Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween.....

Happy Halloween, I hope everyone has a great time. We have been very busy here since early this morning getting ready for our party. I took the redneck pool down this week and have it stored for the winter. (yeah right we don't exactly have winter in Florida but we will not be swimming until about May because we Floridians don't like our water cold) So needless to say it was a mess back there we had to wipe the screens down and the patio floor where it had gotten a little algae and very dusty from the pool. But it looks great out there now for the get together. Makes me laugh because I know that northerners in the spring get there back yards and porches cleaned up to enjoy the summer months. We Florida families clean up our back yards and porches to enjoy the winter months.
I made these adorable pumpkin cakes for the party today and I am so proud of them. Like I have shared before I am not very creative at all so when I pull something off I just have to brag. I think they turned out so cute. You just make a bundt cake then put an ice cream cone in the middle up side down. (yes, so easy I could do it.....LOL) I will post pictures later this week of the girls in their costumes and of the party. Have a great Halloween!!!!!!!

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