Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Last few days recap....

Saturday: Had a great day with my Valentine, late lunch Olive Garden then movie The Edge of Darkness. (Really wanted to see It's Complicated but can you believe they took it out of our local theatre already) then home for an early bedtime (yes, it is sad we were in bed by 9:30pm, we are old, it's true)

Sunday: Grocery shopping and sports shopping. We needed a bat for Mighty Mouth, work shoes for the Englishman, and new tennis shoes for me for my first race in two weeks YAY!!!

Monday: Kids were out of school so we went to Chuck E Cheese. Then softball practice with new team. Love new team, and new coach, should be a great season..

Tuesday: Soccer Banquet for Soccer Girl and guess who got Best Offensive Player of the Year? Yup, that would be my girl. Second year in a row I might add. Yes, I am so totally bragging on her but I can't help it, after all it is my blog....

Hope everyone is having a great start to your week!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Can you believe it still works after this......

So the tournament was cancelled this weekend due to rain but that didn't stop us from having a little excitement of our own. This is what happens when 5 preteens get together and one of them drops their cell phone in the toilet. (It was in her back pocket and when she pulled down her pants, well you get the idea) The weirdest part was that it sunk really deep into the bowl where it couldn't even be seen. Then the girls were to scared to put their hands in (to many scary movies, or germ a phobes?) The funniest part was when we called the number. I was having a hard time believing that the phone was really in the toilet because I couldn't believe it could go down that far. I thought perhaps the girl thought she had dropped it but that it was really somewhere else. So we dialed the number and all 6 of us stared at the bowl in awe as the toilet water turn turned different colors from the reflected light, the toilet started to vibrate, and we could hear music coming out of the bowl. It was hysterical. Finally, one of the girls with the smallest hands reached in and was able to get it out. The video is the worst quality ever and you won't be able to see a lot (except of course my big rear end in the beginning) but if you just listen it is a riot.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Last night Mighty Mouth and I went to Target. We went to do something that I will never do again with my daughter, we went to pick out Valentines for her classmates. She had her heart set on Wow Wow Wuzby ones. This made me smile because Wow Wow Wuzby is on Nick Jr and lets face it she is well beyond Nick Jr age. But because she occasionally watches T.V with my little guys (and still loves Max and Ruby)she really likes Wow Wow Wuzby. Unfortunately, they didn't have any so she had to settle for "Gemstone Kitty Cat" ones. We then picked out pretty pencils for the girls and sport oriented pencils for the boys to attach to the Valentines. I then let her pick out her Valentine gift from Mom and Dad a cute hat and green sunglasses a little early. She then helped me pick out the gifts for her sisters. We came home and she started to fill her Valentines out. I was glad that she wasn't to old to sort and pick certain ones for certain Friends. (That is something that even I remember doing) She also paid attention to which sport pencils she picked for the boys and tried to give them a corresponding pencil to the sport that she knew that they played. When she was done we bagged them up and put them by her school bag. Another milestone crossed in fifth grade, because next year is Middle School and you don't do Valentines
in Middle School.

Today is rainy and cold but we are making the most of it. My neighbor and new friend came over with her little boy and niece that she watches for a play date. I made salad and quiche and I ate to much of it so now I want to take a nap listening to the rain like my little ones. But since my living room is so full of toys you cannot even walk through it that is not an option. We also baked Valentines cookies with sprinkles Yummy!! Tomorrow we head to Gainesville for a soccer tournament. Miss Priss is staying home with friends but Mighty Mouth is so excited to stay in a "Hotel" for a night that she wants to come. I hope she doesn't drive me crazy with boredom, there is not a whole lot to do in Gainesville unless you are in college and into the bar scene and she doesn't qualify for that for at least 11 more years. Soccer Girl did talk about wanting to check out the UF campus but as terrible (see: selfish) as this sounds I don't want her to see it and get even the littlest bit interested because I want her closer to home for college like USF or UCF. We'll see how that goes. Well I better go create a walkway through my living room hope you have a wonderful love filled weekend.......

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Isn't this great!!!!!

I saw this on another Blog and loved it Check it out!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Nanny Prince

Today is my MIL's Birthday and we want to wish her a very Happy Birthday. We love you Nanny Prince and hope you have a terrific day!!!!!

I finished it.....

