Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jesse the Golden Retriever

Soccer Girl took her sister and her dog to the park yesterday and snapped this picture. This picture reminds me why I love our dog Jesse.

I love her because she loves my children and my children love her..........

Monday, December 28, 2009

Miss Priss's Girls Night

As I type this Miss Priss is on the back porch with four friends roasting marshmallows by our fire pit. She has begged me for this get together for weeks now. Before Christmas was such a busy time plus I have to admit that because I have extra kids in my house all week on the weekends I really just want a quiet house. Sometimes it is only fair that the kids can have friends over too. So tonight was the night. I was gone this afternoon running errands but Soccer Girl told me that Miss Priss was taking this very seriously. She cleaned the whole house and even mopped the floors. (Of my three I must say she is my best house cleaner) She took her shower and did her hair and makeup. She put on one of her new outfits, skinny jeans and an American Eagle sweatshirt with her Rainbow flip flops. (I know your thinking flip flops? Don't forget we live in Fl) On a side note when her guests arrived I noticed they were all wearing virtually the same outfit. (I forget sometimes that middle school is when it is important to look EXACTLY LIKE everybody else) Luckily, when they get to high school that gets a little better. She put out snacks on the table in bowls just like I do when we have a get together. Of course the night has been filled with arguments between her and Mighty Mouth. This is because MM wants nothing more than to be a part of her sisters group while MP wants nothing more than for her sister to permanently disappear. (well, maybe just until her friends go home) So while I have refereed arguments between sisters it has been fun sitting back and watching my pre-teen entertain her girlfriends. I am really enjoying it because I know in a few years she will be hanging out with boys too and believe me having one daughter who's into boys right now is enough for me!!!!

Christmas 2009

Christmas was wonderful, we all had a great time. I think the girls were very happy with their loot. LOL Mighty Mouth got a new bike and we can't figure out who likes it more her or her Daddy. It has these things called pegs so you can do stunts on it. The Englishman keeps trying to do different stunts. I keep telling him he is to old for that and he is going to hurt himself but he won't listen. Boxing day when we went to my best friends house ( our annual tradition) he was even going over bike ramps. Can someone say Crazy!!! LOL I have posted pictures separate from this post because even after a year I cannot figure out how to post the pictures and text without it all being in the wrong place so sorry if this is confusing. We are very much enjoying our break. Our weather has been chilly which has been wonderful, the kids are getting to wear their new winter clothes they got for Christmas. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you have a Happy and Blessed New Year........

More Pictures


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jerry joins Ben

Little Jerry the hamster joined his brother today in Hamster Heaven. Rip Jerry you will be missed. Miss Priss cleaned the Hamster cage all up and stored it in her closet until it will be needed again. I am quite sure it will be needed again. Because even though we say no more animals. We always give in........Pet count 9

I promise I will do a Christmas post soon with pictures.

Sarah we got your Christmas card with email. I will email you soon looking forward to seeing you in 2o10!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hamster Heaven.....

Ben the hamster died yesterday. We opened their cage like we do everyday to say hello and while Jerry came running over, Ben did not. We were pretty certain we knew why. The life expectancy of a Siberian dwarf hamster is about a year and Ben and Jerry are (were in Ben's case) 18 months old. We have buried Ben in our makeshift pet cemetery in the back yard in the right corner along the fence where all our other passed on critters lay in rest. We are giving Jerry lots of extra attention and time out of the cage to keep his mind off missing his brother. RIP little Ben you will be missed. . . .

That brings our pet total down to 10...Not that I am in a hurry or anything...

Hope your having a great weekend!!!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Story....

I was reading a blog recently where the author was telling the story of how her little girl accidentally locked herself out of the house on a Saturday morning when her parents were still in bed sleeping. The author was explaining how scary it was to be in bed and have the little girl call from the neighbors house waking her Mom up and telling her what had happened. This incident reminded me of a similar situation with Mighty Mouth. It happened about 6 months ago when Mighty Mouth was nine. When you think of nine you think of a pretty grown up kid, especially when she has two older sisters that she is trying to keep up with. I have always said that your youngest grows up the fastest. I have never left MM home alone without one of her sisters being here. I haven't because she is not ready. (not to mention the fact that child services would probably be knocking on my door)but I think if I did she would do just fine. Don't get me wrong I don't feel she is ready to be home alone for any length of time but for a 20 minute trip to the store, or to pick up Miss Priss from school I think she would be just fine. However, she has made it VERY CLEAR that SHE is not ready. This particular afternoon MM was going to spend time at her Nanny's house but my Mom and I got our wires crossed. She thought she was picking MM up and I thought I was dropping her off. So I dropped MM off in front of my Mom's house, waited for her to walk to the front door and drove away. Did you catch that? Waited for her to walk to the front door but did not wait for her to go inside. THAT was my BIG mistake. So on I drove towards home, suddenly my cell phone rang and it was my Mom. She said to me "where are you?" I said "I am on my way home why?" "Because, I am in front of your house to pick up MM and you are not here" Yes, this is where my heart fell into my stomach and panic hit me like a ton of bricks. Luckily for me (although my husband would beg to differ, just kidding Mom) we only live one short mile from my Mom. "Oh no" I said to my Mom "I just dropped her off at your house and now no one is there." I immediately hung up and turned the van around as fast as possible. I flew back towards my Mother's house, as I rounded the corner I saw my girl. She broke my heart. Her eyes were filled with panic, and she was on the verge of tears. Her face was bright red as she was trying so hard not to cry. Then as soon as she saw the van her relief was so strong that she couldn't hold it in anymore and she burst into tears. I jumped out of the van and wrapped her up in a big hug and told her how very, very sorry I was. Her relief turned to 9 year old anger as she yelled at me through her tears telling me "I was suppose to wait until she was inside before I drove away, and where was Nanny anyway?" I told her "she was absolutely right and it would NEVER happen again." Later that day I used the situation as a teaching opportunity and we talked about what she would do if that were to ever happen again. I laugh and think she will probably be 20 years old before I ever drop her off somewhere again without waiting for her to go in safe and sound. Oh who am I kidding I will ALWAYS wait for her because in my mind I will hear that little voice saying "Mom, you were suppose to wait until I was was inside....."