Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Eighty miles in...

Wow, I have completed 4 weeks of my New Years Resolution.  I have usually given up by now. LOL

I feel SO GOOD about this.  Every week gets easier and easier.  I am not in as much foot pain any more and leg pain is almost non-existent.  I have the 1/2 Marathon a week from Sunday and I'm excited because I really feel like I am going to finish. Wait, I mean I AM GOING TO FINISH.  I have 10 miles scheduled for Sunday morning and I'm not even dreading it.  I'm very curious to see what my time will be for the ten miles. I'm hoping I will have a little cushion with the 18 1/2 minute mile requirement (I've been averaging about 17) but if I don't that's ok too.

I do have a confession though I have not been back to weight watchers since that first week.  I really need to go back my heart just hasn't been in it.  I am trying to watch what I eat but I am certainly not tracking.  I also get on the scale every morning and since Jan 1st I have only lost 3 lbs.  That kind of depresses me considering all the exercising I have been doing but you know, it is what it is.  I definitely feel better.  I must look thinner too because people keep telling me I look thinner.  So even if it is not leaving me it must be moving around and giving the illusion of being gone. LOL

I have to take a minute to give a shout out to my youngest daughter today.  The girls got their report cards on Tuesday and McKenlee achieved Honor Roll.  This year Honor Roll has eluded her always by one C.  Always in reading the class she struggles with.  Not this time though she got a B in Reading and an A in her advanced Algebra class.  (I am so proud of that math grade because her sisters have always struggled in Math and excelled in reading. It's so nice for McKenlee to see that she has her own set of talents. They are different but just as important.)

McKenlee I am so proud of you and love you so much!!!!

Enjoy the remainder of the week.  I know I will we have a cold front coming through tonight.  Woot, Woot!!

Highs in the 60's instead of 80's  Yay!!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sydnee the Baker...

I have been so impressed with my college girl and her culinary skills this past year while she has been in her own apt. She is on a very tight budget and has learned early that it is much cheaper to cook and hang out with friends at home. She has on several occasions texted me and asked me the recipes to certain things that I make that she especially likes. Sunday was her boyfriend Matt's birthday so she was having their group of friends over for baked Ziti (she found this recipe herself on pinterest, baked Ziti is not anything that I ever make) and pineapple upside down cake.  This was her first attempt at pineapple upside down cake.  They didn't have traditional cake tins so she improvised with a baking dish and used it twice.  From what I gather the dinner was a success and her room mate Kayla snapped a couple pics for me to see so of course I had to share because come on, isn't she the cutest in her apron with their new mixer Kayla's Mom gave them.
Isn't the apron just darling, that's the one her room mate Katie got her for her Birthday

The first of the two cakes.  There are no cherries because they were $3  a jar.  Told you my girl was frugal. LOL

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

20 more miles...

I finished the week with another 20 miles under my belt.  I feel really good I just wish I could get rid of the foot pain I am experiencing.  I'm considering new shoes.  I'm trying to put it off as my budget is tight right now.  (That's what you get when you book a last minute cruise lol)  After the first mile the pain is usually gone and doesn't bother me until the walk is done and I have sat done and go to get back up.  Ouch!!!

Oh well, no pain no gain right?  I also got a little closer to my exercising every day goal.  I walked every night except one.  Now if I'm honest I will tell you that one night was only one mile but I say it still counts.

I already blew this week though because I should have walked tonight and I just didn't want to.  I wanted a break.  I really need to push myself harder I think.  I need Jillian Michaels in my home.  I say that but I have no doubt she would make me bawl like a baby.

In other news:

My college girl called me Tuesday night hysterical.  There is nothing scarier than when your child calls you and she is so distraught that you cannot understand what she is saying.  Panic hits you immediately.  After repeatedly asking her to calm down and repeat herself I figured out that she was ok. (Thank God) and she was hysterical because her car was gone.  I asked her if she was sure that she remembered  where she parked. (that happened to my sister once down in Ybor City, alcohol may or may not have been involved lol)

She said yes and she was completely convinced that the car was stolen because she was in a not so nice part of town.  She had gone there to volunteer with her Pre-Professional Physician Assistants club to help feed the homeless. After a few minutes of trying to calm her down one of the girls she was with noticed a sign stating vehicles will be towed if meters were not paid.  I told her the chances of her car being towed were much higher than the chances of it being stolen.  I told her to hang up with me and call the towing sign company and find out if they had her car. They did.

