Monday, May 21, 2012

My future claim to my five minutes of fame...

Saturday morning I went to see one of my former little guys. I started watching Alex when he was 18 months old. His Mom and Dad were teachers at my girls elementary school and we were very excited when they announced they were having a baby. We were even more excited when they needed a sitter for their son  and they chose me. I watched Alex until he started kindergarten.

 From a very early age Alex showed a huge interest in golf and for his 3rd B-day he received a Fisher Price golf set. Neither Mom nor Dad golfed but even their untrained eye spotted talent when they saw it.  They couldn't believe just how far that little Fisher Price plastic ball would travel when their son made his swing. They also couldn't believe how good his form was when he would swing that little plastic golf club.

 They decided he might really enjoy golf lesson's  so they called a local golf course that offered lesson's to children. They were politely told that they didn't start golf lessons with little one's until the age of five. They explained that children younger than five didn't have the attention span or the coordination to make it worth while.

 Alex's parent's thought he might just be an exception and asked if they could please just bring him up for the instructors to take a look at.  To make a long story short, they couldn't believe it and Alex started golfing lessons the very next weekend.  He is 7 now and has won every tournament he has ever played in.

 He doesn't just win these tournaments he wins by a huge lead. To give you an idea Alex will be playing golf with my husband next Sunday. He will use the women's tee box instead of the men's he is only 7 after all.
If he doesn't beat my husband he will come darn close.   I have no doubt that this little man will be famous one day.

 When he is People magazine or Sports Illustrated may just come calling to interview me. I did after all change his diapers and rock him to sleep. There you have it folks my future claim to five minutes of fame.
Alex with Dave, McKenlee and I holding his 19th 1st place trophy.

Look at that form.  Look at that adorable outfit. LOL

Yesterday, he was a chubby baby who called me "Mama Suzie" :)

Me and my little Golf Star.
Update: Dave ended up winning the golf he scored a 93.  Alex scored a 109 and his Dad a 110.  Remember though he is only 7 and was shooting from the women's Tee Box which only gave him about a 10 yard advantage.  Can you imagine how well he will play when he has strength and size in his favor.

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The Carters said...

How cool is that!! You do have a good claim to fame there :)