Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas with the family.....

Christmas was fun and it seemed to fly by. We made Gingerbread Houses for the first time and that was definitely a hit. Something I want to make a yearly tradition. The hardest part I think for me about the houses is the waste. Because of course your not going to eat them so after throwing two away my husband suggested giving the third one to the squirrels. They loved it and so did we, we watched them come down the tree all day and kept commenting every time another wall would be missing. Christmas Eve was spent at my sisters and Christmas day everyone came over and had dinner here. Other than wishing it would of been a little colder. (We had an unseasonably warm Christmas even for Florida) It was PERFECT!!

The whole family.... ( I love this picture because everyone moaned when my sister wanted to take it and she said "you guys will thank me for this later" she was so right. I love it and I love that everyone was in it because she unlike me has mastered the timer on her camera. Good Job Julie!!!! )

Dave and I with our girl's....

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Question and Answer

Now I usually don't do these kind of things. (I find them a little high schoolish) but what the heck I was inspired today by my little loves..

Our Questions:

1. What are you grateful for? Wow, I could write a whole blog post just on this question. Aside from the obvious, health and a roof over my head I'm going to list some smaller things that apply mostly to just me.

I am thankful for my marriage. So many people I know are struggling to find the one. Going through a divorce or miserable and feeling stuck. I am thankful that I found my ONE and feel very lucky.

I am grateful that my children are healthy, my first introduction into blogs and blogging was the blog of a friend of a friend whose child was battling cancer. Of course, blogs link to blogs and before I knew it I was following many blogs of parents whose children were battling illness. It is sad to say but so many of the children I was following have passed away but they left something with me and that is to appreciate every moment and never take your children for granted.

I am grateful for my husband's job and my own. Five and a half years ago Dave was given the opportunity to work for UPS through a friend. It was an hour commute each way, $40.00 in tolls a week and a pay cut. We were going to have to sell our house and and move from schools, family, and friends but I knew in my heart it was worth it. After being there a year he was able to transfer (which is practically un heard of) and we didn't have to move. Within two and 1/2 years he was at full pay which almost doubled his old pay and for the most part his job is very secure.

2. Could you honestly say that you are happy? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!

3.What motivates you? Fear, I know that's probably not good but it is true....

4.What do you value most in a relationship? Loyalty

5. How have you grown over this past year? I have really tried this year to not worry so much. You know kind of take the "let go let God" mentality. I don't always succeed but I'm really trying.

6. What gift would you love to give to a loved one? I would love to be able to afford to send my husband home to England for a long weekend every three months. His parents are getting older and I would love for him to be able to spend more time with them.

7. Best date night. This one is tough because Dave and I are not by nature romantic or creative but recently since our kids have gotten older we have been going to dinner just the two of us on Friday nights. I really enjoy that time with him to talk about our week and what we have planned for the weekend. I feel like we re-connect and I love the uninterrupted one on one.

8. Current etsy love? I don't shop on Etsy but have recently fallen in love with KOHL'S again. Does that count?

9. Current blog love? THE MEANEST MOM This Lady cracks me up every time I read a post and I can usually relate to every word. Check her out you won't regret it...

10. Book recommendation? Loved, Loved, Loved, "The Help" and the movie was almost as good as the book. Currently enthralled with "The Game Of Thrones" series I know, I know, I have a very broad spectrum in reading tastes.

11. Favorite gift you are giving this year? My two older daughters are traveling this Christmas break and as part of their Christmas presents we funded these trips. I am very excited for both of them. One of them is taking a tropical destinations cruise and the other a mountain ski trip. I can't wait to see their pictures and hear about their very different destinations....

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What can brown do for you?

Today my College girl started her "Christmas break job" for two weeks she will be joining her Dad in "browns." She is a Jumper (in UPS lingo) or a driver's helper. So for a few hours a day from now until Christmas she will be helping deliver your Christmas packages. She's looks darling in the uniform but she refuses to let me take a picture. So you just have to trust me when I say she is the most adorable "jumper" ever!!!! So if you live local be on the look out for my girl and if you see her be sure to say Hello and really embarrass her. LOL

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas

This past weekend Natalie and I had a Mom/Daughter weekend. This is something I always longed to do with each of my girl's. I always have wanted to be able to set aside special times for each of them where it is just the two of us one and one. Where all the attention can be focused on them and they don't have to share with their siblings. I have experienced this with Sydnee several times but always for a soccer tournament so while I feel like it counts it isn't really the same. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed solo lunches or movie outings with each of them but that's a little different. Natalie and I joined a friend of hers and her Mom and we headed to Walt Disney World's Mickey's very Merry Christmas. It was awesome. We stayed at the Coronado Springs Resort a Disney property. We had a fantastic time. The Magic Kingdom was absolutely beautiful at night and all decorated for Christmas. There were hardly any lines and we walked onto just about everything. We spent some time at downtown Disney shopping . We also went to the Mall of the Millenia in Orlando and did a little shopping, It was right up my girl's alley. All of my girl's LOVE to shop. Of my three daughters I have always said that Natalie is the quietest and shyest. She is very content to just sit back and let her sisters have the limelight. So it was fun to spend time with her while she enjoyed the limelight for awhile......

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Best Friends??? NOT

This is a picture of our two cats Dudley(grey)and Tuesday(black)they both love it when I have the windows open and the blinds up. Normally, when I have one family room window open I will have the other one too. But today for some reason we didn't open the blinds on the second window therefore they couldn't each have their own.

This picture is really quite amazing to me because my cats hate each other. Well, to be honest Tuesday hates Dudley. We all know that Tuesday hates everyone except Dave and occasionally me if Dave is not around. Dudley on the other hand LOVES Tuesday. He loves to chase him, bully him, steal his food, jump on him when he least expects it. You know the type, basically agitate him in any way he can possibly find.

Sometimes I have to put Dudley in a kitty time out (lock him up in a bedroom) just so Tuesday can get a break. Unfortunately, because of Tuesday's "not so nice" disposition he doesn't get a lot of sympathy from the girls. In fact, if I am honest they kind of encourage Dudley to torture him. But don't fret I always try to come to Tuesday's rescue. Their relationship kind of surprises me, you would think it would be the other way around because Tuesday can be such a grouch. Tuesday is bigger, has been living in our home longer, and is older than his pip squeak Nemesis. I guess you never can tell.

One thing is for sure, necessity breeds friendship. Lets face it nothing beats a window seat on a gorgeous, cool, Florida sunny day..