Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Matching Shirts....

Before Christmas my sister and I went on a shopping trip together something we don't do often enough. I think it amounts to about once a year. (Julie, we need to fix that) Anyway, this year for my nieces B-day I wanted to take her to Build a Bear and let her build the bear of her choice. I got such a kick out of it because she chose an alligator (who would of thought) but that's a whole other post.

The last time we had gone shopping together we were in Old Navy and she picked up this really cute tank top. I said, "wow, I really like that do they have it in any other colors?" Unfortunatly, they did not so my sister said "well just buy the same one." "No, No" I said "I couldn't do that" and I didn't. But alas, every time Julie wore that tank top I was jealous. On this shopping trip we went into American Eagle and Julie picked out this adorable pink T-shirt. Once again I loved it.

side note: Julie has excellent taste and is very stylish and always knows what's in fashion. I of course DO NOT.

So this time when she said "well just buy the same one." I smartened up and said "are you sure you wouldn't mind?" So there we were cashing out with our matching tops just like when we were little and our Mom would dress us up the same. On the evening that we decorated our gingerbread houses we happened to be wearing the same top so of course we took a picture.

The little girl with her eyes closed is Hannah my sister's daughter. The now proud Mommy to Ally Girl the Alligator from Build a BEAR. Who Knew!!!!!

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