Friday, November 18, 2011

My three little snowgirls.....

Every year I try to buy a new ornament for our tree. My thought in doing this has always been that when the girls grow up and have their own families and their own trees they can take some of these ornaments with them. Sometimes I buy an ornament for each girl, other times it's just an ornament with all our names and the year on it. Yesterday, my Mom and I took my little guys out for a shopping outing and I ran across these little snow girls at Target. There were THREE different styles and I decided it was fate I was suppose to buy THREE little snow girls. (besides they were only $2.oo a piece, what a deal) My Mom put the idea in my head that I should find a way to put each of the girls names on them. (you know super creative me like that was going to be easy) When I got home I found some glitter glue in the craft drawer and decided to give it a go. I was thrilled with the results. Are these the most adorable ornaments ever???

I may have to keep these when the girls are grown.... :)

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