Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jesse the Golden Retriever

Soccer Girl took her sister and her dog to the park yesterday and snapped this picture. This picture reminds me why I love our dog Jesse.

I love her because she loves my children and my children love her..........

Monday, December 28, 2009

Miss Priss's Girls Night

As I type this Miss Priss is on the back porch with four friends roasting marshmallows by our fire pit. She has begged me for this get together for weeks now. Before Christmas was such a busy time plus I have to admit that because I have extra kids in my house all week on the weekends I really just want a quiet house. Sometimes it is only fair that the kids can have friends over too. So tonight was the night. I was gone this afternoon running errands but Soccer Girl told me that Miss Priss was taking this very seriously. She cleaned the whole house and even mopped the floors. (Of my three I must say she is my best house cleaner) She took her shower and did her hair and makeup. She put on one of her new outfits, skinny jeans and an American Eagle sweatshirt with her Rainbow flip flops. (I know your thinking flip flops? Don't forget we live in Fl) On a side note when her guests arrived I noticed they were all wearing virtually the same outfit. (I forget sometimes that middle school is when it is important to look EXACTLY LIKE everybody else) Luckily, when they get to high school that gets a little better. She put out snacks on the table in bowls just like I do when we have a get together. Of course the night has been filled with arguments between her and Mighty Mouth. This is because MM wants nothing more than to be a part of her sisters group while MP wants nothing more than for her sister to permanently disappear. (well, maybe just until her friends go home) So while I have refereed arguments between sisters it has been fun sitting back and watching my pre-teen entertain her girlfriends. I am really enjoying it because I know in a few years she will be hanging out with boys too and believe me having one daughter who's into boys right now is enough for me!!!!

Christmas 2009

Christmas was wonderful, we all had a great time. I think the girls were very happy with their loot. LOL Mighty Mouth got a new bike and we can't figure out who likes it more her or her Daddy. It has these things called pegs so you can do stunts on it. The Englishman keeps trying to do different stunts. I keep telling him he is to old for that and he is going to hurt himself but he won't listen. Boxing day when we went to my best friends house ( our annual tradition) he was even going over bike ramps. Can someone say Crazy!!! LOL I have posted pictures separate from this post because even after a year I cannot figure out how to post the pictures and text without it all being in the wrong place so sorry if this is confusing. We are very much enjoying our break. Our weather has been chilly which has been wonderful, the kids are getting to wear their new winter clothes they got for Christmas. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you have a Happy and Blessed New Year........

More Pictures


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jerry joins Ben

Little Jerry the hamster joined his brother today in Hamster Heaven. Rip Jerry you will be missed. Miss Priss cleaned the Hamster cage all up and stored it in her closet until it will be needed again. I am quite sure it will be needed again. Because even though we say no more animals. We always give in........Pet count 9

I promise I will do a Christmas post soon with pictures.

Sarah we got your Christmas card with email. I will email you soon looking forward to seeing you in 2o10!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hamster Heaven.....

Ben the hamster died yesterday. We opened their cage like we do everyday to say hello and while Jerry came running over, Ben did not. We were pretty certain we knew why. The life expectancy of a Siberian dwarf hamster is about a year and Ben and Jerry are (were in Ben's case) 18 months old. We have buried Ben in our makeshift pet cemetery in the back yard in the right corner along the fence where all our other passed on critters lay in rest. We are giving Jerry lots of extra attention and time out of the cage to keep his mind off missing his brother. RIP little Ben you will be missed. . . .

That brings our pet total down to 10...Not that I am in a hurry or anything...

Hope your having a great weekend!!!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Story....

