Friday, April 30, 2010

From "Intimidating Circumstances" Clip 2

I absolutely could not resist sharing this. This is a video clip of a amateur film a friend of mine made back when we were in college. He posted it to Facebook tonight and I laughed till I cried. Look at the ridiculous way I am dressed, look at my horrible acting. My girls are so embarrassed by me they can't stand themselves. To me the saddest part of all is that I really haven't changed at all in 20 years. (Okay yes, I have gained a few pounds) While in some ways that's ok (the changed part not the weight lol) in other ways it makes me think that I am really out dated as far as my style. Enjoy but don't laugh at me to hard.....

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Love this....

Okay so I saw this on another blog that I read and had to share. She made a list of all the things she wanted to accomplish. This was one of them:

17. Be nice and smile at the neighborhood kid even when I know she's been mean to my kid.

Oh my gosh!!! How many times have I had to pull that one off? Too many to count that is

FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!

One more day till FRIDAY!!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


1. I recently bought a washer AND a dryer, yes while the Internet is wonderful the advice I got only solved the problem briefly. Then just as I realize I was destined to buy a new washer the dryer went out. This after we just put $40 dollars into it a month ago for a new sensor. It is such a hard call do you keep putting money into the old or buy new. We chose the latter, gotta love Home Depot and "no interest for 12 months".

2. The girls are all doing really well. Miss Priss and Mighty Mouth are enjoying softball and I see such an improvement this season over last. Miss Priss is becoming a really great catcher and Mighty Mouth has finally learned to hit. No more hoping for a walk for this Mom. The coach has even moved Mighty Mouth to in field as her ground ball fielding has improved greatly and she has made some awesome catches. Soccer girl is currently taking a life guarding class in hopes to get a job life guarding this summer she's also really hoping that she can help coach the summer swim team that her sisters participate in. I hope it works out because I know she would be great at it.

3. I have got to get back to my exercise routine. I have severely fallen off the wagon. I just can't seem to get back in the groove. I just need more hours in the day, or I need to prioritize better I have to admit time management has never been one of my strong points. Wish me luck on this one I need it. Especially because I really want to do the half marathon in November.

4. We put our red neck pool back up and that has been a challenge. First off when we put it up there was a leak in the liner. Well good luck finding that. As it turns out it was only $25 cheaper to just buy another one vs buying just a liner. Walmart had them on sale $50 less than I paid last year. So I just bought a new one (the Englishman loved that as you can imagine, he hates the pool even though he did use it last summer) I knew I wanted it again this summer the kids had a blast in it almost everyday last year. Like I had said several times if it just lasts one summer it is well worth it. Well, I guess that's the life expectancy "one summer" unless we keep it up all year. I was reading on the Internet (see previous post) that taking the pool up and down is very hard on the liner and makes it more prone to leaks. But it's up and looks great because I learned some tips last year as far as leveling. Even though it is on a porch the porch isn't exactly level but it's nothing that a little sand couldn't fix so this year it is almost perfectly level. In fact Mighty Mouth is in it right now.

5.It is hard for me to believe that there is only 5 1/2 weeks of school left. 5 1/2 weeks and two of my little charges will leave my care and start kindergarten. I will miss them so much. I tentatively have one of the slots filled with a darling little baby girl who is only 3 mos old. It's been awhile since I have had a new born. I will be loving the rocking, cuddling, and cooing that comes with a newborn. I feel bad for my 2 1/2 year old little man he is going to really miss the other two. He is 2 1/2 going on 5 and that baby girl is not going to be able to play for a long while. I'm hoping that my other slot gets filled with a little one closer to his age or we will be going on play dates A LOT.

I guess that's it for now, have a great rest to your week.....

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why I love the Internet .......

So this afternoon my washing machine overflowed. Yes, all over my garage floor. Luckily, the Englishman and I (well, really mostly him) had just cleaned the garage out yesterday or it would have been a lot worse. So we cleaned up the water and then got down to the business of figuring out why it happened. Luckily, it wasn't a plumbing issue (those are the most scary to me $$$$). What was happening was the washing machine kept wanting to fill with water even after the drum was full. Regardless, of what water level I set it for it wanted to just keep filling. So I got on the Internet and looked up washing machine problems. Low and behold there was a section on our problem. It said sometimes it is as simple as a hose coming off. Apparently, there is this small hose inside your washer that is filled with air. This air pressure controls a sensor that tells the machine when to stop filling. ( I know there is probably a little more complicated of an explanation then the one I just gave but you get the gist) So, the Englishman took the panel off of the washing machine and sure enough there was the hose. He blew it clear, re-attached it, and "Voila" the washing machine is working like a charm. Hip Hip Hooray!!!! Anyone with children, especially three, knows that YOU CANNOT BE WITHOUT A WASHING MACHINE!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Softball Pictures.......

Here are this season's Softball pictures. I love that Miss Priss is smiling because now with her braces she very rarely smiles with her teeth for pictures. (Did you notice the bands on her braces are Black and White to match her uniform, how cute right?) I just wish Mighty Mouth would have taken off her her hat like Miss Priss did. Enjoy!!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pictures, Plane Tickets, & Sunshine

Here are some pictures of last week. We went to the beach and to Busch Gardens. Taylor a friend of the girls went with us to the beach it was a gorgeous day. I love the picture of the three of them. My Mom joined us at Busch Gardens for the day on Friday and that was a laugh. Between ME tripping up the stairs with a tray full of lunch food after telling my MOM countless times to BE CAREFUL. (she made it up the stairs with her tray just fine) and then at the end of the day Mom cutting people in line to get on the tram and dragging Natalie as her accomplice. It was a riot. (I will add she didn't do it on purpose she didn't realize how the lines worked) She really upset this older couple, if looks could kill Mom wouldn't be here.

I am very excited to say that we have booked our tickets for our trip to England this summer. It is official we will be visiting the Englishman's family for just over two weeks WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!

Florida weather is back and in full force. My air conditioner is back on and I know it will be now until probably late November. We have had beautiful sunny days with cooler evenings and if it were not for the pollen that is HORRIBLE right now the weather would be perfect.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy 77th Birthday Grandma Betty!!!!!

The Englishman and Grandma!!!

My Grandma is 77 today...Isn't that awesome!!! What is even more awesome is to look and feel as good as she does at 77. I hope it is in the gene pool because when I get to 77 ( I plan on living to 90 at the least, just so you know) I hope I can look as good as her. We celebrated her Birthday yesterday at our annual Easter dinner poolside at my Mom's. It was a beautiful day!!!!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break

We are having a great week. I will post more pictures soon. These are from yesterday. (Taken with my cell phone so excuse the quality)Miss Priss, Mighty Mouth and I went to the St. Petersburg Pier. We parked at Straub Park and then walked around the Marina and the Vinoy. It was gorgeous. We saw these kids jumping off the pier into the water. Oh to be young and brave again. I told my girls that it is fun to watch other people's children do these things and take their picture but they were never to attempt it. LOL We went to the pier aquarium (we hadn't been since the kids were little) they have a little "touch tank" there now so that was a nice treat. We held star fish and anemone's (sp) and little sea urchins. Really neat... Then got ice cream and walked back. It was a great afternoon... I love Spring Break!!!