Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bathroom Update...

The bathroom is almost done it just needs to be sealed and the faucets put back on. I was so proud of Natalie. She worked with her Dad all the way and was a huge help. It was kind of a little bonding time for the two of them which I loved because Natalie has always been kind of a Mama's girl. I am not sure why the pictures came out so yellow looking. The bathroom walls are yellow and it's not super bright in there. I'm hoping that is all it is or maybe even a low battery issue because I'm certainly not ready to replace my camera after this huge expense. LOL What do you think??
McKenlee the photo bomber...Typical, everyone working McKenlee horsing around. lol

Oh yeah, Natalie is real excited about my picture taking.

If looks could kill... lol

All done!!!

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