Monday, April 30, 2012

So proud of my girl....

Yesterday was a lazy day.  Don't you love days like that?  Dave had gone golfing really early, Sydnee was working and my younger two are sleepers so the house was quiet for most of the morning.  I enjoyed just surfing the Net and reading the paper. (My mouth has been a little more uncomfortable the last couple days.) I was really hoping to be off the Ibuprofen by now but am still taking it three times a day.  My Dr. had said that it might be more painful a few days out as the swelling goes down and the stitches start to pull.  I guess he was right.  I cleaned the house a little and then about 2pm I got back on the computer to check out Facebook and a couple blogs.  I had a message on my FB page from an old friend.  It said

  " I just watched your amazing daughter perform CPR on a drowning victim at Ft. Desoto Park.  She was amazing, you should be incredibly proud."

 What?  Oh my gosh, tears sprang to my eyes.  Tears for the victim hoping she was okay.  Tears of pride for my girl, the lifeguard who is trained to rescue people and assist them in any way she can.  Tears of fear and worry that if the unthinkable happened and the victim didn't survive how would my girl handle that emotionally?  I was desperate to talk to her, to get the details verbatim.  I knew that was impossible, she for obvious reasons does not have her cell phone with her on tower.  I was going to have to wait till she was done for the day.  I called my best friend, she only half joking said she would be driving out to the park to check on Sydnee.  The thought crossed my mind.  But I knew that would just embarrass her. I have to remind myself all the time that she is an adult now and I must have boundaries.  (That is so tough for me.  lol)

Four long hours later she called.  She knew I knew because my best friend had already texted her to tell her how proud she was of her.  ( I told you my friend was only half joking lol )  I immediately asked her if she was okay?  She said she was fine and was just really hoping that the woman was going to be okay.  When she shared the details of the rescue I couldn't help but be impressed with how she described it with all her lifeguard terminology.  Words like unresponsive, compression's, BVM or bag valve mask, rescue breathing.

 Listening, I knew that a career in the medical field is her calling.

We found out later that the woman did not make it.  This is the hard part.  Knowing that sometimes no matter how hard you try it might not be enough.  My thoughts and prayers are with this woman whose name was Michelle and her friends and family.

My husband and I always tease Sydnee about what a "cushy" job she has.  We won't be saying that again anytime soon.  It's days like yesterday that are a stark reminder how things can change in a second.

This is Sydnee's third summer life guarding.  Everyday when she comes home we ask her "any rescues today?"  She had always replied no, just a few stingray stings or the occasional swim assist.

Hopefully, that's all it will be for the rest of the summer.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gum Grafting Surgery...Success!!! (so far)

I had my gum grafting surgery yesterday.  It was a breeze.  If you ever have to have it done don't fret you will live. LOL  In fact, the surgery itself was really actually painless.  I knew that they would be numbing me up pretty good so I wasn't worried to much about that part.  I was concerned about the needles used to numb me.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my periodontist used some sort of numbing agent rubbed on my gums before the needles which made the needles hardly noticeable.  In about 45 minutes it was over.  I just love my periodontist.  He has this awesome bedside (dental chair side) manner of compassion and concern.  he kept asking me over and over if I was feeling ok.  His surgical nurse I just loved too.  She has this great sense of humor and they kept joking with me.  He even called last night to check on me.  What Dr. does that???  So, so far so good.  If my Wisdom teeth go this well I will be thrilled.

Have a great day!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What inspires you?

This inspires me...What an amazing young man!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012


We have had quite a bit going on lately.

 First off, we have been getting some much needed home improvements completed and started. We finally took down our "falling apart" shed. We needed to do it so we could get that side of the house stuccoed (is that a word?) We painted the back patio and adjacent sidewalk and it looks so good. It is something that we do about every three years. (because the Florida sun fades it so badly) I always forget how great it looks freshly painted until we paint it again. LOL I planted some flowers back there and they look so pretty and spring like. Hopefully, I won't kill them I don't have the best track record. As soon as the side wall is finished we will paint. This is EXTREMELY OVERDUE, our house I feel is the eye sore of the street and I cannot wait until we get it painted. We also need to purchase a Rubber Maid shed. You know the one's that are made entirely of plastic and come with their own plastic bottom. So it cannot rust in the Florida humidity and the bottom cannot rot out in the Florida humidity. Did I mention how much I hate the Florida humidity? Anyway, I am really looking forward to getting these jobs done because our next project is new flooring where we still have carpet. (This is all four bedrooms and living room and hall) Dave wants laminate wood looking floors everywhere, I want tile in one bedroom and hall. We'll see how it goes especially since I don't see us getting to that until the beginning of next year.

