Sunday, July 20, 2014

Surprise Sydnee...

We surprised Sydnee today and drove to Orlando to have lunch at her new Restaurant. Since it's been so long since I blogged I probably didn't share the story of Sydnee quitting her job at the Tilted Kilt.

It went like this:
Her GM called her into his office and told her what a fantastic job she was doing and how lucky they were to have her. He then proceeded to ask her if she would mind training the new waitresses starting  because she was so good at what she did.
My girl very flattered told him that would be no problem as she enjoyed getting to know the new girls.
 He then dropped the bomb and told her that there was one more thing.
If she gained any more weight they would have to cut her shifts. She was no longer fitting into the uniform appropriately.
Holding back tears my girl excused herself and went out to her car. She called me at work crying her eyes out.
She was hysterical and I was furious!!! I begged her to let me call them and give them a piece of my mind. She told me no way, she was an adult and she would handle this herself.
So she went home called her store manager and promptly gave her notice.
She also shared with him that she had NOT GAINED even a single pound since she had started the job back in August.
Her store manager was flabbergasted and and told her that what the GM said to her was completely ridiculous.  It didn't matter though, it was to late. What that inconsiderate imbecile had done was just too much for my girl. Her confidence was shattered and there was no way she was staying at the Kilt.
She had made plans to come home for that weekend and I was so glad she did.
I say this because my poor girl cried all weekend. At one point on Saturday night she came into our room at 2 AM crying she said that she just couldn't sleep, she couldn't stop thinking about it.
My anger just escalated. I will NEVER set foot in a Tilted Kilt restaurant again nor will anyone else who knows and loves my daughter.
I am posting a picture of Sydnee and two of the young girls that she works with. This photo was taken about a week before her GM had that conversation with her. You tell me, is my girl "too big" for the uniform???

Right before she left for the Dominican Republic she was hired at The East Coast Bar and Grill.
    They were opening a new location in a very busy part of town. Getting the news that she got another job was a great way to start off her medical mission trip. The restaurant has been open two weeks now and my girl has been making great money. (The Tilted Kilt had not been doing well the last few weeks she had been there. I wonder if it had anything to do with their FANTASTIC General Manager.) 

 We decided we would drive over to Orlando to visit her today and have lunch in her restaurant. We decided to surprise her and I think she was shocked when she saw us walking toward her section.

 It was SOOO good to see her. We loved the new restaurant. It had a great menu with a ton of variety. After she got off work we went next door and had frozen yogurt. This visit worked out really well because she is moving into a new apartment at the end of this week and she needed her Dad's truck. She thought we were going to meet her half way next weekend but now she gets the truck early and can begin moving in sooner. It was a win, win!! I am also so thrilled that she is now working at a restaurant that appreciates her for her work ethic and customer service skills instead of how she looks in a very skimpy uniform.   

Just in case you were wondering.  Natalie was babysitting today and couldn't join us.  :(

Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Softball Girl...

McKenlee had a really great softball season this spring. While they didn't win a whole lot of games. (The beginning of the season was awful but then at the end they had huge improvements and won several games.) McKenlee was the primary pitcher for her team and she did really well. Dave and I were very proud of her. The best part of this season by far though were the great group of girls she played with. They really bonded and enjoyed playing together. I hope she wants to play next year too.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Andy Grammer...

Tonight McKenlee and I went to see Andy Grammer in concert.  It was a fantastic evening.  We went with McKenlee's English teacher and her daughter.  McKenlee was in class one day and her teacher Mrs. O'Connell was talking about how her daughter was a huge fan and they both bought tickets for the concert without realizing the other had done so also.  So needless to say they had two extra tixs.  McKenlee loves Andy Grammer so she asked if we could buy the extra two tickets and go with them.  I love any opportunity to have a little one on one with each of my girls so I said absolutely.  It was a really neat concert because the venue was so small.  I have never been to a concert in that type of setting.  I loved it.  Mrs. O'Connell graciously gave up her ticket which was much closer to the stage and also her pass for the meet and greet after the show to McKenlee.  McKenlee was beyond excited and we had such a good time.  Mrs. O'Connell and I forgot we were Moms and danced and sang just like we were groupies.  The best part of course was the meet and greet afterwards when McKenlee got to have her picture taken with Andy Grammer.  You can tell by the look on her face she was in heaven.  I must say Andy Grammer was fabulous with his fans and I just thought he was adorable.  I jokingly posted on my FB page next to the picture "Here is McKenlee with my future son in law"  LOL

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Let's play catch up II...

