It was also a bonus that we didn't have to call a plumber out. Dave also cleaned out the garage, I sware we clean the garage out like four times a year I don't know how we end up with so much stuff in there.

We had a little BBQ with family yesterday early because we were all heading to "Movies in the Park" I've blogged about this before and if I could remember how to link previous blog posts with current one's I would but I can't remember.

It's a city event where they put up a big movie screen on a big grassy area we have near city hall. It's where they hold lots of city events. Our town has movie night once a month but this was only the third time we have made it there. The movie was "Dolphin Tale" one we looked forward to seeing because it was filmed here locally. It was fun to recognize so many landmarks in the movie. Plus, it was just a great movie and because I am a big baby it made me cry. We packed our blankets and chairs and some snacks and had a great evening with family and friends. We were able to do this because we live in Florida and it wasn't snowing or freezing cold.

Today, Natalie and I headed to the beach to go for a walk. The weather was perfect I actually wore a tank top, capris's and worked up a sweat. I couldn't believe how many people were there and were actually getting in the water. (they must have been tourists) We saw a pod of Dolphins playing in the water and Natalie said one of them actually jumped right out of the water like they do at Sea World. I missed that unfortunately but I have witnessed it before on my Aunt's sailboat and it's really something to see in the wild.

As we were driving home I thought to myself how nice it was to be outside enjoying gorgeous weather and not shoveling snow or being trapped inside because it is freezing cold. Yeah, maybe I like Florida a little.

I know this will be short lived though, come May I will be complaining non-stop about the heat and how much I HATE FLORIDA!!!!

I know, I know, there is just no pleasing some people.... :)

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