Wednesday, January 9, 2013

One week in...

Well I completed my first twenty miles.  I'm feeling pretty good about it, it didn't seem that hard.  What I did find hard and didn't accomplish was exercising daily.  I missed two days last week.  Some days were just really busy.  On those kind of days I'm thinking I might just have to do it in the morning before my little one's get here.  This will be the biggest challenge for me because I am SO NOT a morning person.

However, because I am running a little more now and walking so much faster than when I first started I can complete 2 miles in a little less (let me stress LITTLE LESS) than 30 minutes.  So if I have to get up thirty minutes early I'm just going to have to do that.  I know what is most important here is not the distance as much as the doing it every day.  Hopefully, next week I will be able to post that I got out there every day.

In other news:

My new little guy started on Monday and I am in love.  He is the best baby, all he does is sleep, eat, and smile.  I'm also so proud of my toddler, she has been so good with him.  (She can sometimes be a little to hands on  see: bully   lol)  I guess having her new little brother at home has really helped.

I booked a Mother/Daughter cruise with McKenlee and she is beyond excited.  This was a very unexpected trip and I am super excited for some one on one with my youngest girl.  It came about because my niece Kerry called and asked if she and a girlfriend could come spend two weeks with us in March. (She lives in England) She also mentioned that she and her friend would love to take a cruise while they are here.  Kerry has the cruise bug, she and Sydnee took a cruise last year for New Years when she visited last time.  She said that she would love any of the girls to join her if they could fit it in with school.  My Aunt is treating Sydnee to a trip to Las Vegas with her for Sydnee's spring break and Natalie is more than likely heading to France this summer to visit our beautiful exchange student Chloe and her family. (We couldn't afford to do both for her)

This left McKenlee, you know the girl who reminds us daily that she is the only one in the family that has "never been on cruise before."

I just didn't feel right about sending McKenlee with two single, gorgeous young women who would no doubt want to be partying in the evenings .  A 13 year old might just cramp their style a little.  (Not that my niece would ever say so, she is too sweet for that.)  So what else could I do but go with her right?  LOL

It is all booked, we will be heading on a 4 night cruise the first week in March.  I can't wait.

I am heading back to Weight Watchers on Saturday.  I just really need the accountability.  My problem has never been the food I eat, we eat really healthy in our house. It's always been about portion size for me.  WW keeps me measuring and tracking plus as corny as it sounds I love the group support.

That's all I got for this week.  Have a great weekend!!!

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The Carters said...

I just joined WW this weekend. I so need the accountability!! Here's to a great 2013 for both of us :)