Sunday, February 16, 2014

Saturday in Orlando with a tail...

Yesterday we headed to Orlando to visit Sydnee, go to a Saturday morning market in Winter Park, and go apartment hunting.  Sydnee will be moving in August in with her friend Ashley and so she asked if we would come over to help her make a decision.  She also was excited to show us her local Saturday AM market. (We all enjoyed it and I have some pics that as soon as I get loaded to the lap top I will share.)

It was a great day with a lot of laughs but I think the funniest moment of all was when I got out of the truck and was heading across the parking lot.  I could hear Natalie completely cracking up and turned around to find her on the ground rolling in laughter.  I looked around at the rest of my family and they too were laughing hysterically.  What is so darn funny I asked???

Natalie quickly showed me her phone between giggles and as I looked at the picture that she had quickly snapped I got what all the laughter was about.  It was pretty darn funny.  Funny enough that I have to share it even though I really hesitated. I was reluctant because my backside is most certainly not my best angle but the photo makes it so worth it.  I was wearing a long scarf that day and didn't realize when I got out of the truck it had gotten wedged between my legs.

This is what I would look like with a tail:
It's pretty funny, right???

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