Thursday, May 17, 2012

A little bit of me..

I was reading my personal journal yesterday and ran across this entry that I wrote back in 2008. Let me clarify that I don't keep a personal journal in addition to this blog any longer. (this is why I want record of this here too)  I started the personal journal in 2006 after becoming addicted to blogs and knowing that I too wanted to document things in my life for myself and my children.  After keeping that journal for a couple years not real successfully I might add. (I'm much better at posting on this blog) I got up the nerve to start the blog.  I remembered I was inspired to write this from another blog. Unfortunately, a blog that is no longer written or has become private or I would link it for you.  You were supposed to write just some key things or memories that are important to you about your family.  So honestly this probably won't make sense to most, but I can guarantee you my family will get it.  That's why I am re posting it to this blog.

 For my family, I love you so much.

 I am from a station wagon that took me to and fro many fun filled days at the beach. I am from Del Monte Fruit cocktail served in stemmed dessert bowls with whip cream on the top. I am from the double wide trailer with the carport where my sister and I would roller skate with our metal wheeled roller skates that scraped the cement so that it was always white. I am from the aloe plant that my Mom always grew in flower pots to take care of any sunburns we would get on our Sunday days at the beach in that old station wagon. I am from presents on Christmas Eve and blue eyes from Vickie.

I am from the evening “sweet tooth attack” and “family gossip circle”. I am from “take it easy on your teachers” and “I am not so and so’s Mother I’m yours”. I am from lots of prayer and little bits of organized religion. I'm from Pontiac, Mi and Chippewa Indian. I am from Mashed Potatoes with Gravy and Peanut Butter Fudge. I am from the little girl who was so excited about her new swing set that she got up at 5 in the morning in the dark to swing. I am from the Grandfather that tore apart an entire bathroom sink to save the Goldfish that his granddaughter accidentally dropped down the faucet while trying to clean out his bowl. Surprisingly, that Goldfish lived to see another day. I am from so many people and places and wonderful memories, these are but a few.

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