Luckily, some other students were still at the shelter and offered to drive her and her best friend around a bit (first to the towing lot because her wallet was IN HER CAR who does that?  Then to the ATM to pull the money to get the car out, then back to the tow lot.  She is now $135.00 broker with an expensive lesson learned.

She told me she didn't think the meters were in effect because it was after 6pm.  (I guess that is the case in the meters around school)  From now on she will pay much closer attention to the meter signs.  Poor girl, expensive lesson to learn.  But I am happy to say she is safe and sound.  I know we will laugh about this one day.  :)

Keep warm everyone I've been watching the news and it looks bitter in most of the country.  You know Florida though our high for tomorrow is 70 degrees.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A quiet evening...

It's Sunday night and Dave and I are home alone.  We are watching "The Iron Lady" with Meryl Streep.  I am always amazed how actors when playing other famous people with the help of make up and voice training really seem like the person they are portraying.  It's amazing.

We were down at the beach yesterday on a hunt for a nice villa for my in laws and Dave's Aunt and Uncle to rent for a week when they visit for a month this spring.  We found the nicest place for them and I just know they will have a great time there.  When you live so close to the beach you just don't appreciate it enough.  We walked down to the boardwalk and saw several dolphins swimming in the channel. Dave and I both mentioned that there are some really nice things about living in Florida and so near to the coast.

Last night it was just Natalie and I and "The Help" was on.  I knew she had never seen it before and asked her if she wanted to stay up and watch it with me.  Man I love that movie.  I love it for so many reasons but I think the biggest is that I can totally relate to caring for someone else's children and becoming attached to them.  I love the relationship that Abilene and Mae Mobley share.  I know how hard it is when those children  leave your care.  I love how Skeeter describes her relationship with Constantine.  She feels that Constantine helped raise her.  I like to think that I have a strong influence on the lives of my little ones.  I work really hard to make my home their second home and even though they are still pretty young when they leave me, (generally between 3 and 5) my hope is that they know how much I loved them and how much I feel honored to care for them in those really crucial (in my opinion) years.  So as expected, I shed many tears when I watched the movie for the 2nd time.  I cried when I read the book and bawled like a baby (you know the kind of crying with the hiccups, um yeah, that was me) when I saw it in the theater.

Such a great movie!!!

Hope you have a wonderful MLK day.  I will be working.  See ya Wednesday when I check in with my mileage.  (Hint:  So far so good 12 miles in and only skipped one day this week.  Getting closer to the every day exercise goal)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Week Two...

I completed week two last night with a four mile walk.  On Sunday I did eight miles.  Eight miles is the furthest I had ever done before and I felt every single step of that last mile.  I think I may have even cried a little I was hurting so bad.  My pace had slowed to that of a snail and I even sat on a chair in a neighbors front yard for a minute or two. (this was only part of the reason my time sucked the other was just plain slow a-- walking)  But I did it and I was proud.  I have a big ol blister on my toe as proof.  I also completed my twenty miles for the week.  What I did not accomplish yet again with week two was the walking every night challenge.  I missed Friday and Saturday.  Maybe next week I will be able blog that I did it.

In other news of the week.  It has been crazy hot here in sunny Florida and I hate it. We have had record highs this week and that sure doesn't help my motivation to get out there and exercise.  Part of the reason I hate the heat so much is that I am an Olympic Sweater.  Sweat pours out of me.  While I have heard for years that this is suppose to be so healthy and body cleansing, to me it is just GROSS.  It also means that as soon I get back from my walks I must immediately shower.  Due to this I have not done my hair or worn makeup for two weeks because why bother if I am just going to sweat it all away.  My hair is constantly in a pony tail on the top of my head.  Luckily, next week it cools off again. Hopefully, until April when we start our seven months of sweltering.

