Thursday, May 24, 2012

Natalie's Activities Night

This week is Home Going week at Natalie's school.  It always includes an activities night where students make up teams comprised of 8 boys and 8 girls and compete against each other.  Back when Sydnee was in high school her team pretty much stayed the same all four years and they named themselves the "Sickest Kids" after some band they liked.  They even came in first place their Freshman year which was unheard of.  One member from Sydnee's team has a younger sister who is Natalie's age and they are friends, her name is Francesca.  The girl's decided it would be really fun to continue the "Sickest Kids" tradition and call themselves the "2nd Generation".  So they did, and while they didn't win first prize they had a blast.

A few years ago the first generation Sickest Kids looked like this. (They didn't name the team "Sickest Kids" till Sophomore year, as Freshman they were "Super Smash Brothers")

Now they look like this..(They showed up to support the 2nd Generation)

My own  two "Sickest Kids"

Sickest Kids "The 2nd Generation"

  Natalie and Francesca keeping the tradition alive.  LOL

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