Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Eighty miles in...

Wow, I have completed 4 weeks of my New Years Resolution.  I have usually given up by now. LOL

I feel SO GOOD about this.  Every week gets easier and easier.  I am not in as much foot pain any more and leg pain is almost non-existent.  I have the 1/2 Marathon a week from Sunday and I'm excited because I really feel like I am going to finish. Wait, I mean I AM GOING TO FINISH.  I have 10 miles scheduled for Sunday morning and I'm not even dreading it.  I'm very curious to see what my time will be for the ten miles. I'm hoping I will have a little cushion with the 18 1/2 minute mile requirement (I've been averaging about 17) but if I don't that's ok too.

I do have a confession though I have not been back to weight watchers since that first week.  I really need to go back my heart just hasn't been in it.  I am trying to watch what I eat but I am certainly not tracking.  I also get on the scale every morning and since Jan 1st I have only lost 3 lbs.  That kind of depresses me considering all the exercising I have been doing but you know, it is what it is.  I definitely feel better.  I must look thinner too because people keep telling me I look thinner.  So even if it is not leaving me it must be moving around and giving the illusion of being gone. LOL

I have to take a minute to give a shout out to my youngest daughter today.  The girls got their report cards on Tuesday and McKenlee achieved Honor Roll.  This year Honor Roll has eluded her always by one C.  Always in reading the class she struggles with.  Not this time though she got a B in Reading and an A in her advanced Algebra class.  (I am so proud of that math grade because her sisters have always struggled in Math and excelled in reading. It's so nice for McKenlee to see that she has her own set of talents. They are different but just as important.)

McKenlee I am so proud of you and love you so much!!!!

Enjoy the remainder of the week.  I know I will we have a cold front coming through tonight.  Woot, Woot!!

Highs in the 60's instead of 80's  Yay!!!!

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The Carters said...

Good for you for keeping up on the walking. And don't worry about your weight loss - I bet you've added more muscle with all your exercise. Obviously if people are saying something you must be looking good!

I've done pretty good with my WW. I haven't been as good with exercising but I'm afraid if I hit it hard core again I'm going to be so hungry! - isn't that crazy, you exercise to loose weight but exercising just makes me hungry. I guess if I could just eat fruit instead of chips that would be the key!

Keep up the good work!