I wish I had more to share but it has been a really quiet week.

Until next time, may the miles be ever in your favor.  (I know, corny  lol)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

One week in...

Well I completed my first twenty miles.  I'm feeling pretty good about it, it didn't seem that hard.  What I did find hard and didn't accomplish was exercising daily.  I missed two days last week.  Some days were just really busy.  On those kind of days I'm thinking I might just have to do it in the morning before my little one's get here.  This will be the biggest challenge for me because I am SO NOT a morning person.

However, because I am running a little more now and walking so much faster than when I first started I can complete 2 miles in a little less (let me stress LITTLE LESS) than 30 minutes.  So if I have to get up thirty minutes early I'm just going to have to do that.  I know what is most important here is not the distance as much as the doing it every day.  Hopefully, next week I will be able to post that I got out there every day.

In other news:

My new little guy started on Monday and I am in love.  He is the best baby, all he does is sleep, eat, and smile.  I'm also so proud of my toddler, she has been so good with him.  (She can sometimes be a little to hands on  see: bully   lol)  I guess having her new little brother at home has really helped.

I booked a Mother/Daughter cruise with McKenlee and she is beyond excited.  This was a very unexpected trip and I am super excited for some one on one with my youngest girl.  It came about because my niece Kerry called and asked if she and a girlfriend could come spend two weeks with us in March. (She lives in England) She also mentioned that she and her friend would love to take a cruise while they are here.  Kerry has the cruise bug, she and Sydnee took a cruise last year for New Years when she visited last time.  She said that she would love any of the girls to join her if they could fit it in with school.  My Aunt is treating Sydnee to a trip to Las Vegas with her for Sydnee's spring break and Natalie is more than likely heading to France this summer to visit our beautiful exchange student Chloe and her family. (We couldn't afford to do both for her)

This left McKenlee, you know the girl who reminds us daily that she is the only one in the family that has "never been on cruise before."

I just didn't feel right about sending McKenlee with two single, gorgeous young women who would no doubt want to be partying in the evenings .  A 13 year old might just cramp their style a little.  (Not that my niece would ever say so, she is too sweet for that.)  So what else could I do but go with her right?  LOL

It is all booked, we will be heading on a 4 night cruise the first week in March.  I can't wait.

I am heading back to Weight Watchers on Saturday.  I just really need the accountability.  My problem has never been the food I eat, we eat really healthy in our house. It's always been about portion size for me.  WW keeps me measuring and tracking plus as corny as it sounds I love the group support.

That's all I got for this week.  Have a great weekend!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year...

Happy New Year friends I hope your new year has started off with a bang.  Ours is going pretty well.

Sydnee headed back to college this past Friday.

We got our Christmas decorations down and Valentines Day up.  I've kind of made a habit of doing that for two reasons.  One, Dave only has to get in the attic once and two, the house doesn't seem so bare.

The younger girls head back to school tomorrow.

One of my little guys headed off to big boy school with his big brother. :(    This is always hard but I have a new little one (3 months) starting tomorrow that I am excited to get to know.

I have taken on a pretty big resolution this year.  I knew I wanted to do something fitness related because I'm trying so hard to incorporate DAILY exercise into my life.  I know how important this is to my health and in trying to lose weight.  Dave had been talking to me about how he had been hearing a lot about a 1,000 mile a year challenge.  Running or in my case walking/running 1,000 miles in one year.  I was like "wow, that is a heck of a lot of miles."  He responded with " it's only 20 miles a week".  I got to thinking about that, I was currently averaging about 12 miles a week already.  Could I fit in 8 more?  I decided I can, especially if I make a point to walk/run everyday.

 On lots of occasions if I didn't have time to do at least 3 miles I wouldn't bother.  Silly really I don't know what my logic was in that.  So I have decided this is my resolution.  I'm really excited.  I am going to make time for this everyday without fail even if I only have time for one mile.

My weeks will run Tuesday to Tuesday because I started on New Years Day.  So far I have 13 miles in for this week.  Hopefully, this will help me blog more often too as I document my progress.

Other than that things are pretty quiet around here.

Happy Sunday, enjoy your day....