I was reading a blog recently where the author was telling the story of how her little girl accidentally locked herself out of the house on a Saturday morning when her parents were still in bed sleeping. The author was explaining how scary it was to be in bed and have the little girl call from the neighbors house waking her Mom up and telling her what had happened. This incident reminded me of a similar situation with Mighty Mouth. It happened about 6 months ago when Mighty Mouth was nine. When you think of nine you think of a pretty grown up kid, especially when she has two older sisters that she is trying to keep up with. I have always said that your youngest grows up the fastest. I have never left MM home alone without one of her sisters being here. I haven't because she is not ready. (not to mention the fact that child services would probably be knocking on my door)but I think if I did she would do just fine. Don't get me wrong I don't feel she is ready to be home alone for any length of time but for a 20 minute trip to the store, or to pick up Miss Priss from school I think she would be just fine. However, she has made it VERY CLEAR that SHE is not ready. This particular afternoon MM was going to spend time at her Nanny's house but my Mom and I got our wires crossed. She thought she was picking MM up and I thought I was dropping her off. So I dropped MM off in front of my Mom's house, waited for her to walk to the front door and drove away. Did you catch that? Waited for her to walk to the front door but did not wait for her to go inside. THAT was my BIG mistake. So on I drove towards home, suddenly my cell phone rang and it was my Mom. She said to me "where are you?" I said "I am on my way home why?" "Because, I am in front of your house to pick up MM and you are not here" Yes, this is where my heart fell into my stomach and panic hit me like a ton of bricks. Luckily for me (although my husband would beg to differ, just kidding Mom) we only live one short mile from my Mom. "Oh no" I said to my Mom "I just dropped her off at your house and now no one is there." I immediately hung up and turned the van around as fast as possible. I flew back towards my Mother's house, as I rounded the corner I saw my girl. She broke my heart. Her eyes were filled with panic, and she was on the verge of tears. Her face was bright red as she was trying so hard not to cry. Then as soon as she saw the van her relief was so strong that she couldn't hold it in anymore and she burst into tears. I jumped out of the van and wrapped her up in a big hug and told her how very, very sorry I was. Her relief turned to 9 year old anger as she yelled at me through her tears telling me "I was suppose to wait until she was inside before I drove away, and where was Nanny anyway?" I told her "she was absolutely right and it would NEVER happen again." Later that day I used the situation as a teaching opportunity and we talked about what she would do if that were to ever happen again. I laugh and think she will probably be 20 years old before I ever drop her off somewhere again without waiting for her to go in safe and sound. Oh who am I kidding I will ALWAYS wait for her because in my mind I will hear that little voice saying "Mom, you were suppose to wait until I was was inside....."

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Bad Combination..........

This afternoon Miss Priss walked outside to see if one of our bunnies (the one that always manages to find a way out of our yard no matters how much chicken wire we put under the fence) had returned home. (luckily, she always comes home) Instead of our sweet furry rabbit this Hawk is what she found sitting on our fence. Luckily, he had not had our bunny for dinner (we found her later hiding out underneath Soccer Girl's car. (Yes, I know such a safe place for a bunny right?)
We quickly caught her and then brought both of our sweet bunnies into our screen porch for protection. While the bunnies have made a safe little burrow under our shed it makes me nervous to think that this Hawk might still catch them. So while he was beautiful and seemed to like to have his picture taken. I hope he moves on soon so we can put our bunnies back into the back yard that they so love........

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend.......

Thanksgiving was a wonderful day spent with family. Unfortunately, I didn't get that many pictures. We did get our annual "Englishman and I in front of our kitchen" our completed kitchen I might add. Yay!!! I also got a picture of Miss Priss in front of our fire pit that we recently bought. (The girls have been enjoying it like crazy, roasting marshmallows and making smores.) We have been having a wonderful week and weekend. Our weather has been gorgeous. We are heading to a B-day party today in the park for our neighbor boy. Should be a great day. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoys the rest of the weekend.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Rare Occurrence

As of this moment:

November 18, 2009 @ 8:06 PM

There is NO, let me repeat that NO dirty laundry in our house. No over flowing baskets. No dirty socks hidden behind a door. No balled up softball uniforms shoved under the bed. As of this moment all the laundry is DONE, DONE, DONE. For about 15 more minutes because then my daughters will be getting in the shower. Quick let me finish this post so I can enjoy 15 minutes of NO LAUNDRY waiting to be washed by ME!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Random Thoughts

1. My BIL Steve installed our back splash today in our kitchen and it looks so good. I can't wait for the kitchen reface to be done....

