Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Laughed till I cried....

I have so many wonderful memories of our cruise. So many funny moments. When you get Dave and my BIL Kevin together they are like two big kids. Always playing practical jokes and doing silly stuff. One evening after my in laws had already put their room service breakfast card on their door for the next morning, they took it and added all kinds of stuff to it. They added like 3 bananas (which my FIL hates) and salmon (who eats salmon for breakfast) and like 4 coffee's but no tea. (my in laws drink tea) . The next morning my FIL was furious with room service and they had to fess up. It was hysterical. Then one time Dave and Kevin closed some of the huge hallway doors that are probably only used when there is a fire or a flood of some sort. Jeanette (my SIL) and I were furious trying to figure out how to open them before someone noticed. Meanwhile, they were watching us laughing their butts off. Finally, one of our stewards who was also laughing showed us how to open them. But my most favorite funny moment without a doubt was the T-shirt Incident.

Before we left for the cruise like most people we were running around last minute trying to get things done. Dave decided that he wanted new white undershirts to wear under his dress shirts. Dave wears an undershirt everyday under is UPS shirts but as you can imagine working with packages and sweating in the Florida heat those undershirts get pretty stained up. So he decided he wanted fresh white ones to wear. Of course we forgot until the last minute so instead of running up to Target or Walmart where we usually get them he went to the Dollar General because it is only a mile away from the house. He picked up some some Hanes white T-shirts XL. It wasn't until we were getting ready for our first formal night that he realized what he bought. he came out of the bathroom laughing saying "hon, I think I bought the wrong size" I laughed till I cried. He looked ridiculous, he bought XL alright but he bought CHILDRENS XL. The funniest part was he had to wear them anyway because he had no others and the dress shirts just didn't look right without one. It was so like him to grab something quick and not really pay attention. He does this all the time. So naturally I had to take a photo to document the moment.

I love you Dave and I think you look HOT in your tight T-shirt and yes a little camp but just a little... LOL

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