Monday, April 23, 2012


We have had quite a bit going on lately.

 First off, we have been getting some much needed home improvements completed and started. We finally took down our "falling apart" shed. We needed to do it so we could get that side of the house stuccoed (is that a word?) We painted the back patio and adjacent sidewalk and it looks so good. It is something that we do about every three years. (because the Florida sun fades it so badly) I always forget how great it looks freshly painted until we paint it again. LOL I planted some flowers back there and they look so pretty and spring like. Hopefully, I won't kill them I don't have the best track record. As soon as the side wall is finished we will paint. This is EXTREMELY OVERDUE, our house I feel is the eye sore of the street and I cannot wait until we get it painted. We also need to purchase a Rubber Maid shed. You know the one's that are made entirely of plastic and come with their own plastic bottom. So it cannot rust in the Florida humidity and the bottom cannot rot out in the Florida humidity. Did I mention how much I hate the Florida humidity? Anyway, I am really looking forward to getting these jobs done because our next project is new flooring where we still have carpet. (This is all four bedrooms and living room and hall) Dave wants laminate wood looking floors everywhere, I want tile in one bedroom and hall. We'll see how it goes especially since I don't see us getting to that until the beginning of next year.

 We are going to be so busy in the next coming months.

 Here's a run down:

 Two weekend getaways with our two best friends. One to Sanibel and one to New Orleans. A family vacation out at the beach for a week.

 Our French exchange student and her family along with her Aunt's family will be visiting us in August. We are so excited to have them stay with us and see Chloe again.

 Move Sydnee into her own apartment (with two room mates of course) in August. I can't believe it, her very first apartment. Just this week alone is very busy. Sydnee has finals this week and will be officially done with her Freshman year at UCF and moving back home next Monday. Poor thing has to drive back next Sunday night after working for one last final on Monday morning just to turn around and drive back home Monday. She has to be out of the dorms May 1st.

As I mentioned before I am having gum grafting surgery on Wednesday. I am not looking forward to it. I have put it off for way to long because as we all know I have no thresh hold for pain so needless to say I am PETRIFIED. But I have to do it because I am even more PETRIFIED of losing my teeth and I know that is the inevitable result if I don't take care of this. I promised myself I would have this surgery done and my wisdom teeth pulled this year. So I am having two teeth on my lower front grafted. The only good news is that my insurance is covering all but $411 of the $1700 procedure. You can't beat that. So I have to do it. Wish me luck.

 We are having some gorgeous weather right now. I am sure this is our last cool spell (didn't I say that about a month ago) but we got lucky and got another one. It is suppose to last till about Thursday then the heat returns. It couldn't have come at a better time as last week our air conditioner stopped working and we had a company out to service it and low and behold if it didn't stop working again Saturday night. Yesterday and today are beautiful though and it is nice having my windows open. They are suppose to come back out this afternoon to fix it again. Hopefully it won't be to much more money.. Have a great week....

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Jenn said...

Oh no! No air again?!?! Mother Nature sure islooking out for you- if the air is goona crap out these past fews day is the time for it!