2. Watched Soccer Girls soccer game last night in the pouring rain and was quickly reminded why I was never into sports as a teenager.... LOL

3. I am totally in love with my niece Hannah. She is at the utterly adorable age and the best part is she really loves me. I know this because my sister tells me all she talks about is "Suzie, Suzie, Suzie" (oh yes I rock) how cute is that.....

4. Alex (the little boy I babysit) told me today that I make the "best peanut butter and jelly sandwiches ever" It so made my day because you know it's all about the little things....

5. I recently bought a Bissel Steam Mop and I love it. It makes cleaning my ceramic tile floors so easy. This is really good because I used to let my floors go WAY to long in between cleanings. Not anymore this mop almost makes it fun, almost....

6. I only have 7 more work days until I get a week off. I love babysitting for school teachers.

7. Freddie the Fall Festival fish is doing great. He is the funniest goldfish I have ever seen. He has the cutest personality. Mighty Mouth can put her finger in the bowl and he comes up and kisses tries to eat her finger. It's so funny....

8. I love the new show V. I remember 20 years ago when it came out it was one of my favorite shows and now it's back. I wish they would re-make Love Boat and Fantasy Island.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Whew is it Monday already?

I can't believe another weekend has just flown by. What a nice weekend we had. Friday was quiet for a change. I sent my middle daughter off to Orlando for a birthday party weekend at Fort Wilderness and MGM for her friends 13Th birthday. The friend's Grandmother took five girls for the weekend, wasn't that awesome insane. She had a wonderful time. Soccer Girl had her Homecoming football game Friday night so it was just the Englishman and I and Mighty Mouth so we watched the movie "Changeling" with Angelina Jolie. It was really good but a little to scary for Mighty Mouth. (guess who was in our bed Friday night) Saturday the Englishman and I got up early and went to this local event called the "Saturday morning Market" where vendors are set up and there is entertainment and crafts and all kinds of neat things. We had a coffee and shared a Jewish breakfast knish (it was really good) the morning was cool and the market takes place down by the water so it was beautiful. We joked and said this was how it is going to be when the kids are grown. Just the two of us for coffee down by the water. Saturday night was Soccer Girl's Homecoming dance. We had about 35 kids here before hand for snacks and pictures. It was a lot of fun. Everyone looked wonderful. Sunday was spent working on the cupboards again. I can't wait until this kitchen reface is done (we are hoping for Thanksgiving) it is going to look so nice. This reface is way overdue so I am really anxious to see it all finished. Sunday night we watched the movie "Australia" it also was really good. I guess you could say it was a movie weekend. LOL This week will be busy with soccer and softball games and my Aunt and Uncle are visiting from up north so we will hopefully get together with them this week too. Hope everyone has a great week..........

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Pictures.....

These two pictures are my favorite of the night. Even at 22 months my niece knows to take the candy and put it in her Halloween Bucket.

How cute is she our "Little Bo Peep".

After a few last minute costume changes here are the girls. Two silly Trolls and an almost Lady Bug.....
Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween..........

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween.....

