Friday, October 28, 2011

Nature in my own front yard.....

This beautiful Critter was in my front yard the other morning in my Oak Tree.
It's kind of nice when you get a little bit of nature in suburbia, don't you think?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Goofy Girls

Can you tell which one is Natalie and which one is McKenlee???

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our Company Has Arrived (again)

Last night my niece and her friend flew in from England. They will be with us for two weeks but will be in Orlando doing the tourist thing for a week of it. I had to laugh because in the last week to ten days our weather has cooled off a little. Which means while the daily highs are still getting up around 85, our evenings cool off to the low 60's. So while sitting on the porch last night chatting, Carla's (my niece) friend Gareth says "I was thinking it was going to be boiling, and I'm a bit cold right now." Don't kid yourself Gareth, it is boiling 7 months out of the year you are just visiting when our weather is bearable. I assured them they would have no trouble getting a suntan while they are here. In fact, as I am typing this they are laying out by the pool enjoying our warm weather. I have all my windows open and am loving it because I know all to well that it won't last and before I know it it will be miserable hot again....

Here's to fall whoo hoo!!!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Morning Downtown.....

Saturday morning Dave, McKenlee my Grandma and I headed down to the Saturday Morning market in St. Petersburg. I think McKenlee felt like an only child this weekend because of course Sydnee is at College and Natalie was away with a friend for the weekend. The weather was gorgeous as we walked around the market and enjoyed downtown. We had brunch at a little cafe on the water and I took some pictures with my cell phone. It was a great morning!!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Laughed till I cried....

I have so many wonderful memories of our cruise. So many funny moments. When you get Dave and my BIL Kevin together they are like two big kids. Always playing practical jokes and doing silly stuff. One evening after my in laws had already put their room service breakfast card on their door for the next morning, they took it and added all kinds of stuff to it. They added like 3 bananas (which my FIL hates) and salmon (who eats salmon for breakfast) and like 4 coffee's but no tea. (my in laws drink tea) . The next morning my FIL was furious with room service and they had to fess up. It was hysterical. Then one time Dave and Kevin closed some of the huge hallway doors that are probably only used when there is a fire or a flood of some sort. Jeanette (my SIL) and I were furious trying to figure out how to open them before someone noticed. Meanwhile, they were watching us laughing their butts off. Finally, one of our stewards who was also laughing showed us how to open them. But my most favorite funny moment without a doubt was the T-shirt Incident.

Before we left for the cruise like most people we were running around last minute trying to get things done. Dave decided that he wanted new white undershirts to wear under his dress shirts. Dave wears an undershirt everyday under is UPS shirts but as you can imagine working with packages and sweating in the Florida heat those undershirts get pretty stained up. So he decided he wanted fresh white ones to wear. Of course we forgot until the last minute so instead of running up to Target or Walmart where we usually get them he went to the Dollar General because it is only a mile away from the house. He picked up some some Hanes white T-shirts XL. It wasn't until we were getting ready for our first formal night that he realized what he bought. he came out of the bathroom laughing saying "hon, I think I bought the wrong size" I laughed till I cried. He looked ridiculous, he bought XL alright but he bought CHILDRENS XL. The funniest part was he had to wear them anyway because he had no others and the dress shirts just didn't look right without one. It was so like him to grab something quick and not really pay attention. He does this all the time. So naturally I had to take a photo to document the moment.

I love you Dave and I think you look HOT in your tight T-shirt and yes a little camp but just a little... LOL

Monday, October 17, 2011


Sydnee participated in a three mile walk for Breast Cancer at UCF on Sunday. The name of her team was HakunamaTATAS isn't that cute. She was asked to join in by her BFF'S sister Victoria who is in the first picture with her. Victoria has been a lifesaver for Sydnee at school. She is a junior and very much at home at UCF. She has been Sydnee's go to person with questions or problems. She has also welcomed Sydnee into her circle of friends which has been a huge help because it has taken way longer than she thought it would for her to make some friends. Although, I am happy to say she has finally started to bond with her room mates. Did you notice she cut her hair. Yup, she went back to the bob. I love it I just think it makes her look older so I am not so sure I like that. LOL

Sunday, October 16, 2011

McKenlee's Halloween Tournament

So about 6 weeks ago we decided to let McKenlee join a travel ball team that all the neighborhood girl's are on. In a one block vicinity of our neighborhood there are five girls that are McKenlee's age and they are all friends. (you know when they are not mad at each other over silly pre teen stuff)She has been having a lot of fun with it. So between her recreational league and her travel ball league she's has been eating breathing and sleeping softball. The nice part it she is starting to hit more consistently and has become a pretty good first baseman. This weekend they were in a Halloweeen Tournament and had to dress up for a costume contest before the games. Her team dressed as nerds. Here are a couple photos so cute!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Back to Blogging

Wow, I have never gone this long in between blog posts. I have to say I am a little dissapointed with myself. When I go back and read this in the future which I love doing. I'm going to be real bummed that I have nothing for Aug and Sept of 2011. When I see no entries I will be really sad, then I will just remember that "oh yeah" that was when I had company for seven solid weeks. Yes, I did survive with a little help from my friend Xanax. (am I kidding? I will never tell.) But a whole heck of a lot went on in August and September so I want to mention just a few so I have record.

1. We moved Sydnee into her dorm at college. I didn't shed a single tear. I am so proud of her and knew without a doubt that she would be just fine and of course she is.

2. All three of my girls celebrated Birthdays.

3. Natalie started high school and my shy girl is doing just fine. She even followed in her older sister's footsteps and joined the swim team and it has been a really good experience for her.

4. I started two new little one's and they both came to me at about 10 weeks old (they are a week apart) I have a little blue eyed girl and a little brown eyed boy. It's a lot of work right now but I know it is going to be great later because they are going to be best little friends. (when they are not fighting lol)

5. Dave and I celebrated our 20 year anniversary and went on a week cruise to the Carribean, it was wonderful.

6. I am still going to Weight Watchers it has been almost a year now. Unfortunatly, after the seven weeks of company (stress) and a cruise I am only three pounds away from where I started a year ago. So I guess that means I lost three pounds in a year. Ok, that just made me laugh. But I am choosing to look on the bright side which is I weigh less now than I did a year ago (who cares if it is only three pounds less lol) I AM NOT GIVING UP THAT IS WHAT MATTERS!!!

Well, I guess that kind of sums up the last two months....

Stay tuned I promise I am BACK TO BLOGGING.