Monday, May 28, 2012

Rainbow River

Yesterday we loaded up the truck with rafts, food, drinks, and kids and headed to Rainbow River to go tubing and spend the day swimming in the Springs.  It was a great time.  Being that we are 20 minutes away from some of the most beautiful beaches we never think about the crystal clear gorgeous rivers we have here in Florida too.  We met up with a bunch of friends and decided it was definitely something we will do again before the summer is over.

McKenlee and Marissa relaxing in the picnic area.

The kids swimming in the springs.

Are the springs gorgeous or what?  That's our group in the bottom right.

My best friend and her family.  The others in our group left before this picture was taken.

I think the girls were having a good time.

Tricia and I in front of one of the water falls.

Dave and I getting ready to get in  the river on our tubes.

Marissa and McKenlee ready to go..

Natalie and her boyfriend Thor.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Natalie's Activities Night

This week is Home Going week at Natalie's school.  It always includes an activities night where students make up teams comprised of 8 boys and 8 girls and compete against each other.  Back when Sydnee was in high school her team pretty much stayed the same all four years and they named themselves the "Sickest Kids" after some band they liked.  They even came in first place their Freshman year which was unheard of.  One member from Sydnee's team has a younger sister who is Natalie's age and they are friends, her name is Francesca.  The girl's decided it would be really fun to continue the "Sickest Kids" tradition and call themselves the "2nd Generation".  So they did, and while they didn't win first prize they had a blast.

A few years ago the first generation Sickest Kids looked like this. (They didn't name the team "Sickest Kids" till Sophomore year, as Freshman they were "Super Smash Brothers")

Now they look like this..(They showed up to support the 2nd Generation)

My own  two "Sickest Kids"

Sickest Kids "The 2nd Generation"

  Natalie and Francesca keeping the tradition alive.  LOL

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Who can relate to this???

This morning I came across this blog.  Then I came across this post.  I LOVE IT.  A hard but so necessary lesson to learn.    Enjoy!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

My future claim to my five minutes of fame...

Saturday morning I went to see one of my former little guys. I started watching Alex when he was 18 months old. His Mom and Dad were teachers at my girls elementary school and we were very excited when they announced they were having a baby. We were even more excited when they needed a sitter for their son  and they chose me. I watched Alex until he started kindergarten.

 From a very early age Alex showed a huge interest in golf and for his 3rd B-day he received a Fisher Price golf set. Neither Mom nor Dad golfed but even their untrained eye spotted talent when they saw it.  They couldn't believe just how far that little Fisher Price plastic ball would travel when their son made his swing. They also couldn't believe how good his form was when he would swing that little plastic golf club.

 They decided he might really enjoy golf lesson's  so they called a local golf course that offered lesson's to children. They were politely told that they didn't start golf lessons with little one's until the age of five. They explained that children younger than five didn't have the attention span or the coordination to make it worth while.

 Alex's parent's thought he might just be an exception and asked if they could please just bring him up for the instructors to take a look at.  To make a long story short, they couldn't believe it and Alex started golfing lessons the very next weekend.  He is 7 now and has won every tournament he has ever played in.

 He doesn't just win these tournaments he wins by a huge lead. To give you an idea Alex will be playing golf with my husband next Sunday. He will use the women's tee box instead of the men's he is only 7 after all.
If he doesn't beat my husband he will come darn close.   I have no doubt that this little man will be famous one day.

 When he is People magazine or Sports Illustrated may just come calling to interview me. I did after all change his diapers and rock him to sleep. There you have it folks my future claim to five minutes of fame.
Alex with Dave, McKenlee and I holding his 19th 1st place trophy.

Look at that form.  Look at that adorable outfit. LOL

Yesterday, he was a chubby baby who called me "Mama Suzie" :)

Me and my little Golf Star.
Update: Dave ended up winning the golf he scored a 93.  Alex scored a 109 and his Dad a 110.  Remember though he is only 7 and was shooting from the women's Tee Box which only gave him about a 10 yard advantage.  Can you imagine how well he will play when he has strength and size in his favor.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A little bit of me..

