Monday, January 27, 2014

My Dear Friend Paula...

I have a wonderful friend her name is Paula.  I met Paula for the first time many years ago when Sydnee and her son Cory played on the same coed soccer team.  I think Sydnee was probably 7 or 8 so that means Paula and I have been friends for about 12 years.  Paula is Mom to three great kids who are now grown ups.  Her oldest daughter Cigi is an elementary school teacher and is married to a wonderful man who is a police officer.  Her second daughter Cierra just gave birth to Paula's first grand baby, a boy, last month. She and her boyfriend are a fantastic young couple just starting out and looking forward to what the future holds. Her youngest Cory just graduated from high school in June and is deciding what his future will hold.

When our kids were young I always told Paula I wanted to be more like her.  She was a stay at home Mom and always planned awesome outings with her kids.  She was always there for them and created a wonderful environment for her children to grow up in.  I always called her when I needed advice and she was always there to listen to me.  We always joked that when we get together we better count on a couple hours because it is never a quick visit.  Once we get talking she and I can go on for hours and hours.

She called me a couple weeks ago to tell me something had come up that she was a little concerned about. She had been to the Dr. for a procedure and her blood work came back funny.  To make a long story short Paula was diagnosed with Leukemia.  I just couldn't believe it and still can't.  This is the woman that made sure she exercised, watched what she ate, did her routine check ups.  Then BAM, you have Leukemia.


She will beat this, I have no doubt.  This will be 7 months of hell (that's how long the treatment will take) but she will fight and come out on the other side stronger than ever.  I know this because I know her and nothing will stop her from seeing her grand baby and future grand babies grow up.  Nothing will stop her from having many more happy years with the love of her life and husband of twenty five years.  Nothing will stop her from being there for her friends like me who need her.  NOTHING   not even cancer.

I guess I am writing this down so I can look back one day and say "oh yeah that was the year Paula went through chemo."  "That really sucked, but SHE KICKED CANCER'S BUTT!!!"

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Post on your blog already...

Well hello there January how the heck are ya???

Me?  I am doing ok, can't seem to find the time to post any more but hanging in there none the less.

A few things,

  My good friend and boss was moved to another building in November and I was crushed.  I loved working with and seeing her everyday.  There is one good thing that has come out of it though, because they have yet to hire her replacement I have learned a ton more and really quickly.  I have gained so much confidence and definitely feel like I know what I am doing.  I'm not going to lie though, they can hire a new Director anytime now thank you very much.

Sydnee was chosen to go on a medical mission trip with her Pre-Physicians Assistant club.  She is beyond excited.  She will be travelling to the Dominican Republic in June and visiting three separate villages.  She will be doing small things like blood pressure checks and vitals but cannot wait.  I am really excited for her.  A little nervous of course, but very excited.  This will look fantastic on her resume when she applies to P.A school.

Natalie got a job!!!  She is currently working at a little neighborhood pizzeria.  She works about three night a week from 4pm to 8pm.  She mostly takes orders over the phone and works cashier but when they do have a dine in, (they are mostly a take out business) she is the waitress.  I love that she is getting a little serving experience, but on a small scale.  Natalie is a small scale kind of girl, she overwhelms easily with new things so this is perfect for her.  We are doing a "No eating  out challenge for January" (more on that later) so we haven't gotten to see her in action but that is on our list for February 1.

McKenlee made it through her first semester of high school with A's B's and one C.  I was very proud of her.  We are still really struggling with the whole reading thing but she got an A for the semester in her reading class so I am hoping that we will see an improvement on her FCAT score this year.  She is really enjoying her magnet program "Criminal Justice" and still aspires to go to law school.

After twenty two years of marriage I am happy to report that Dave and I bought a matching bedroom set.  We no longer have 1990's night stands, no dresser to speak of, a hand me down head board, and an over sized TV cabinet that we moved from the living room. (when we bought new furniture for that room) in our bedroom anymore.  We have a beautiful bed with head board and foot board, matching dresser and night stand and the best part, a brand new 40 inch smart T.V.  (This is by far the best part, me being a TV addict and all)  We recently discovered NetFlix (where have I been all this time) it is the best.  I have discovered Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead.  Never in a million years did I ever think I would like a zombie show. Really, I mean zombies, come on seriously???  Best show ever, I am on the edge of my seat the entire episode.  I am finally down to the last episode until the new episodes air in February.  Thank goodness it was really interfering with my life.  LOL

 I just get so excited every time I walk in our room it looks so nice.  Of course, the best part is we paid cash for it with all the Christmas overtime Dave worked and the overtime I worked because I don't have a director.

For January Dave and I decided we would do the no eating out challenge.  This has been believe it or not a lot harder than the no T.V challenge.  We really do eat out way to much.  Can you believe Dave has even lost 10 lbs. (I'm attributing this to the fact that he eats lunch out everyday because lord knows I haven't lost 10 lbs). Men make me sick they lose weight so easily.   We are all looking forward to February when we can resume our regular dining program. LOL  Although, we have both said that we need to do repeat this challenge often, it definitely helps our waist bands and wallets.

Well there's a quick catch up.  Stay tuned I promise I will be posting more often.