Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break

We are having a great week. I will post more pictures soon. These are from yesterday. (Taken with my cell phone so excuse the quality)Miss Priss, Mighty Mouth and I went to the St. Petersburg Pier. We parked at Straub Park and then walked around the Marina and the Vinoy. It was gorgeous. We saw these kids jumping off the pier into the water. Oh to be young and brave again. I told my girls that it is fun to watch other people's children do these things and take their picture but they were never to attempt it. LOL We went to the pier aquarium (we hadn't been since the kids were little) they have a little "touch tank" there now so that was a nice treat. We held star fish and anemone's (sp) and little sea urchins. Really neat... Then got ice cream and walked back. It was a great afternoon... I love Spring Break!!!

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