Saturday, February 22, 2014

Shopping and Shortcake...

Today was girls day out.  My best friend and her Mom and Sister do this quite often and I have been tagging along. (We did a cookie exchange in December that I had full intentions of blogging about but never got to it. I also joined them and some other ladies for an ornament making evening that I meant to blog about too and well, you guessed it.)  Today we went to this famous little fruit stand in Tricia's neck of the woods that sells the best strawberry shortcake ever.  We then headed to this huge housewares store and looked around for awhile.
 Later we made our way to Chili's for appetizers and cocktails.  It was a great time and as always a ton of laughs.

Candy (Tricia's Mom) Me, Tricia and Charlene (Tricia's sister)

As you can see from this picture it's just a little shack type place but
man people come for miles for this delicious strawberry shortcake.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Saturday in Orlando with a tail...

Yesterday we headed to Orlando to visit Sydnee, go to a Saturday morning market in Winter Park, and go apartment hunting.  Sydnee will be moving in August in with her friend Ashley and so she asked if we would come over to help her make a decision.  She also was excited to show us her local Saturday AM market. (We all enjoyed it and I have some pics that as soon as I get loaded to the lap top I will share.)

It was a great day with a lot of laughs but I think the funniest moment of all was when I got out of the truck and was heading across the parking lot.  I could hear Natalie completely cracking up and turned around to find her on the ground rolling in laughter.  I looked around at the rest of my family and they too were laughing hysterically.  What is so darn funny I asked???

Natalie quickly showed me her phone between giggles and as I looked at the picture that she had quickly snapped I got what all the laughter was about.  It was pretty darn funny.  Funny enough that I have to share it even though I really hesitated. I was reluctant because my backside is most certainly not my best angle but the photo makes it so worth it.  I was wearing a long scarf that day and didn't realize when I got out of the truck it had gotten wedged between my legs.

This is what I would look like with a tail:
It's pretty funny, right???

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Guess What...

Guess What???

My oldest daughter started a blog.

I love it, I always told her she would love looking back on her blog through the years.  I've always said I wish I would of started mine earlier.

Please go check her out and if you feel so inclined say Hello, she would love that.

Princess after a stethoscope.

Have a good one...

Monday, February 3, 2014

Goodbye Grandma Betty...

 My Grandmother passed away yesterday afternoon.  She had flown Medical Flight  from Michigan two weeks ago in hopes of getting to be in her own home, she just really wanted to go home.  Unfortunately, this did not happen her health deteriorated  and she had to stay in a Hospice facility.  The Hospice facility was very close to all of our homes so we got to spend time with her.  It was very hard though,  she didn't really recognize us anymore and couldn't talk to us.  I am so very glad that I flew up there in October to see her when she was still really herself.

It's kind of hard for me to believe.  I know that I am so lucky to of had my Grandmother for 43 years.  I know that my kids are lucky to of had a great grandmother for as long as they did.

I have so many memories.  My favorites though I think are just the ordinary ones.  Just simple times like the day she came over and taught Natalie and I how to make her pie crust.  Or the countless times I walked over with my day care kids in their stroller and she would sit with us on her porch and bring out treats for my little ones.  The many times my preschoolers and I would make muffins and I would call her and she would come over for coffee and a muffin.  Through the years she rocked many a baby for me in my rocking chair. Times when I would have a fussy newborn that just wanted to be held but also had three other munchkins wanting my attention for legos, or arts and crafts.

My children called her Nanny Betty even though my whole life she was Grandma Betty.  My day care kids also called her Nanny Betty and they loved her as much as her own great grandchildren.  My one little guy always called her Pea Pay. I never knew how he came up with that but every time he saw her or any time we would drive past her house on our way back from and outing he would say "look Suzie that's Pea Pay's house."

My Grandma was a very involved Grandma and was always a huge part of all our lives.  She will be dearly missed by my family.

  Don't worry Grandma I will continue your tradition of Peanut Butter fudge for every holiday and I will try really hard to master your pie crust.

I love you and will miss you every day....

Like I said before CANCER SUCKS!!!

Me, Grandma, and Mom Christmas 2012 her last Christmas in Florida.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Plodding Along, Plodding Along...

Things around here are just plodding along.  Our weather has been kind of yuck, rainy and cold for us.  I have been feeling kind of yuck, I got the cold my co-workers have been passing around.  I've been working a lot of hours so by the time I get home it's dinner, a little T.V, and then bed.  I haven't been eating all that great.  I am usually a huge fruit and veggie eater because I am usually on a diet.  These past few weeks not so much.  My house is clean but a few areas could use a deep clean I'm just not real motivated. Bottom line is really just


I need some inspiration.  We are going on vacation the end of March.  We are heading to Hilton Head, S.C.  From what I understand it is just hours away from Savannah, Ga so our plan is to visit there too.  I'm really looking forward to it I hope we have good weather.

Well, I m going to go try to get out of my funk.

Enjoy your Sunday...