Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our Company Has Arrived (again)

Last night my niece and her friend flew in from England. They will be with us for two weeks but will be in Orlando doing the tourist thing for a week of it. I had to laugh because in the last week to ten days our weather has cooled off a little. Which means while the daily highs are still getting up around 85, our evenings cool off to the low 60's. So while sitting on the porch last night chatting, Carla's (my niece) friend Gareth says "I was thinking it was going to be boiling, and I'm a bit cold right now." Don't kid yourself Gareth, it is boiling 7 months out of the year you are just visiting when our weather is bearable. I assured them they would have no trouble getting a suntan while they are here. In fact, as I am typing this they are laying out by the pool enjoying our warm weather. I have all my windows open and am loving it because I know all to well that it won't last and before I know it it will be miserable hot again....

Here's to fall whoo hoo!!!!!

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