Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gum Grafting Surgery...Success!!! (so far)

I had my gum grafting surgery yesterday.  It was a breeze.  If you ever have to have it done don't fret you will live. LOL  In fact, the surgery itself was really actually painless.  I knew that they would be numbing me up pretty good so I wasn't worried to much about that part.  I was concerned about the needles used to numb me.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my periodontist used some sort of numbing agent rubbed on my gums before the needles which made the needles hardly noticeable.  In about 45 minutes it was over.  I just love my periodontist.  He has this awesome bedside (dental chair side) manner of compassion and concern.  he kept asking me over and over if I was feeling ok.  His surgical nurse I just loved too.  She has this great sense of humor and they kept joking with me.  He even called last night to check on me.  What Dr. does that???  So, so far so good.  If my Wisdom teeth go this well I will be thrilled.

Have a great day!!!!

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