So I finally finished "Eat, Pray, Love" and I really enjoyed it. In fact she wrote a sequel and I am anxious to read that as well. For my benefit I want to quote two passages in the book that really stood out to me so that I can reference them later. These passages refer to things that I have always believed in my heart (back to believe in my heart again with nothing to really back it up).
As I read these passages, I was like "yeah, yeah that's what I believe too" and it felt so good to know that someone else felt the same way. Especially, someone else who had traveled the world and studied with many different cultures to find the connection with God that felt right to her. Because while I have not traveled the world I have certainly learned about a multitude of Christian based religions trying to find my "fit" so to speak. So here they are:

"keep searching for the metaphors, rituals, and teachers that will help you move ever closer to divinity. The Yogic scriptures say that God responds to the sacred prayers and efforts of human beings in any way whatsoever that mortals chose to worship-just so long as those prayers are sincere. As one line from the Upanishads suggests : People follow different paths straight or crooked , according to their temperament, depending on which they consider best, or most appropriate- and all reach You, just as the rivers enter the ocean"

Wow, I love that. I have always felt that there is not one "right" religion. I believe that is why there are so many different religions. I believe God in his infinite wisdom knows that different people will need different paths but that as long as we all make it to him in the end that is all that matters.

Here's the other one:

"Love is infinite, I knew then that this is how God loves us all and receives us all, and that there is no such thing in this universe as hell, except that maybe in our own terrified minds. Because if even one broken and limited human being (she's meaning herself in this sentence) could experience even one such episode of absolute forgiveness and acceptance of her own self, then imagine - just imagine! - what God, in all his Eternal compassion, can forgive and accept."

I have always had a hard time with the idea of Hell because I don't believe for a second that God with all his "Eternal Compassion" could bear the idea of even one of his children not being with Him. I am not saying that there will not be consequences to pay for the bad choices that we might have made in this life but ETERNAL DAMNATION" I have always struggled with that.

Well that is all the philosophy for today LOL but if you are looking for a good read I highly recommend "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Monday

I got the results back from the Dermatologist. The biopsy had clear margins and the diagnosis remained the same. NOT MELANOMA So I am good, and I will never go over my allotted three months between appointments because you know what IT IS JUST TO STRESSFUL.... Hope you have a great week!!!!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why do I worry so??????

You know I do not think there is a week that goes by that I am not fretting over something. I make myself nuts and I do not know why I am this way. ( I was not this way when I was younger, it's like I hit a cetain age and boom instant worry wart) I am very specific in my worries as well. Now don't get me wrong I worry about a variety of other things too but not to the extreme that I worry over health issues. I worry about my children's health, my husbands health, and my own constantly. Instead of just taking the advice of my health professional I must turn to the Internet and scare myself silly. Even as I am doing it I tell myself "stop, don't do this your going to freak yourself out" and yet I do it anyway as if I were an addict. Most recently I got a biopsy report back on a mole I had on my foot near my big toe. The nurse called me back and told me that they would have to bring me back in for a surgery to take a little more of the area to get clean margins. I have had to do this a couple times before with other moles as have many of my friends and family. Instead of just making the appt and not worrying about it any further I asked her what the mole was called and how to spell it. Then I went and looked it up. DUMB, DUMB, DUMB!!!! Because of course this type of mole is very rare and while normally benign is known to be unpredictable. It also CLOSELY resembles melanoma and can be mistaken quite easily for it. (so the Internet said) I quickly called the office back and asked it they could please squeeze me in the very next day as I was having a panic attack because what if THE PATHOLOGIST WAS WRONG. I couldn't sleep at all and by the time I got to the office the next day I was in tears. The nurse was so sweet to me as she showed me the pathology report and explained that not only did one Dr look at it but that she concurred with two others just to be positive. She then explained that if there had been any doubt at that point they would have sent it somewhere else for even further testing. My Dr. then came in and I drilled him with the same questions over and over again and he politely gave me the same answer five different ways to try to ease my mind. (all this while doing surgery on my foot bless his heart) Five stitches later (yes, this has really messed up my walking) I left the office feeling a little better. Of course I am still worried. Worried that he didn't get it all and he will have to go back again. Worried that for some strange reason the second pathology report will have a different diagnoses than the first. Worried that even though I don't have skin cancer now that I will get it in the future, I have ALL the risk factors. I live in a sunny climate. I have blue eyes and fair skin. I have more moles on me than you could ever count and they are not light freckles but dark moles. I had tons of sun damage as a kid, we were always at the beach and always getting burnt.

But then I calm down....

I think to myself that everybody has risk factors for something. I tell myself that in some ways these episodes are good for me because it reminds me that I have to go the dermatologist every three months probably for the rest of my life because I am so high risk and as long as I do that there's nothing more I can do. I remind myself that God has a plan for me a plan I believe he knew before I was even born. Not that the decisions and choices I make don't effect this plan but that at the end of the day HE is in charge and I have to let go and give my worries and fears to Him because quite frankly they take a lot out of me. I remind myself of all the other things that have consumed me with worry in the past that have worked out fine. And in my heart I know that this will too. I guess that is why I am writing this down and sharing it with you. So that later when I have moved onto my next worry (because I don't kid myself I know there will be many more worries) I can look back at this post and say "see that worked out just fine and this will too."

So why do I worry so?