Wednesday, January 23, 2013

20 more miles...

I finished the week with another 20 miles under my belt.  I feel really good I just wish I could get rid of the foot pain I am experiencing.  I'm considering new shoes.  I'm trying to put it off as my budget is tight right now.  (That's what you get when you book a last minute cruise lol)  After the first mile the pain is usually gone and doesn't bother me until the walk is done and I have sat done and go to get back up.  Ouch!!!

Oh well, no pain no gain right?  I also got a little closer to my exercising every day goal.  I walked every night except one.  Now if I'm honest I will tell you that one night was only one mile but I say it still counts.

I already blew this week though because I should have walked tonight and I just didn't want to.  I wanted a break.  I really need to push myself harder I think.  I need Jillian Michaels in my home.  I say that but I have no doubt she would make me bawl like a baby.

In other news:

My college girl called me Tuesday night hysterical.  There is nothing scarier than when your child calls you and she is so distraught that you cannot understand what she is saying.  Panic hits you immediately.  After repeatedly asking her to calm down and repeat herself I figured out that she was ok. (Thank God) and she was hysterical because her car was gone.  I asked her if she was sure that she remembered  where she parked. (that happened to my sister once down in Ybor City, alcohol may or may not have been involved lol)

She said yes and she was completely convinced that the car was stolen because she was in a not so nice part of town.  She had gone there to volunteer with her Pre-Professional Physician Assistants club to help feed the homeless. After a few minutes of trying to calm her down one of the girls she was with noticed a sign stating vehicles will be towed if meters were not paid.  I told her the chances of her car being towed were much higher than the chances of it being stolen.  I told her to hang up with me and call the towing sign company and find out if they had her car. They did.

Luckily, some other students were still at the shelter and offered to drive her and her best friend around a bit (first to the towing lot because her wallet was IN HER CAR who does that?  Then to the ATM to pull the money to get the car out, then back to the tow lot.  She is now $135.00 broker with an expensive lesson learned.

She told me she didn't think the meters were in effect because it was after 6pm.  (I guess that is the case in the meters around school)  From now on she will pay much closer attention to the meter signs.  Poor girl, expensive lesson to learn.  But I am happy to say she is safe and sound.  I know we will laugh about this one day.  :)

Keep warm everyone I've been watching the news and it looks bitter in most of the country.  You know Florida though our high for tomorrow is 70 degrees.

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