So in May Natalie had her Junior Prom with her then boyfriend Chris. (they have since broken up) McKenlee went to dinner with Natalie and Chris and their friends and took pictures for me.  I think they turned out beautiful.  School is out now and the girls are keeping busy,  Natalie is doing a summer course at our local college.  I love the option of doing college classes while you are still in high school.  When students take the classes while still in high school it is completely free. LOVE THIS...  I sure wish we would of taken advantage of this when Sydnee was in high school but this is a relatively new option for students and when Syd was in high school they really pushed the whole AP thing.  Now this seems to be the more popular route because you are guaranteed college credit, and as long as you pass the class it is not dependent on an exam at the end. McKenlee is doing summer swim team and Junior Guard in hopes of getting a job guarding once she turns 16.  Natalie is looking for a part time job. We bought her a car back in May and we've told her we would like her to take over the car payment as soon as she can.  We are not good used car buyers (the Jetta has been a nightmare) and basically I just wanted her in a safe, reliable car.  So we traded her Jetta in for a 2014 Dodge Avenger.  She is thrilled and I am thankful I don't have to worry about her being stranded.  Here are some pictures from Natalie's prom.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Let's play Catch Up!!!

Back at the end of March we headed to Hilton Head, SC for spring break. It was wonderful. This is definitely somewhere that we would like to go back. We rented bikes and bike rode all over the island. One day Dave took us on an eight mile ride because he didn't know we couldn't bring bikes to this certain area so we ended up going much further than we anticipated. We rode the beach the entire way back and it was beautiful. We even saw a school of Dolphin's swimming along the break line. The only downfall with the kids spring break being so early is that it's usually still little cold when we travel north. So while we were not swimming in the water we were enjoying wearing our sweaters and making smores with the indoor fire place.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Where did March go???

I didn't write not even one single post in March.  That's bad, I hate when that happens.  Especially because I know when I go back and read my blog I'll be mad at myself.  But let me just list a few March happenings.

1. Recreational softball for McKenlee is in full swing, her team has yet to win a game yet but I am hopeful.

2.  I got my hair cut and asked myself WHY??? I waited so long.  I guess part of it was that it was longer than it had been in years and when I took the time to curl it all out I loved it.  However, curling it all out was A LOT of work so I hardly ever did it. Thus, I ran around looking scraggly to much of the time.  It is now shoulder length and looks really nice, and is so easy to do.

3. We went on vacation to Hilton Head Island, SC.  We loved it and want to go back.  This event deserves it's own blog post along with pictures so coming soon, I promise.

4. I played golf two times and I'm getting better.  Not Tiger Woods better, but better none the less.  LOL  I'm not sure if I like it yet but I am sure I love how happy it makes my husband that we are out there playing together, so I'm going to try really hard to fall in love with it.

5. We spent a day in Orlando with Sydnee and her soon to be new room mate Ashley.  It was a nice time.

6. We saw the movie Divergent.  The girls and I loved it, Dave not so much.  Now I want to read the books,  not sure when I will fit that in.  I currently have 4 books downloaded on my Kindle that I haven't gotten to yet.

7.  We spent our annual day down in Englewood, Florida with my Aunt and Uncle visiting from Michigan.  We took the Kayak with us and McKenlee and I got lucky and had an up close and personal experience with a Sea Turtle, it was amazing.

8. McKenlee went to see Demi Lovato in concert and had a blast.

9. Lap top battery is dying so nine is all I got today.  Enjoy your Sunday.  :)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Shopping and Shortcake...

Today was girls day out.  My best friend and her Mom and Sister do this quite often and I have been tagging along. (We did a cookie exchange in December that I had full intentions of blogging about but never got to it. I also joined them and some other ladies for an ornament making evening that I meant to blog about too and well, you guessed it.)  Today we went to this famous little fruit stand in Tricia's neck of the woods that sells the best strawberry shortcake ever.  We then headed to this huge housewares store and looked around for awhile.
 Later we made our way to Chili's for appetizers and cocktails.  It was a great time and as always a ton of laughs.

Candy (Tricia's Mom) Me, Tricia and Charlene (Tricia's sister)

As you can see from this picture it's just a little shack type place but
man people come for miles for this delicious strawberry shortcake.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Saturday in Orlando with a tail...

Yesterday we headed to Orlando to visit Sydnee, go to a Saturday morning market in Winter Park, and go apartment hunting.  Sydnee will be moving in August in with her friend Ashley and so she asked if we would come over to help her make a decision.  She also was excited to show us her local Saturday AM market. (We all enjoyed it and I have some pics that as soon as I get loaded to the lap top I will share.)