Happy Halloween, I hope everyone has a great time. We have been very busy here since early this morning getting ready for our party. I took the redneck pool down this week and have it stored for the winter. (yeah right we don't exactly have winter in Florida but we will not be swimming until about May because we Floridians don't like our water cold) So needless to say it was a mess back there we had to wipe the screens down and the patio floor where it had gotten a little algae and very dusty from the pool. But it looks great out there now for the get together. Makes me laugh because I know that northerners in the spring get there back yards and porches cleaned up to enjoy the summer months. We Florida families clean up our back yards and porches to enjoy the winter months.
I made these adorable pumpkin cakes for the party today and I am so proud of them. Like I have shared before I am not very creative at all so when I pull something off I just have to brag. I think they turned out so cute. You just make a bundt cake then put an ice cream cone in the middle up side down. (yes, so easy I could do it.....LOL) I will post pictures later this week of the girls in their costumes and of the party. Have a great Halloween!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I know I have said on more than one occasion how I am using this blog as a journal. Something to keep track of things for me and share with friends and family the goings on in our family. I really wish I would have started it sooner so that I would have more documented memories of the girls when they were smaller. With that in mind, occasionally I am reminded of things about the girls when they were little. I am going to try to find the time to write it down so even though it is not a recent event it will still be here for them to look back on, it just won't have an accompanying picture. LOL Today I was cleaning up the lunch dishes while my little ones (the day care kids) were eating lunch they were watching Nick Jr and I heard the theme song from the show "Maggie and the Ferocious Beast" and I remembered how that was Miss Priss's all time favorite show when she was little. It got me thinking of her sisters and what their favorite shows were. Mighty Mouth's was easy as she is the youngest and can still occasionally in the privacy of her own room (where no one will know) be caught watching an episode of Max and Ruby. I had to really think about Soccer Girl even though I know that for years she was a huge "Barney" fan but I was trying to think of one that she watched as a preschooler (she watched Barney when she was more of a toddler) and then it hit me "The Big Comfy Couch" she absolutely loved that show. She even had the character dolls "Loonette" and "Mollie". I remember that it came on in the evenings not the mornings and because I worked nights when she was little, it was a show that she watched with her Daddy. (Probably explains why it didn't come to me right away like her sisters favorite shows did) I also know that they each had a favorite book when they were little, one that they wanted me to read to them over and over again. Soccer Girl's was "The Pain and the Great One" she always related to the older sibling complaining about her little brother. Miss Priss's favorite book was "The Velveteen Rabbit", she was completely in love with the blue fairy, she would just stare adoringly at the page with the illustration of her. Mighty Mouth loved the book "Olive my Love" we would read it together all the time when she was little, then as she got school age and had to do 20 minutes of reading every night for homework she would read it to me. We would always sing the part "all of my love to you" together at the top of our lungs. Oh how I miss my little girls who are becoming young women right before my eyes, please time won't you slow down a little???

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Festival

We went to a pumpkin festival yesterday at a farm about an hour a way from our home. It was a perfect day weather wise. It was our first little cold spell and it was gorgeous. My sister and her family came and my best friend and her family. It was a great time. The highlight Mighty Mouth will tell you was the fresh roasted corn they sold by the ear. They even had tables set up with spray butter and salt and pepper. Mighty Mouth was in heaven as corn is her all time favorite food......

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall Festival

Every year our local Catholic church holds a Fall Festival and every year my good friend and I take our kids. (and a couple extras)They have a wrist band night where you ride all the rides for one price. Wrist band night always coincides with a teachers planning day within the public schools so that the kids will not have school the next day. My girls look forward to this every year. Every once in awhile we will get a cold front passing through the week of the festival and we get to pretend that we live in a climate where there really is fall in October. Unfortunately, this year it was so HOT, we have had record highs this week. I don't know why I bothered to do my hair and make up (well really I do, it's because like all other town events I run into tons of people I know) but of course my makeup melted off and my hair was stuck to my head in a matter of minutes in the 100 percent humidity. On the way out this nice insane man offered us a free Goldfish from one of the Festival games. This puts our pet grand total currently to eleven. 1 Dog, 2 Cats, 2 Bunnies, 2 Hermit Crabs, 2 Hamsters, 1 Bird and 1 Fish who Mighty Mouth named Freddie. I told her if he made it to morning I would buy him some fish flakes and lo and behold when I got up this morning he was alive and well. (Luckily we had the bowl and everything, glad I kept that stuff) We'll see, we haven't had much luck with Goldfish in the past (our Betas lived for a couple years, go figure) This weekend should be fun we are headed to a farm for their Pumpkin Festival where they have all kinds of things for kids. As a bonus we are expecting a cold front so Sunday the high is only getting to seventy six. Woo hoo (is that a word?) We will actually be able to do something outside without sweating our booties off!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just a few mentionables.....

Our lives have been pretty ordinary lately which is good, very good. I like ordinary. So I am just going to list a few things so I don't go to long between posts as I believe I was just bragging about how I have managed to blog for a year....LOL

Took Mighty Mouth to the Otolaryngologist (I love typing and using that word it makes me feel so smart, yes I can spell it without looking lol ) He said that her ear looked BEAUTIFUL his words exactly although probably not capitalized. I can finally say the saga of the left ear is over!!!!!

