Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Last night Mighty Mouth and I went to Target. We went to do something that I will never do again with my daughter, we went to pick out Valentines for her classmates. She had her heart set on Wow Wow Wuzby ones. This made me smile because Wow Wow Wuzby is on Nick Jr and lets face it she is well beyond Nick Jr age. But because she occasionally watches T.V with my little guys (and still loves Max and Ruby)she really likes Wow Wow Wuzby. Unfortunately, they didn't have any so she had to settle for "Gemstone Kitty Cat" ones. We then picked out pretty pencils for the girls and sport oriented pencils for the boys to attach to the Valentines. I then let her pick out her Valentine gift from Mom and Dad a cute hat and green sunglasses a little early. She then helped me pick out the gifts for her sisters. We came home and she started to fill her Valentines out. I was glad that she wasn't to old to sort and pick certain ones for certain Friends. (That is something that even I remember doing) She also paid attention to which sport pencils she picked for the boys and tried to give them a corresponding pencil to the sport that she knew that they played. When she was done we bagged them up and put them by her school bag. Another milestone crossed in fifth grade, because next year is Middle School and you don't do Valentines
in Middle School.

Today is rainy and cold but we are making the most of it. My neighbor and new friend came over with her little boy and niece that she watches for a play date. I made salad and quiche and I ate to much of it so now I want to take a nap listening to the rain like my little ones. But since my living room is so full of toys you cannot even walk through it that is not an option. We also baked Valentines cookies with sprinkles Yummy!! Tomorrow we head to Gainesville for a soccer tournament. Miss Priss is staying home with friends but Mighty Mouth is so excited to stay in a "Hotel" for a night that she wants to come. I hope she doesn't drive me crazy with boredom, there is not a whole lot to do in Gainesville unless you are in college and into the bar scene and she doesn't qualify for that for at least 11 more years. Soccer Girl did talk about wanting to check out the UF campus but as terrible (see: selfish) as this sounds I don't want her to see it and get even the littlest bit interested because I want her closer to home for college like USF or UCF. We'll see how that goes. Well I better go create a walkway through my living room hope you have a wonderful love filled weekend.......

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