It was a great day with a lot of laughs but I think the funniest moment of all was when I got out of the truck and was heading across the parking lot.  I could hear Natalie completely cracking up and turned around to find her on the ground rolling in laughter.  I looked around at the rest of my family and they too were laughing hysterically.  What is so darn funny I asked???

Natalie quickly showed me her phone between giggles and as I looked at the picture that she had quickly snapped I got what all the laughter was about.  It was pretty darn funny.  Funny enough that I have to share it even though I really hesitated. I was reluctant because my backside is most certainly not my best angle but the photo makes it so worth it.  I was wearing a long scarf that day and didn't realize when I got out of the truck it had gotten wedged between my legs.

This is what I would look like with a tail:
It's pretty funny, right???

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Guess What...

Guess What???

My oldest daughter started a blog.

I love it, I always told her she would love looking back on her blog through the years.  I've always said I wish I would of started mine earlier.

Please go check her out and if you feel so inclined say Hello, she would love that.

Princess after a stethoscope.

Have a good one...

Monday, February 3, 2014

Goodbye Grandma Betty...

 My Grandmother passed away yesterday afternoon.  She had flown Medical Flight  from Michigan two weeks ago in hopes of getting to be in her own home, she just really wanted to go home.  Unfortunately, this did not happen her health deteriorated  and she had to stay in a Hospice facility.  The Hospice facility was very close to all of our homes so we got to spend time with her.  It was very hard though,  she didn't really recognize us anymore and couldn't talk to us.  I am so very glad that I flew up there in October to see her when she was still really herself.

It's kind of hard for me to believe.  I know that I am so lucky to of had my Grandmother for 43 years.  I know that my kids are lucky to of had a great grandmother for as long as they did.

I have so many memories.  My favorites though I think are just the ordinary ones.  Just simple times like the day she came over and taught Natalie and I how to make her pie crust.  Or the countless times I walked over with my day care kids in their stroller and she would sit with us on her porch and bring out treats for my little ones.  The many times my preschoolers and I would make muffins and I would call her and she would come over for coffee and a muffin.  Through the years she rocked many a baby for me in my rocking chair. Times when I would have a fussy newborn that just wanted to be held but also had three other munchkins wanting my attention for legos, or arts and crafts.

My children called her Nanny Betty even though my whole life she was Grandma Betty.  My day care kids also called her Nanny Betty and they loved her as much as her own great grandchildren.  My one little guy always called her Pea Pay. I never knew how he came up with that but every time he saw her or any time we would drive past her house on our way back from and outing he would say "look Suzie that's Pea Pay's house."

My Grandma was a very involved Grandma and was always a huge part of all our lives.  She will be dearly missed by my family.

  Don't worry Grandma I will continue your tradition of Peanut Butter fudge for every holiday and I will try really hard to master your pie crust.

I love you and will miss you every day....

Like I said before CANCER SUCKS!!!

Me, Grandma, and Mom Christmas 2012 her last Christmas in Florida.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Plodding Along, Plodding Along...

Things around here are just plodding along.  Our weather has been kind of yuck, rainy and cold for us.  I have been feeling kind of yuck, I got the cold my co-workers have been passing around.  I've been working a lot of hours so by the time I get home it's dinner, a little T.V, and then bed.  I haven't been eating all that great.  I am usually a huge fruit and veggie eater because I am usually on a diet.  These past few weeks not so much.  My house is clean but a few areas could use a deep clean I'm just not real motivated. Bottom line is really just


I need some inspiration.  We are going on vacation the end of March.  We are heading to Hilton Head, S.C.  From what I understand it is just hours away from Savannah, Ga so our plan is to visit there too.  I'm really looking forward to it I hope we have good weather.

Well, I m going to go try to get out of my funk.

Enjoy your Sunday...

Monday, January 27, 2014

My Dear Friend Paula...

I have a wonderful friend her name is Paula.  I met Paula for the first time many years ago when Sydnee and her son Cory played on the same coed soccer team.  I think Sydnee was probably 7 or 8 so that means Paula and I have been friends for about 12 years.  Paula is Mom to three great kids who are now grown ups.  Her oldest daughter Cigi is an elementary school teacher and is married to a wonderful man who is a police officer.  Her second daughter Cierra just gave birth to Paula's first grand baby, a boy, last month. She and her boyfriend are a fantastic young couple just starting out and looking forward to what the future holds. Her youngest Cory just graduated from high school in June and is deciding what his future will hold.