Mighty Mouth and Miss Priss had their first softball game for fall ball and they won 9 to 4. Mighty Mouth pitched all four innings. Miss Priss hit every time up to bat. Mighty Mouth struck out a couple times but when it really counted she nailed it... It was funny to because she had a full count at the time and I was really hoping for a ball so she could at least take a base. Silly Mom I am, it was a lesson on having faith!!!!

We had Miss Priss's birthday party this past Saturday; six pre teens for a Scary Movie, Popcorn, Pizza, Candy, Cake and a photo frame craft. It was Silly, Giggly, Wiggly, and a whole lot of fun...

Taking Soccer girl to the Dr. today for a probable UTI. Bummer, it's always something right??

Getting ready for Halloween at the end of the month. My sister is hosting a pumpkin Carving Party and we will have everyone here on Halloween for trick or treating....Mighty Mouth is going to be a lady bug her costume is as cute as a button. Not sure what Miss Priss will be yet.....

Still waiting for some cooler weather we are suppose to have record highs this week. Come one Northern friends share some of your cool weather.......

Have a great week!!!!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Movies in the Park

Recently in our little town they started this event once a month called "movies in the park" it is sponsored by our local fire department. Basically they set up a giant movie screen in this big grassy area. (there is a stage at the top of the grassy area which then makes the screen elevated) This large grassy area is about 3 acres and it is where they hold a lot of city events. They even built nice restrooms in one corner. (Always a necessity when doing things with ones children) I love going to the city events. We have an annual "Chili Cook off" "Trick or Treating" "Easter egg hunt" "Cancer Society Candlelight walk" "Craft Fair" and my all time favorite "Christmas in the Park" complete with Hayride, hot cocoa and cookies. Without sounding corny (which I probably will) I love these events because they make me feel so small towny. (Is towny a word?) When I go to these events I will ALWAYS run into tons of people I know. I always feel so "Stars Hollow" when I am at one of these events. For those of you who are not Gilmore Girls fans, Stars Hollow is the name of the town that the characters live in. Soccer Girl and I have always said we want to live in Stars Hollow. So this past Saturday there we were, in our own version of Stars Hollow the Englishman and I with Mighty Mouth. (Soccer girl had All Conference for swim team and Miss Priss came late after a birthday party) My sister was there with her family. Two of my girlfriends were there with their families. A friend of my sister was there with her son. Plus countless people I know who live in our town. We had our lounge chairs and picnic blankets. We had coolers with food and cold drinks. (remember we live in Florida so while it wasn't hot THANK GOODNESS it wasn't cool either) in fact I have to say the weather was perfect. ( of course it will be more fun say in November when it will be chilly) I love that word chilly, because in Florida we rarely ever manage cold but we can and do get chilly. Then we can bring thermoses with hot chocolate and snuggle up under the stars with quilts to watch whats playing. Saturday night the movie was "Bedtime Stories" and if you haven't seen it do because it is so cute. It was a great family fun night and I can't wait to go next month!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blogaversary is that a word???

Today I have had a blog for an entire year. I am really excited because I am not the kind of person that sticks to things, um like a (diet)(exercise program)(budget). But I have managed to post about myself and my family for a year now. My long term goal is to keep this blog for many years and then find some way to have it made into a book for my girls. I want them to be able to look back and remember the things that they did and we did as a family. So here's to another year in Blog Land Thanks for tuning in!!!!!!

P.S Happy 23rd Birthday Carla...We love you!!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

