Thursday, October 22, 2009


I know I have said on more than one occasion how I am using this blog as a journal. Something to keep track of things for me and share with friends and family the goings on in our family. I really wish I would have started it sooner so that I would have more documented memories of the girls when they were smaller. With that in mind, occasionally I am reminded of things about the girls when they were little. I am going to try to find the time to write it down so even though it is not a recent event it will still be here for them to look back on, it just won't have an accompanying picture. LOL Today I was cleaning up the lunch dishes while my little ones (the day care kids) were eating lunch they were watching Nick Jr and I heard the theme song from the show "Maggie and the Ferocious Beast" and I remembered how that was Miss Priss's all time favorite show when she was little. It got me thinking of her sisters and what their favorite shows were. Mighty Mouth's was easy as she is the youngest and can still occasionally in the privacy of her own room (where no one will know) be caught watching an episode of Max and Ruby. I had to really think about Soccer Girl even though I know that for years she was a huge "Barney" fan but I was trying to think of one that she watched as a preschooler (she watched Barney when she was more of a toddler) and then it hit me "The Big Comfy Couch" she absolutely loved that show. She even had the character dolls "Loonette" and "Mollie". I remember that it came on in the evenings not the mornings and because I worked nights when she was little, it was a show that she watched with her Daddy. (Probably explains why it didn't come to me right away like her sisters favorite shows did) I also know that they each had a favorite book when they were little, one that they wanted me to read to them over and over again. Soccer Girl's was "The Pain and the Great One" she always related to the older sibling complaining about her little brother. Miss Priss's favorite book was "The Velveteen Rabbit", she was completely in love with the blue fairy, she would just stare adoringly at the page with the illustration of her. Mighty Mouth loved the book "Olive my Love" we would read it together all the time when she was little, then as she got school age and had to do 20 minutes of reading every night for homework she would read it to me. We would always sing the part "all of my love to you" together at the top of our lungs. Oh how I miss my little girls who are becoming young women right before my eyes, please time won't you slow down a little???

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