Friday, May 29, 2015

What, wait it's been almost a year??

I can't believe it has been almost a year since I have posted.  I guess because I am pressed for time I'm going to list ten things for ten months:

1.  I'm still working outside the home and still loving it.
2.  Sydnee graduates from college in December and is currently applying to Graduate School.  Keep your fingers crossed she gets into a physician assistant program in Florida, it will just kill this Momma if she goes out of state.
3. Natalie graduates from High School on Tuesday and will join her sister at UCF as soon as we get back from England.  Two of my little birds out of the nest, I can't stand it.
4.  Yes, I said England.  We leave next week to visit Dave's family and we are also heading to France to visit our exchange student Chloe's family.
5.  McKenlee will be driving by herself this September so we will be car shopping again. Ugh!!
6.  McKenlee got a job as a lifeguard this summer at our local pool.  So proud of her, she loves it.
7.  Dave started a new route with UPS and is working some crazy hours.  The money is great but he's exhausted, I hope something changes for him soon.
8.  We are having a graduation open house for Natalie on Saturday.  We are really looking forward to it.  We haven't had a get together in awhile. It will be nice to catch up with friends and family.
9.  Our cat Tuesday passed away 5 months ago, I still miss him constantly.  The hardest part I think is losing a pet that has watched your kids grow up.  I don't like to think about when Jesse goes, but I know it's coming she will be 13 this July.
10.  I'm going to blog again.  I decided.  Lol.

Have a wonderful weekend!!