I was reading my personal journal yesterday and ran across this entry that I wrote back in 2008. Let me clarify that I don't keep a personal journal in addition to this blog any longer. (this is why I want record of this here too)  I started the personal journal in 2006 after becoming addicted to blogs and knowing that I too wanted to document things in my life for myself and my children.  After keeping that journal for a couple years not real successfully I might add. (I'm much better at posting on this blog) I got up the nerve to start the blog.  I remembered I was inspired to write this from another blog. Unfortunately, a blog that is no longer written or has become private or I would link it for you.  You were supposed to write just some key things or memories that are important to you about your family.  So honestly this probably won't make sense to most, but I can guarantee you my family will get it.  That's why I am re posting it to this blog.

 For my family, I love you so much.

 I am from a station wagon that took me to and fro many fun filled days at the beach. I am from Del Monte Fruit cocktail served in stemmed dessert bowls with whip cream on the top. I am from the double wide trailer with the carport where my sister and I would roller skate with our metal wheeled roller skates that scraped the cement so that it was always white. I am from the aloe plant that my Mom always grew in flower pots to take care of any sunburns we would get on our Sunday days at the beach in that old station wagon. I am from presents on Christmas Eve and blue eyes from Vickie.

I am from the evening “sweet tooth attack” and “family gossip circle”. I am from “take it easy on your teachers” and “I am not so and so’s Mother I’m yours”. I am from lots of prayer and little bits of organized religion. I'm from Pontiac, Mi and Chippewa Indian. I am from Mashed Potatoes with Gravy and Peanut Butter Fudge. I am from the little girl who was so excited about her new swing set that she got up at 5 in the morning in the dark to swing. I am from the Grandfather that tore apart an entire bathroom sink to save the Goldfish that his granddaughter accidentally dropped down the faucet while trying to clean out his bowl. Surprisingly, that Goldfish lived to see another day. I am from so many people and places and wonderful memories, these are but a few.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Paint the house, check!!!

Our house is finally repainted. We can cross another thing off our to do list. Whenever I mention to anyone "yes, we finally got the house painted." My husband pipes in "WE? there is no WE about it." Because I must admit I had nothing to do with it. I was busy with softball games with McKenlee and a college graduation party for our friend's daughter. (all according to my evil plan lol) We were exceptionally proud of Natalie though she worked all day with her Dad and did a fantastic job. We rented a sprayer from Home Depot this time and it made all the difference in the world. Dave had the actual painting part done he said in about three hours. The trim of course and the prep is what takes so long. Our new neighbor also came over and spent the whole second day with Dave helping him. What a great guy and he used to be a professional painter before he retired so he really gave Dave some great pointers. We are very pleased and think it looks great. Of course, now the front shrub area looks really bad and needs to be redone soon. We are just not real successful with plants so this time we are going to skip the flowering bushes and just get something that is green and hearty. Anyway, we are really pleased what do you think???

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May already...

Can you believe it is May already?  Doesn't seem possible does it.  In one short month my younger girls will be finishing with school for the summer.  I can't believe it.  I love having them home and I hate having them home at the same time. (I know all you Moms out there get what I am saying)  Sydnee is finished with her freshman year of college and is officially home for the summer.  Natalie is almost done with her freshman year of high school and McKenlee only has one more year before she is in high school too.  I can't believe that.

I am one week out from my gum grafting surgery and am off all pain meds and have been for a few days now.  It really only hurts now during and after I eat.  It really isn't so much the graft site that hurts but the donor site. (I have read that is the norm)  I can't say that it is even pain really but just discomfort.  Again, I must stress it really hasn't been bad at all.  I can't wait to go to the Dr. today though and have it checked because:

 1. I want to make sure everything looks good.  I'm not going to lie to me it just looks really nasty right now exacerbated by the fact that I cannot brush that area.  Can someone say gross!!!

2. I can't wait to be able to brush the area!!  (did I mention that already?)

I will keep you posted.

I better get moving I promised my little guy some time at the "airplane park" today and I want to get there before it gets to hot.

Enjoy your humpday...