 We are going to be so busy in the next coming months.

 Here's a run down:

 Two weekend getaways with our two best friends. One to Sanibel and one to New Orleans. A family vacation out at the beach for a week.

 Our French exchange student and her family along with her Aunt's family will be visiting us in August. We are so excited to have them stay with us and see Chloe again.

 Move Sydnee into her own apartment (with two room mates of course) in August. I can't believe it, her very first apartment. Just this week alone is very busy. Sydnee has finals this week and will be officially done with her Freshman year at UCF and moving back home next Monday. Poor thing has to drive back next Sunday night after working for one last final on Monday morning just to turn around and drive back home Monday. She has to be out of the dorms May 1st.

As I mentioned before I am having gum grafting surgery on Wednesday. I am not looking forward to it. I have put it off for way to long because as we all know I have no thresh hold for pain so needless to say I am PETRIFIED. But I have to do it because I am even more PETRIFIED of losing my teeth and I know that is the inevitable result if I don't take care of this. I promised myself I would have this surgery done and my wisdom teeth pulled this year. So I am having two teeth on my lower front grafted. The only good news is that my insurance is covering all but $411 of the $1700 procedure. You can't beat that. So I have to do it. Wish me luck.

 We are having some gorgeous weather right now. I am sure this is our last cool spell (didn't I say that about a month ago) but we got lucky and got another one. It is suppose to last till about Thursday then the heat returns. It couldn't have come at a better time as last week our air conditioner stopped working and we had a company out to service it and low and behold if it didn't stop working again Saturday night. Yesterday and today are beautiful though and it is nice having my windows open. They are suppose to come back out this afternoon to fix it again. Hopefully it won't be to much more money.. Have a great week....

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My own little firefighter.....

Natalie is in a Magnet program at her high school called First Responders. This program focuses on teaching students who are interested in Medical/Firefighting/Paramedic professions with emphasis on large scale tragedies. Natalie, like her sister is very interested in pursuing a career in the medical field. This program is perfect for her as it introduces her to many different areas. (Unfortunately, they didn't have this program available when Sydnee started high school.)

They had a field trip the other day to the local college fire academy and they got to don the gear and learn how to work with the water hose. How cute is my little fire fighter. She looks so tiny in those fire pants huh? LOL

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Dinner

Easter dawned a beautiful day. Dave went and golfed with some work friends early and Sydnee had to work so this left a quiet house for Natalie, McKenlee and I. Which is just the way we like it.

After Sydnee left I made a cup of coffee and leisurely read the paper. Then after the girl's got up we watched the movie "The Descendants" I really enjoyed it. My two main thoughts through the movie were.

1. I wish I lived in Hawaii or at least could have an extended stay there.

2. George Clooney has really aged. Of course haven't we all. Definitely could see why he received so much acclaim for this role. I thought it was his best ever.

We then headed to my Mom 's for dinner with the family. We all enjoyed a beautiful day by the pool. Unfortunately, her garbage disposal broke and leaked all over her new wood floors. (they will probably have to be replaced now) it's always something isn't it...

This is my favorite picture of the day:

Aunt Sharon and Hannah having a water fight!!!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

April is here....

So April is here can you believe it? I'm going to blink and summer will be upon me with it's oppressive heat. Have I mentioned that I hate summers in Florida??? I will try not to think of that as I enjoy what is probably our last little cold front of the season. We have been having high's in the upper 80'a for two weeks now. (luckily, our evenings still cool off) This weekend though our highs are only reaching 80 which makes for a beautiful weekend. This is especially nice for Easter and our family Easter picnic at my Mom's tomorrow.

So here are some April happenings....

Sydnee has started back to her life guarding job. So far she will be at the Fort De Soto State Park this year. I laughed because last year when she was put at the "Fort" she was upset because she preferred Clearwater Sand Key Park. Then after about a month she was put back at the "Key" and was disappointed. I know she will love it either way she just has to get used to it.

My Grandmother celebrated another B-day. How lucky am I to be 41 and still have my Grandmother. I had my Great grandmother until I was 29 I hope my girls will be so lucky.

I am having gum surgery on the 25th of the month. I'm kind of nervous about this and hope it goes well. It's just grafting surgery on two teeth. I've done some reading and while it's kind of painful it heals pretty quickly. I'm just such a wimp when it comes to pain. (remember the 3rd degree sprained foot) Wish me luck...

I want an Iphone just so I can have an instagram account. I think that they are pretty cool.

Well, I better get off this couch and get moving McKenlee has a softball game this morning.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a very Blessed Easter with their families.