When our kids were young I always told Paula I wanted to be more like her.  She was a stay at home Mom and always planned awesome outings with her kids.  She was always there for them and created a wonderful environment for her children to grow up in.  I always called her when I needed advice and she was always there to listen to me.  We always joked that when we get together we better count on a couple hours because it is never a quick visit.  Once we get talking she and I can go on for hours and hours.

She called me a couple weeks ago to tell me something had come up that she was a little concerned about. She had been to the Dr. for a procedure and her blood work came back funny.  To make a long story short Paula was diagnosed with Leukemia.  I just couldn't believe it and still can't.  This is the woman that made sure she exercised, watched what she ate, did her routine check ups.  Then BAM, you have Leukemia.


She will beat this, I have no doubt.  This will be 7 months of hell (that's how long the treatment will take) but she will fight and come out on the other side stronger than ever.  I know this because I know her and nothing will stop her from seeing her grand baby and future grand babies grow up.  Nothing will stop her from having many more happy years with the love of her life and husband of twenty five years.  Nothing will stop her from being there for her friends like me who need her.  NOTHING   not even cancer.

I guess I am writing this down so I can look back one day and say "oh yeah that was the year Paula went through chemo."  "That really sucked, but SHE KICKED CANCER'S BUTT!!!"

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Post on your blog already...

Well hello there January how the heck are ya???

Me?  I am doing ok, can't seem to find the time to post any more but hanging in there none the less.

A few things,

  My good friend and boss was moved to another building in November and I was crushed.  I loved working with and seeing her everyday.  There is one good thing that has come out of it though, because they have yet to hire her replacement I have learned a ton more and really quickly.  I have gained so much confidence and definitely feel like I know what I am doing.  I'm not going to lie though, they can hire a new Director anytime now thank you very much.

Sydnee was chosen to go on a medical mission trip with her Pre-Physicians Assistant club.  She is beyond excited.  She will be travelling to the Dominican Republic in June and visiting three separate villages.  She will be doing small things like blood pressure checks and vitals but cannot wait.  I am really excited for her.  A little nervous of course, but very excited.  This will look fantastic on her resume when she applies to P.A school.

Natalie got a job!!!  She is currently working at a little neighborhood pizzeria.  She works about three night a week from 4pm to 8pm.  She mostly takes orders over the phone and works cashier but when they do have a dine in, (they are mostly a take out business) she is the waitress.  I love that she is getting a little serving experience, but on a small scale.  Natalie is a small scale kind of girl, she overwhelms easily with new things so this is perfect for her.  We are doing a "No eating  out challenge for January" (more on that later) so we haven't gotten to see her in action but that is on our list for February 1.

McKenlee made it through her first semester of high school with A's B's and one C.  I was very proud of her.  We are still really struggling with the whole reading thing but she got an A for the semester in her reading class so I am hoping that we will see an improvement on her FCAT score this year.  She is really enjoying her magnet program "Criminal Justice" and still aspires to go to law school.

After twenty two years of marriage I am happy to report that Dave and I bought a matching bedroom set.  We no longer have 1990's night stands, no dresser to speak of, a hand me down head board, and an over sized TV cabinet that we moved from the living room. (when we bought new furniture for that room) in our bedroom anymore.  We have a beautiful bed with head board and foot board, matching dresser and night stand and the best part, a brand new 40 inch smart T.V.  (This is by far the best part, me being a TV addict and all)  We recently discovered NetFlix (where have I been all this time) it is the best.  I have discovered Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead.  Never in a million years did I ever think I would like a zombie show. Really, I mean zombies, come on seriously???  Best show ever, I am on the edge of my seat the entire episode.  I am finally down to the last episode until the new episodes air in February.  Thank goodness it was really interfering with my life.  LOL

 I just get so excited every time I walk in our room it looks so nice.  Of course, the best part is we paid cash for it with all the Christmas overtime Dave worked and the overtime I worked because I don't have a director.

For January Dave and I decided we would do the no eating out challenge.  This has been believe it or not a lot harder than the no T.V challenge.  We really do eat out way to much.  Can you believe Dave has even lost 10 lbs. (I'm attributing this to the fact that he eats lunch out everyday because lord knows I haven't lost 10 lbs). Men make me sick they lose weight so easily.   We are all looking forward to February when we can resume our regular dining program. LOL  Although, we have both said that we need to do repeat this challenge often, it definitely helps our waist bands and wallets.

Well there's a quick catch up.  Stay tuned I promise I will be posting more often.