Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday at Busch Gardens

A birds eye view

Waiting for the train

My own little tiger

Girls just want to have fun

Helping Santa's elves

What a wonderful day!!!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

1000 Awesome Moments

On a blog I just started reading the author quoted a few lines from a list of "1000 awesome moments." Number 520 really hit me it said:

"Having a baby fall asleep on you"

As I have mentioned I am a day care provider so in addition to my own three beautiful babies I have had the privilege of many, many, other beautiful babies and toddlers fall asleep in my arms and it is definitely an AWESOME MOMENT.

I can tell you there is nothing else like it. Thank you Bekah from my little loves, for reminding me just how special it is.

Friday, November 18, 2011

My three little snowgirls.....

Every year I try to buy a new ornament for our tree. My thought in doing this has always been that when the girls grow up and have their own families and their own trees they can take some of these ornaments with them. Sometimes I buy an ornament for each girl, other times it's just an ornament with all our names and the year on it. Yesterday, my Mom and I took my little guys out for a shopping outing and I ran across these little snow girls at Target. There were THREE different styles and I decided it was fate I was suppose to buy THREE little snow girls. (besides they were only $2.oo a piece, what a deal) My Mom put the idea in my head that I should find a way to put each of the girls names on them. (you know super creative me like that was going to be easy) When I got home I found some glitter glue in the craft drawer and decided to give it a go. I was thrilled with the results. Are these the most adorable ornaments ever???

I may have to keep these when the girls are grown.... :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A little bit cool......

Last night after McKenlee's softball game we were heading back to the parking lot. She was going to ride home with her Daddy but I saw her stop at my van. "What are you doing I asked her, I thought you were riding home with Daddy?" "I am" she said "I'm just writing something on your window." Last night was humid and foggy so the windows had condensation on them. When I got in the van and was heading out of the parking lot I looked back and saw that she wrote #1 MOM on the window. My heart melted. You see McKenlee is at the difficult middle school age. You know the one where Mom and Dad are pains in her butt and her friends know it all. Where the smallest thing is a battle and there is a smart answer for EVERYTHING. So to see that on the back of my window reminded me that she really does love me, and that maybe I'm still a little bit cool.....

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Swim Season Ends....

This awesome picture of Natalie swimming butterfly was taken by one of the swim Moms who is also a professional photographer. So nice of her to share her photos...

Natalie's high school swim season has been officially over for two weeks. They celebrated the season today with an end of season picnic. It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun. This year instead of holding it at a restaurant on a week night they decided a Saturday picnic in the park would be nicer. It really was. Dave finally got to come (he had never been able to make it to any of Sydnee's because he works so late)and McKenlee too. Everyone volunteered to bring things and it was all delicious. The weather was gorgeous and the kids had a blast with water balloon fights and shaving cream chases. One Mom referred to the shaving cream activity as the "Florida snowball fight" love it... Just a great group of kids!!!!

Looking forward to next year!!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Weekend ( a week late)

Halloween weekend was great. Saturday we drove to Orlando to spend the day with my niece and her friend. (they were staying at our timeshare for a week) So we hung out with them for the day and went to dinner too. Busy college girl Sydnee even managed to pop in (her University is in Orlando) and spend some time with us. Sunday was spent doing some more shopping, it will be a challenge for my niece to get all her goodies in her suitcase..LOL The girls carved their pumpkins so they were ready for the porch. Halloween was great and i think carla enjoyed seeing Halloween in Florida. She was shocked by how many trick or treaters we have. Here are some pictures of the weekend.

I even dressed up this year

McKenlee my drama queen...

Natalie my Cheetah girl....

Carving Pumpkins...

Hanging out with Sydnee by the pool...