Monday, December 28, 2009

Miss Priss's Girls Night

As I type this Miss Priss is on the back porch with four friends roasting marshmallows by our fire pit. She has begged me for this get together for weeks now. Before Christmas was such a busy time plus I have to admit that because I have extra kids in my house all week on the weekends I really just want a quiet house. Sometimes it is only fair that the kids can have friends over too. So tonight was the night. I was gone this afternoon running errands but Soccer Girl told me that Miss Priss was taking this very seriously. She cleaned the whole house and even mopped the floors. (Of my three I must say she is my best house cleaner) She took her shower and did her hair and makeup. She put on one of her new outfits, skinny jeans and an American Eagle sweatshirt with her Rainbow flip flops. (I know your thinking flip flops? Don't forget we live in Fl) On a side note when her guests arrived I noticed they were all wearing virtually the same outfit. (I forget sometimes that middle school is when it is important to look EXACTLY LIKE everybody else) Luckily, when they get to high school that gets a little better. She put out snacks on the table in bowls just like I do when we have a get together. Of course the night has been filled with arguments between her and Mighty Mouth. This is because MM wants nothing more than to be a part of her sisters group while MP wants nothing more than for her sister to permanently disappear. (well, maybe just until her friends go home) So while I have refereed arguments between sisters it has been fun sitting back and watching my pre-teen entertain her girlfriends. I am really enjoying it because I know in a few years she will be hanging out with boys too and believe me having one daughter who's into boys right now is enough for me!!!!

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