Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Dinner

Easter dawned a beautiful day. Dave went and golfed with some work friends early and Sydnee had to work so this left a quiet house for Natalie, McKenlee and I. Which is just the way we like it.

After Sydnee left I made a cup of coffee and leisurely read the paper. Then after the girl's got up we watched the movie "The Descendants" I really enjoyed it. My two main thoughts through the movie were.

1. I wish I lived in Hawaii or at least could have an extended stay there.

2. George Clooney has really aged. Of course haven't we all. Definitely could see why he received so much acclaim for this role. I thought it was his best ever.

We then headed to my Mom 's for dinner with the family. We all enjoyed a beautiful day by the pool. Unfortunately, her garbage disposal broke and leaked all over her new wood floors. (they will probably have to be replaced now) it's always something isn't it...

This is my favorite picture of the day:

Aunt Sharon and Hannah having a water fight!!!!

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The Carters said...

what a cute picture!! It's fun to have a water fight no matter what age :)
And I would like to see the Descendants. I hear it's good!