Sunday, January 20, 2013

A quiet evening...

It's Sunday night and Dave and I are home alone.  We are watching "The Iron Lady" with Meryl Streep.  I am always amazed how actors when playing other famous people with the help of make up and voice training really seem like the person they are portraying.  It's amazing.

We were down at the beach yesterday on a hunt for a nice villa for my in laws and Dave's Aunt and Uncle to rent for a week when they visit for a month this spring.  We found the nicest place for them and I just know they will have a great time there.  When you live so close to the beach you just don't appreciate it enough.  We walked down to the boardwalk and saw several dolphins swimming in the channel. Dave and I both mentioned that there are some really nice things about living in Florida and so near to the coast.

Last night it was just Natalie and I and "The Help" was on.  I knew she had never seen it before and asked her if she wanted to stay up and watch it with me.  Man I love that movie.  I love it for so many reasons but I think the biggest is that I can totally relate to caring for someone else's children and becoming attached to them.  I love the relationship that Abilene and Mae Mobley share.  I know how hard it is when those children  leave your care.  I love how Skeeter describes her relationship with Constantine.  She feels that Constantine helped raise her.  I like to think that I have a strong influence on the lives of my little ones.  I work really hard to make my home their second home and even though they are still pretty young when they leave me, (generally between 3 and 5) my hope is that they know how much I loved them and how much I feel honored to care for them in those really crucial (in my opinion) years.  So as expected, I shed many tears when I watched the movie for the 2nd time.  I cried when I read the book and bawled like a baby (you know the kind of crying with the hiccups, um yeah, that was me) when I saw it in the theater.

Such a great movie!!!

Hope you have a wonderful MLK day.  I will be working.  See ya Wednesday when I check in with my mileage.  (Hint:  So far so good 12 miles in and only skipped one day this week.  Getting closer to the every day exercise goal)

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