Friday, June 20, 2014

Andy Grammer...

Tonight McKenlee and I went to see Andy Grammer in concert.  It was a fantastic evening.  We went with McKenlee's English teacher and her daughter.  McKenlee was in class one day and her teacher Mrs. O'Connell was talking about how her daughter was a huge fan and they both bought tickets for the concert without realizing the other had done so also.  So needless to say they had two extra tixs.  McKenlee loves Andy Grammer so she asked if we could buy the extra two tickets and go with them.  I love any opportunity to have a little one on one with each of my girls so I said absolutely.  It was a really neat concert because the venue was so small.  I have never been to a concert in that type of setting.  I loved it.  Mrs. O'Connell graciously gave up her ticket which was much closer to the stage and also her pass for the meet and greet after the show to McKenlee.  McKenlee was beyond excited and we had such a good time.  Mrs. O'Connell and I forgot we were Moms and danced and sang just like we were groupies.  The best part of course was the meet and greet afterwards when McKenlee got to have her picture taken with Andy Grammer.  You can tell by the look on her face she was in heaven.  I must say Andy Grammer was fabulous with his fans and I just thought he was adorable.  I jokingly posted on my FB page next to the picture "Here is McKenlee with my future son in law"  LOL

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