18 Years Today.....

The Englishman and I have been married 18 years today. I can't believe that much time has passed. So many details of our wedding I can remember like yesterday. Like when the Pastor started our ceremony he said "today we celebrate the union of David and Julie" (Julie is my sisters name) and all the guests whispered loudly from the pews "SUZIE" . I remember somebody said to me later "Suzie, your face was shocked when he said it but what was really funny was the look on your sisters face" LOL I can imagine..... I remember that the DJ messed up the Father/Daughter dance song. It was supposed to be an Elvis Presley song, one that I can't remember anymore, something about buying shoes is all I recall. I do remember that I had the hardest time picking a song because it wasn't my father giving me away but my grandfather. I don't know my father my parents divorced when I was young and he was never around. So my Grandfather and my Uncles were awesome substitutes. I remember that the DJ played the song "Tonight I celebrate my love for you" and at first I was going to just let it go and enjoy the dance until it got to the part where it says "tonight when I make love to you". At that point I had to stop dancing and ask him to change the song. LOL The memory still brings a smile to my face. I remember that my Mom bought me beautiful high heeled shoes to match my dress and I wouldn't wear them because I am taller than my Grandfather was. I was self conscious because he was walking me down the aisle, giving me away and dancing with me to the Father/Daughter dance. I didn't want to look like a giant. I think of that now and realize how silly I was. Especially because I now know that just seven short years later my grandfather would die unexpectedly in his sleep. How I wish I could dance with him just one more time. Today I wouldn't care less how we looked I would just savor the moment. I remember how (please don't be mad at me for this one honey) the Englishman when he packed his bag with his wedding clothes forgot to pack underwear, he spent his wedding day "commando style" under his tux. As a result, when we had the dollar dance and the ladies were jokingly sticking dollars in his pants, they would fall down his pant leg and out onto the floor. ( his secret was out) LOL That one really makes me smile....What a wonderful day it was on September 14, 1991 and what a wonderful 18 years it has been. I love you Englishman!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Miss Priss has a Birthday

Miss Priss celebrated her 12th Birthday. We had a great day. As per family tradition I made her favorite meal (spaghetti and meat sauce) and whatever dessert she wanted (sugar cookie cake with cream cheese frosting) and invited the family to dinner. It was extra nice because my Sister in Law and Niece were visiting from England. My middle daughter is growing up before my eyes. With Soccer girl I kind of saw it happening especially because she hit puberty kind of early and for lack of better way to phrase it, kind of took her time. With Miss Priss it is like one day she was a little girl and the next day she was becoming a teenager. As I have said before and maybe this is because she is the middle child, she just kind of takes things in stride. She is extremely independent in so many ways. Sometimes I feel like she doesn't even need me, and I mean that in the most positive of terms. While she is the shyest of my girls and isn't as out going as her sisters, she possesses what I like to call a "quiet confidence". Sometimes I feel guilty because I feel like she receives the least of my attention (of course not on purpose) and yet she manages to always do just fine. I love you Miss Priss , I am extremely proud of you, and I can't believe that in one short year you will officially be a TEENAGER!!!!!! YIKES!!!!!!! P.S Thanks Kelly for finding my typo......

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Double Digits

Mighty Mouth turns 10 today. September 1 is her day. It is also her Aunt Jeanette's birthday. Happy Birthday Jeanette!!! It is so hard for me to believe that she is 10 already. When I think of ten years past it seems so long ago, or when I think of ten years from now it seems so far away. When I look at her and how big she is now and how grown up I know she looks like a ten year old. In fact she is very tall for her age so she probably looks older than a ten year old. But what is so sad and mostly because she is my baby (although I felt it with each of my girls but so much stronger now with her) is this: there are so many things that I as a Mom have and will experience for the last time like :

1. What day will this baby be born and what will it be....

2. When will she sleep through the night....

3. When will she roll over....

4. When will she take her first steps...

5. Will she cry at her first day of preschool...

6. Kindergarten Graduation....

7. First Sleepover at a friends...

8. Learning to ride a bike and roller skate...

9. Getting to be a safety Patrol at school...

10. Making the principals list for the first time at school....

11. Her first crush on a boy....

Oh this list could go on and on of all the milestones she has crossed. And even though I know she has many more to go before she makes her way to adulthood, it is because she is my youngest that every time she reaches a milestone that her sisters have reached before her that I get a little sad mixed in with the excitement. It is very bittersweet. I am really trying to enjoy every second of this school year because this is her last year of elementary school. After this year there is no more

1. Wearing your Halloween costume to school

2. Being a safety Patrol

3. Holiday inspired art projects from school.

4. Bringing in snacks for Holiday Parties

5. Picking out Christmas presents for your teacher

6. Making Valentines for your classmates.

(and the biggest one of all)

7. No more letting Mom come have lunch with you at school with your friends.

(Because in middle school that just isn't cool)

I Love you with all my heart Mighty Mouth and I hope you have a WONDERFUL day!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Today is my SIL Sandra's Birthday and my BIL Kevin's Birthday.....

