Monday, October 17, 2011


Sydnee participated in a three mile walk for Breast Cancer at UCF on Sunday. The name of her team was HakunamaTATAS isn't that cute. She was asked to join in by her BFF'S sister Victoria who is in the first picture with her. Victoria has been a lifesaver for Sydnee at school. She is a junior and very much at home at UCF. She has been Sydnee's go to person with questions or problems. She has also welcomed Sydnee into her circle of friends which has been a huge help because it has taken way longer than she thought it would for her to make some friends. Although, I am happy to say she has finally started to bond with her room mates. Did you notice she cut her hair. Yup, she went back to the bob. I love it I just think it makes her look older so I am not so sure I like that. LOL

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