Saturday, February 22, 2014

Shopping and Shortcake...

Today was girls day out.  My best friend and her Mom and Sister do this quite often and I have been tagging along. (We did a cookie exchange in December that I had full intentions of blogging about but never got to it. I also joined them and some other ladies for an ornament making evening that I meant to blog about too and well, you guessed it.)  Today we went to this famous little fruit stand in Tricia's neck of the woods that sells the best strawberry shortcake ever.  We then headed to this huge housewares store and looked around for awhile.
 Later we made our way to Chili's for appetizers and cocktails.  It was a great time and as always a ton of laughs.

Candy (Tricia's Mom) Me, Tricia and Charlene (Tricia's sister)

As you can see from this picture it's just a little shack type place but
man people come for miles for this delicious strawberry shortcake.

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