Monday, May 27, 2013

2013 Rainbow River Day...

Sunday we took another trip to Dunellon,Fl about 2 hours away and had another fantastic day on the Rainbow River. We did this last May too and said we were going to make it back there again before the summer was over. Well, you know what thought did. lol We had such a great time last year we knew when the trip was planned again that we had to be there. We had a much bigger group this time, there were about thirty of us in total. Maybe, this summer we will make it back. I'm really hoping to take Chloe and Charlotte (our French exchange students)when they come visit in July.
Natalie, her boyfriend Thor and Sydnee

McKenlee and her two besties Hannah and Marissa and Marissa's friend Lauren

Dave, Natalie and I in the picnic area.

Boy, floating down that river is really exhausting. LOL 

Me, Mckenlee and my adopted daughters Jacqueline and Hannah. lol

The "gang" on the river.

Me and my bestie.

Jacqueline and I and Sydnee's foot.  Ha Ha

Sydnee and her bestie.

Some of the gang.  We did this same picture last year as we were leaving so some of us were already gone.  Next year we have to take it when we first get there so everyone is in it.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dinner and a Sunset Cruise...

Back when Dave's parents were here we took a sunset river cruise and enjoyed a meal at the River House Bar and Grill on the Manatee river.  It was a beautiful evening and we really enjoyed the delicious food and beautiful sunset boat ride.  Oh yeah the company was pretty good too.  lol             

Aunt Sharon, me and Natalie...

Always my goofy girl...

Picture taking fools we are...

Pictures on the boat...

Dave and Natalie deep in conversation, well maybe. lol

Me and my guy...

Two of my three beauties.

Dave and I with my in laws.  Oh yeah looking real pretty with the breeze blowing my hair back...NOT

Aunt Sharon and I and a big shout out to my Aunt Sharon for planning it all what a wonderful evening...

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bathroom Update...

The bathroom is almost done it just needs to be sealed and the faucets put back on. I was so proud of Natalie. She worked with her Dad all the way and was a huge help. It was kind of a little bonding time for the two of them which I loved because Natalie has always been kind of a Mama's girl. I am not sure why the pictures came out so yellow looking. The bathroom walls are yellow and it's not super bright in there. I'm hoping that is all it is or maybe even a low battery issue because I'm certainly not ready to replace my camera after this huge expense. LOL What do you think??
McKenlee the photo bomber...Typical, everyone working McKenlee horsing around. lol

Oh yeah, Natalie is real excited about my picture taking.

If looks could kill... lol

All done!!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Almost a month...

Well it has been almost a month since I started my new adventure.  I'm still really loving it and I am so happy report that it is getting a little easier and I feel like I know what I'm doing a little better.  My boss is finally to the point where she feels like she can leave the office for a few hours during the day to go do the marketing part of her job.  This makes me feel really good.  As much as I worry that someone will need something I won't be able to handle, I know she is only a phone call away and I definitely feel more confidant.

Sydnee is home for the summer and is back at the beach working full time.  I'm excited because she is going to start volunteering at my facility.  These volunteer hours will look great on her resume because they are in a rehab center.

Natalie's count down to France has begun and the closer it gets the more excited she is.  I'm so proud of her, she has been doing every babysitting and side job for friends and family she can get her hands on for spending money for the trip.

McKenlee's softball team is wrapping up it's it's season.  The girls still haven't won a game but they are so close only losing by one or two runs.  While a win would be nice I must say having close games at least make them so much fun to watch.  The girls have just improved so much and we are so proud of them.

The school year is almost over for Natalie and McKenlee they have about three weeks left.  They are both doing summer swim team to get them ready for the high school season.  It seems weird to type that because yes, both my younger two will be on the high school swim team next school year.  CRAZY that my BABY is starting high school next year!!!

This weekend will be busy re tiling the girl's bathroom.  This was a job we had no intention of doing anytime soon.  In fact our plan was to do our bathroom shower first as it needed it more but a slow leak that we were not aware of behind the wall made the decision for us.  Last week the plumbers were out fixing the leak and last weekend Dave and Natalie tore out the tile and green board.  Today the plumbers will be back to install the new bath tub.  Needless to say the girl's bathroom has been tore up for over a week now but I keep telling myself that this time next week it will all be done.  By the time this is over it will be close to $2000 that we didn't intend on spending. (Doesn't that just stink)  It's always this way isn't it.  The good news is I did get a raise with my new job.  You know the drill "easy come easy go."

Here's hoping you have a wonderful rest of the week!!!!