Sandra, we hope you have a wonderful Birthday and can't wait till next week when you and Carla are here with us!!!!!!!

Kevin, we hope you have a great day and hope to see you and Jeanette REAL soon (hint, hint)

WE LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer fun to a close........

Well summer is over. For me anyway this week. The kids still have next week before they go back. I am ready for school to start. Funny how that works I can't wait for school to be over in May and I can't wait for it to get started again in August. Next week is what I call "hell" week because it is the week that I have my own children home and the day care kids. Of course throw in a neighbor kid or two and it is insane. On the bright side next week should fly by and I also get a lot of help entertaining the day care kids because my own kids do things with them. School shopping is almost done too, one more trip should take care of it. Managed to get through that without spending to much Yay!! It is so ridiculously hot right now I am dreaming of November. The poor Englishman is out in it everyday ( I can't even imagine) He loves his job but I bet he wishes he could just skip August and September. It always makes me laugh too when you are school shopping in Florida because the stores still bring in the winter stuff. Of course it is what I like to call modified winter stuff. Which means THIN fabric ed long sleeves and LIGHT jackets but still when it is 98 degrees outside you don't want long sleeves regardless of how light the material is. The girls have their last swim meet tonight and Mighty Mouth is so excited because this pool has touch pads like in the Olympics. I am not looking forward to it because this particular pool is indoors in a large glass domed building with no air conditioning so it will probably be like 110 with 100 percent humidity. We finally saw the latest Harry Potter movie last night. We enjoyed it but of course Mighty Mouth was in our room at 3am because she couldn't sleep she was scared. Guess who's in my bed now sound asleep making up for last night. Bless her heart when I got up at 7am this morning she was on the floor in her sisters room. I hate it when she sleeps on the floor because I know how uncomfortable she must be I wish she would grow out of the "fraidy cat" phase. Well enough details of our non-interesting week...Have a great weekend!!!!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mia the Kia.....

Here is a picture of Soccer Girls new car. Isn't it cute. She is so excited. She named it "Mia the Kia"The Englishman and I were also excited to find what we hope was a really good deal for a safe reliable car. Now I enter a new phase of my life. The worry constantly phase. LOL

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sweet Sixteen!!!!!!!!!!!

Soccer Girl turns Sixteen today... I can't believe it..It's funny but sometimes when she is talking to me she will have a certain expression on her face or she will look at me a certain way and I will tell her. "oh I just saw little Sydnee" It always makes her smile. It's during those moments that I catch a glimpse of what she looked like when she was little, I get these instant flashes of memories of my LITTLE girl. I just can't get over that the same little girl has turned into this beautiful, intelligent, remarkable young woman. (I know I am totally prejudice) She takes her driving test tomorrow at 10:45 and she is SO excited. I can't believe that after tomorrow she will get in a car by herself and drive away. Thank goodness for cell phones, how did parents ever let their kids out of their sights before cell phones. We will be car shopping over the next few weeks thanks to her Nanny and Grandad who have given her money for her first car. We'll keep you posted on that. Happy Birthday to my brown eyed girl !!!!!!
"when you need, you need me to be with you I will follow where you lead"

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Not sure how clear you can see this but I thought it was absolutely adorable The Englishman and I were lounging on the beach and the kids were upstairs taking a break from the sun. Soccer Girl's best friend was with us that day. (She is the one that SG went with to New York) We called the girls on the cell phone and asked them to bring us down some Pina Coladas and sandwiches. They made us delicious drinks and sandwiches and delivered them to us with a napkin they referred to as our "bill" which said :

2 sandwiches $10.00

2 Pina Coladas $15.00

Having three four daughters to wait on you: PRICELESS...

On the back it said: From the kitchen of and the girls names....

Isn't that just about the cutest and sweetest thing??

Vacation Photos.....................

Vacation was a blast:
We lounged in the ocean.
We kayaked
We rode waverunners
We fished
We rode the waves on boogie boards
We walked the beach and watched the sunsets
We went to dinner at a beautiful sea side restuarant
We slept great
We had friends and family come down to the beach to spend time with us.
We had a wonderful time.